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Career Development Tips


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This PPT will help you with some Career development Tips also will provide you detail Information on some Topics

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Career Development Tips

  1. 1. Company LOGO ReKruiT In Recruit…Knowledge…Trust Career Development Tips
  2. 2. COMPANY LOGO Index Career Assessment1 Life and Career Skills2 Self Improvement Tips3 To be Yourself4 Reach us @5
  3. 3. COMPANY LOGO Career Assessment Career assessments are tools that are designed to help individuals understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., interests, values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments. Assessments of some or all of these attributes are often used by individuals or organizations, such as university career service centers, career counselors, outplacement companies, corporate human resources staff, executive coaches, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and guidance counselors to help individuals make more informed career decisions. Types of career assessments Career assessments come in many forms and vary along several dimensions. The assessments selected by individuals or administrators vary depending on their personal beliefs regarding the most important criteria when considering career choices, as well as the unique needs of the individual considering a career decision. Some common points of variance are:
  4. 4. COMPANY LOGO MeasuredMeasured AttributesAttributes MethodoMethodo logylogy ValidityValidity TargetTarget CustomerCustomer ProfileProfile Types of Career Assessment
  5. 5. COMPANY LOGOLife and Career Skills Today’s life and work environments require far more than thinking skills and content knowledge. The ability to navigate the complex life and work environments in the globally competitive information age requires students to pay rigorous attention to developing adequate life and career skills.
  6. 6. COMPANY LOGO Types of Life & Career Skills Flexibility & AdaptabilityResponsibility Initiative & Self-Direction Social & Cross-Cultural Skills Leadership Productivity & Accountability Types
  7. 7. COMPANY LOGOSelf – Improvement Tips Self-improvement calls for a positive change in oneself. You don’t have to be compared to anyone or anything to be a better person; it is just how you make yourself feel. If you have the ability to work towards bettering yourself, you can naturally see a change and will definitely stand out in a crowd. Your well-being is not just about handling stress or managing your time but it is also about how well you can do it. It is not about finishing a task off quickly and getting an appraisal for it, it is about that lasting success you achieve. The basic aims of self-improvement should be: productivity, positivity, good habits, happiness, confidence and leadership qualities and most importantly taking charge of your life. All this sounds a bit too complex to be attained by one person, doesn’t it? Think again. You can achieve all these things, by simply following some self-improvement tips.
  8. 8. COMPANY LOGO Self Improvement Stages 1 Define Your Goals 2 Transforming your decision into actions which help for your road to success 3 Keeping the goal always in sight
  9. 9. COMPANY LOGOSuccess Tips Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.
  10. 10. COMPANY LOGO To be Successful, be SMART Technology Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting
  11. 11. COMPANY LOGO The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.
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