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Creative technologies


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Creative technologies

  1. 1. Creative Technologiesused in my Media Product Callum Hurley
  2. 2. SlideShare • SlideShare is the program you are viewing this presentation on now. Its allows you to upload a presentation fromThe logo for SlideShare. programs such as PowerPoint and Keynote, before uploading them to sites or blogs to share with others, this is mainly used for educational purposes.
  3. 3. Prezi• Prezi is a cloud-based presentation system for sharing ideas on a unique and intuitive User-Interface exclusive to Prezi. In fact this UI defines Prezi and makes This is an example of Prezi’s intuitive User-Interface. it stand out from other Presentation sites.
  4. 4. Tagxedo • Tagxedo is an image creator that takes any words you enter (or a URL containing words) and jumbles them together in nice designs and images. It can be used as a bizarre alternative to ‘Wordle’; a very similar program thatThe Tagxedo I created for the does not utilize the imageProduction Companies. designs.
  5. 5. A15KF HD Video Camera & Tripod • This video Camera shoots in full 1080p HD utilising a touchscreen, easy-to-use interface along with direct YouTube uploading, also can be used as a 12MP Digital Camera. The Tripod I used is very smooth, I even used oil to grease it a little; forThe HD Video Camera and Tripod I added ease when panningused for the production of our film. and tilting.
  6. 6. EditingI used Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 for my Editing. This programallows Professional editing with an array of effects available allfor the general public.
  7. 7. Uploading and Sharing• I used YouTube to upload and share my film once completed. I was able to embed the YouTube Video onto Blogger. This is my film uploading to YouTube.