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  1. 1. Why Choose Marketing Sector as your Career?
  2. 2. What is Marketing actually? Marketing is all of those things & More Emails Direct Mail Event Management Surveys Questionnaires Product Development Public Relations (PR) Promotions Websites Brochures Sponsorship Branding Research Personal Selling Advertising Merchandising
  3. 3. Qualities of a Good Marketing Professional  There are a number of qualities that are often found in professionals who succeed in marketing careers.  Being confident is also an important quality for those in marketing careers.  A good marketing professional understands people. This sounds simple, but interacting with many different types of people is not easy.  Strong written and oral communication skills are essential for most marketing careers. These skills are needed for working in project teams to develop marketing campaigns and to present them to clients.
  4. 4. Future Marketing Manager
  5. 5. Advantages of Marketing Career  Marketing careers provide individuals with a great deal of variety. People may work in areas as diverse as market research or public relations.  Teamwork is another advantage of marketing careers, because it often takes a team of people to conceive and develop a marketing plan or even a new product.  A market analyst or researcher will work together with product designers, production engineers, budget specialists, and procurement personnel to design, test, and market new products.  Marketing often provides fast-paced, interesting work.
  6. 6. Marketing Plan
  7. 7. Career Growth into Marketing
  8. 8. Top Paying Marketing Jobs
  9. 9. Flexibility in Marketing Career  Some marketing professionals develop skills and find niche areas that align with their passions.  marketing education actually provides a broad overview of most facets of marketing.  someone who loses interest in one career field may have the background necessary to tack a new job.  A specialist who managers Internet marketing campaigns, for instance, may be able to transition into a career as an ad account executive by leveraging her ability to build and maintain client relationships.
  10. 10. Marketing Roles
  11. 11. Changing attitudes and Behaviour What we think – attitudes What we do – Behaviour To generate profit or other e.g. What we buy | Who we vote for | Our lifestyle
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