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Stanley power point show

  1. 1. Langston Hughes was a great man !
  2. 2. Langston Hughes lived a great life 1902-1967 L
  3. 3. Langston Hughes was a very inspirational man
  4. 4. Langston Hughes spoke the truth
  5. 6. Langston Hughes was a family man who handled business
  6. 7. We will miss him dearly
  7. 8. We Love You Langston
  8. 9. Who is Simple ? <ul><li>“ I cannot truthfully state, as some novelists do at the beginning of there books, that these stories are about “nobody living or dead”. The facts are that these tales are about a great many people although they are stories about no specific persons as such. But it is impossible to live in Harlem and not know at least a hundred Simples, fifty Joyces, twenty five Zaritas, a number of Boyds, and several cousin Minnies or reasonable facsimiles thereof”. </li></ul><ul><li>This is how Langston Hughes describes Jesse B Simple, a character that he wrote about for many years. Simple might be considered an Everyman for black Americans. Click for sample of Jesse B Simple article </li></ul>Hughes, Langston. The Best of Simple . New York: Hill and Wang, 1990.