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Indy star find a way to revitalize citys neighborhoods - 2-18-11


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Indy star find a way to revitalize citys neighborhoods - 2-18-11

  1. 1. Find a way to revitalize citys neighborhoods | The Indianapolis Star | Page 1 of 2 Bowl, with multiple high-profile events Find a way to Downtown, its critical that Indianapolis leaders focus more intently on rebuilding revitalize citys and protecting neighborhoods. The crowds who flock here for the excitement of the big neighborhoods game will come and go. The residents who live daily with abandoned houses and potholes will remain. 6:43 PM, Feb. 18, 2011| Unlike in many cities, Indianapolis Or at least some of them will. Downtown is inviting and energetic. Visitors and residents alike flock to restaurants, Others, in frustration, will join the flight to clubs, museums and shops most nights Marion Countys suburban townships, or and weekends. The gleaming Downtown, beyond. And newcomers in large numbers as the central site for large conventions and will continue to settle in suburban havens major events such as the 2012 Super Bowl, such as Hamilton, Hendricks and Johnson also is a prime driver of the regional counties rather than in Indianapolis. economy. The effort to turn around struggling But in neighborhoods not far away, as The neighborhoods will require deeper Stars Erika Smith and Robert King investments in streets, sidewalks, parks document on todays front page, residents and crime prevention. Its not as easy as s struggle to live beside abandoned houses, imply raising taxes. Otherwise, lower rates use crumbling sidewalks and drive on in suburban areas will act as magnets for neglected streets. For many, life in the businesses and homeowners. Thats why urban core is a decades-long, deals such as last years sale of the water multigenerational experience. Others are and sewer works, and the lease of the urban pioneers of sorts, moving into Advertisement neighborhoods like Fountain Square and the Near Eastside to help spark and sustain restoration and revival. Together, they share common frustrations such as neglected infrastructure, a failed bus system and underperforming schools that threaten the viability of their businesses, the value of their homes and the future of large tracts of Indianapolis outside of Downtown. Even as the city prepares to host the Super 2/21/2011
  2. 2. Find a way to revitalize citys neighborhoods | The Indianapolis Star | Page 2 of 2 citys parking meters, are so critical. Those transactions will provide hundreds of millions of dollars that already have been designated for streets, bridges and sidewalks. The needs throughout the city, however, still greatly outweigh the available resources. Thats why, as the mayoral campaign unfolds this year, its important that both major party candidates address in detail how they would further close the funding gap for basic infrastructure in the city. Both also need to explain their vision for bringing life back to dying neighborhoods and for sustaining efforts in areas such as Fountain Square where a measure of progress has been achieved. At the heart of Indianapolis is a bright and attractive Downtown. Its unlikely to stay that way, however, unless the neighborhoods that help support it are made strong. Advertisement 2/21/2011