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Developing a family methamphetamine program (#iAOD15)


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Presentation at ReGen's 2015 Innovation in Action seminar. Live seminar video: For more detail on the event see our website:

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Developing a family methamphetamine program (#iAOD15)

  1. 1. UnitingCare ReGen Education and Training
  2. 2. Education and Training Unit National Education and Training Unit RTO Suicide Prevention First Aid People who use our services • Caution with Cannabis • Alcohol Considering Change • Methamphetamine Personal Education Program
  3. 3. Methamphetamines Family First Aid 2.5 hour group education program First response education program for family members • What do they need to know? • Where can they go? • What can they do?
  4. 4. Training Resource Development 1. Research 2. Clinical Wisdom 3. Draft Developed 4. Stakeholder Input
  5. 5. Development for Family Methamphetamine – First Response Training 1. Focus group on what should we include? 2. Development of educational materials 3. Focus group on draft one 4. Draft two developed 4. Focus group on draft two 5. Focus group on the design of the draft program 6. Support materials and handouts 7. Trial both metro and regional areas
  6. 6. Focus group response: …What do you know of methamphetamines? “It is moving through the regional areas like a tsunami.” “The impact is diabolical…depression, psychosis…financial…relationships… homelessness.” “People are lying and cheating family, friends and employers.” “There is a wave of it (methamphetamine use) out there.”
  7. 7. Focus Group Response: What are some of the risks and concerns for families? “…..hocked everything in the house. Anything of value it was all sold. If I went away (for) a couple of days I would come back to things of value being sold. The lies the fines, the infringements and the toll - they were just outrageous. …. X was using my vehicle and it was clicking over thousands of km’s. There was police involvement with (their) associates. One day there was a knock on the door and this fellow barged through screaming and it was in the middle of the day – I thought he was going to kill x…….police called…tyres slashed…violence…ABO…damage done to bodies and minds.”
  8. 8. Focus Group Response – Con’t: What are some of the risks and concerns for families? “Loss of logic and reason. Plenty of shame….” “The violence, the craziness and once they are in it - don’t know how to get out of it.”
  9. 9. Focus Group Response: …What comes to mind – First Aid education program? “When I read the title – that started my question about what is first aid. To give people some knowledge about how to deal with the situation that is probably an emergency type situation that might happen.” “Just to prepare people…how to prepare themselves when exposed to a person who is addicted to meth. The lies and the theft and the betrayal, all those things that you actually push back that don’t allow you to know what is going on. I would have liked to know more information about.”
  10. 10. Focus Group Response: …What comes to mind – First Aid education program? “A short term solution to a long term problem, once we look at the problem we put in place processes and procedures to address the problem.” “Educating the family on how to manage the situation. Having information around side effects and stuff like that. Having the contacts. Educating people not to give up. To make them safe as well.”
  11. 11. Focus Group Response: …What should be included in this program? “The most difficult thing to learn is to separate yourself, that you can’t just fix it….How do I separate her life and wait for that to happen? You can’t just fix it as a mum. Can’t love them to death and hope it goes away.” “Knowing where you can talk to someone.” “The education of looking after yourself, because if you can’t look after yourself then you can’t look after anyone else.”
  12. 12. Focus Group Response con’t: …What should be included in this program? “Sleep, hygiene, diet, exercise…do not judge and you will not find a miracle cure.” “Take it back to basics- which is how to detach yourself from the young one who is going through addiction” “The support that is there when ready to give up – a little kit maybe or stuff like that.” “Knowing you can talk to someone.”
  13. 13. Family Methamphetamine First Aid – Topic Areas 1. Drugs and their effects 2. Process of withdrawal 3. Looking after yourself and others 4. Developing a safety plan 5. Anger and aggression 6. Mental health issues 7. Creating boundaries 8. Support system
  14. 14. Conclusion I would like to acknowledge ReGen – who by funding this program allowed this important program to be developed I would like to acknowledge the families, siblings and loved ones that have given so generously of themselves, their lives and their experiences. In future, we will be constructing many of our client programs.