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ReBUILD overview presentation 3rd health researchers forum - Nick Hooton


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Presentation given at 3rd Cambodian Health Researchers' Forum held at the National Institute of Public Health in Phnom Penh, 20th January 2017.

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ReBUILD overview presentation 3rd health researchers forum - Nick Hooton

  1. 1. Nick Hooton – ReBUILD Research Programme Consortium 3rd Health Researchers Forum Strengthening Health Research Governance in Cambodia National Institute of Public Health, Cambodia 20th January 2017 The ReBUILD Research Programme Consortium and supporting national capacity for evidence-based health systems strengthening in Cambodia
  2. 2. Background on ReBUILD • A UK Aid funded research programme consortium • Formed in 2011, running until 2017 • To explore different approaches to health system development in countries that have been affected by political and social conflict. Research for Building pro-poor health systems in countries affected by conflict or crisis
  3. 3. Background on ReBUILD • Decisions made during the post-conflict period can set the long-term direction of development for the health system. • Yet health systems research has tended to neglect these contexts, because it may be more difficult to carry out studies in difficult environments, and relevant capacity can be weak. • Current strong focus by international agencies on fragile and conflict-affected states, and a need to understand how post- conflict trajectories play out Rationale:
  4. 4. The ReBUILD team and partners • Cambodia • National Institute of Public Health • Sierra Leone • College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences • Uganda • Makerere University School of Public Health • Zimbabwe • Biomedical Training and Research Institute • UK partners: • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine • Institute for Global Health and Development, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh • Consortium affiliates working in additional countries: • Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria and South Africa; Sri Lanka, Gaza and Liberia
  5. 5. ReBUILD research • Rebuilding the foundations for universal health coverage with equity in Zimbabwe • Health Systems Resilience: A Systems Analysis • Health Workers’ Remuneration, Incentives and Accountability in Sierra Leone • Psychosocial support and service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings • Access to obstetric care and referral in rural Cambodia Health financing Gender & equity Health workforce Aid effectiveness Contracting models ReBUILD’s research Research for stronger health systems post conflict Affiliate projectsCore team’s projects
  6. 6. Background on ReBUILD • Reflect different stages in recovery from conflict or crisis • Enables us to look at how the post-conflict period has played out over a long time period (Cambodia) a medium period (Sierra Leone) and more recently (northern Uganda and Zimbabwe). • Affiliates can link us to further countries that can enable us to explore relationships further A range of countries and contexts:
  7. 7. Resources at
  8. 8. Research into policy and practice • Aim: to ensure that the knowledge that we generate is useful to decision makers and practitioners, both within partner countries and internationally. • We work with stakeholders from government, academia, donors, professional bodies and civil society to ensure our research is relevant to needs, and contributes to real change that makes a significant impact.
  9. 9. National capacity for evidence-based health systems development Important additional ReBUILD objective is to support: • National systems for identifying and conducting health systems research relevant to the needs and priorities of decision-makers and implementers • Structures and systems for dialogue between decision- makers, implementers and researchers
  10. 10. Sierra Leone: • Ebola crisis in a country with still weakened health systems after conflict • "the only thing positive about the Ebola outbreak is that it has created a window of opportunity to prioritise health systems research and strengthening” • Dr Haja Wurie, Sierra Leone ReBUILD supporting national capacity for evidence-based health systems development
  11. 11. Zimbabwe: • Ongoing political and economic crisis • Environment of fear and uncertainty which affects ability to raise and discuss policy issues, even when based on research. • Also affects the whole process of conducting research ReBUILD supporting national capacity for evidence-based health systems development
  12. 12. Cambodia: NIPH leading engagement with stakeholders Health Researchers Forum November 2015: 1st HRF: • Mapping & planning health systems research in Cambodia August 2016: 2nd HRF January 2017 – 3rd HRF: • Strengthening health research governance in Cambodia
  13. 13. អរគុណ Thank you • ReBUILD is funded by UK Aid, from the UK Department for International Development
  14. 14. Cross-cutting research findings, shared at international level
  15. 15. Cross-cutting thematic areas emerging from ReBUILD's research