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Marketing diary (autosaved)


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Marketing diary (autosaved)

  1. 1. MARKETING DIARYSession 1: Defining MarketingTopic Chosen: Social Responsibility MarketingAd/Article: Magazine ad for Body ShopSource: Cosmopolitan
  2. 2. The effects of marketing clearly extend beyond the company and the customer to thesociety as a whole and the marketers must carefully consider their role in broader terms,and the ethical, environmental, legal, and social context of their activities. Today we can seea fundamental change in the way consumers buy their products and services. People wantto know your brands values and ethics which are again reflected in the way you treat thecommunity in which you operate.Brands have realized that it is important to strike a balance between profitability and socialconsciousness and sensitivity. This realization calls for a marketing concept which is termeras societal marketing or social responsibility marketing.The ad chosen here is for THE BODY SHOP in Cosmopolitan. It shows how it is adding socialresponsibility as a way to differentiates itself from its competitors and actively addressingenvironmental issues. The ad gives a timeline of the various initiatives ranging from ‘Savethe Whale’ to celebration of Earth Day. All this adds to their image and brand value andcustomers look at it as good corporate citizenship which helps in adding to the long termvalue of the brand.Session 2: Creating Customer ValueTopic Chosen: Customer Centric Business & Customer SatisfactionAd/Article: Maruti True ValueSource: NDTV 24*7
  3. 3. Maruti’s customer centricity is very much exemplified by the five times consecutive wins at JD Power CSI Awards. Focus on customer satisfaction is what Maruti lives with. Maruti hassuccessfully shed off the public- sector laid back attitude image and has inculcated thecustomer-friendly approach in its organization culture. The customer centric attitude isimbibed in its employees. Maruti dealers and employees are answerable to even a singlecustomer complain. There are instances of cancellation of dealerships based on customerfeedback. In this ad, they try to show how Maruti has changed their showroom layout so thatcustomer has to walk minimum in the showroom and there are norms for service times anddelivery of vehicles. The Dealer Sales Executive, who is the first interaction medium with theMaruti customer when the customer walks in Maruti showroom, is trained on greetingetiquettes. Maruti has proper customer complain handling cell under the CRM department.Their Market Research department remains on its toes to study the changing consumerbehaviour and market needs. Maruti enjoys seventy percent repeat buyers which furtherbolsters their claim of being customer friendly. Maruti is investing a lot of money and effortin building customer loyalty programmes.Session 3: Services & Services MarketingTopic Chosen: After Sales Services & Work Ethics GuaranteeAd/Article: Titan LatestSource: CNN-IBN
  4. 4. Titan teaches us the true meaning of work and success. It first tells us how a timely &efficient after sales service is of utmost importance & cannot be done without. Secondlyhow a nice human touch & how it is the responsibility of the entire staff of a companyimmaterial of hierarchy to make sure the services & after sales service is perfect.Here in this TVC, Titan shows how even a managing director is responsible & answerable tothe customer for every single experience of his with the product. Adding to that, how itbecomes his responsibility to get the work done satisfactorily is also shown.Session 4: Product Life CycleTopic Chosen: Product Life CycleAd/Article: Bajaj ChetakSource: Bajaj Chetak Case Study
  5. 5. The main marketing strategy used by Bajaj Chetak was mainly targeting the emerging middleclass in India and adding the feeling of we or the feeling of belongingness by strongsentimental slogans like "Hamara Bajaj".The Approach of this Marketing Strategy adopted by Chetak was Non-PragmaticBajaj Chetak should come out with various schemes & incentives, no warranty schemeswere wailed by the company or ad-don products and service centres were less in numberwhich should have been more to ease customer support and product maintenance centers.Session 5: Market Structure & CompetitionAd/Article: “Take care”- GarnierTAG LINE- “Real performance comes with proof”Source:
  6. 6. Concept revolves around “growth stage” of Garnier fairness cream. The growth stage ismarked by a rapid climb in the sales. Early adopters like the product, and additionalconsumers start buying it. New competitors enter, attracted by the opportunities. Theyintroduce new product features and expand distribution.There are many fairness creams such as Emami fair and lovely, boroplus etc. in the marketwhich are sheer competition to Garnier. But by adding the fairness meter with its product, itcreated a different mindset in peoples mind, hence making it more profitable to company.Also its tag line “Real performance comes with proof” implies the confidence level the brandhas about making a person fairer in some weeks.Session 6: Understanding Consumers & ConsumptionTopic Chosen: Defending Market ShareAd/Article: Complan vs. BournvitaSource: Discovery
  7. 7. Concept of the add is “Defending Market Share”. This adds revolves around innovation andcapacity to hold the market share. While trying to expand the total market size, thedominant firm must continuously and actively defend its current business.Brands, Bournvita and Complan are too popular in the market. Both have their existingmarket share, but what can the market leader do to defend its share is the ultimatequestion.It can be done through continues innovation. The leader should lead the industry indeveloping new products (as in above ad flavours), distribution effectiveness and costcutting (more quantity less price). All these factors keep increasing its competitive strengthand value to customers by providing comprehensive solutions.Session 7: Branding & Brand ManagementTopic Chosen: Marketing Communications, Brand Equity and SalesAd/Article: Audi A8Source: Audi launch- Autocar India
  8. 8. Marketing Communications are the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, andremind consumers- directly or indirectly- about the products and brand they sell. In a sense,marketing communications represent the “voice” of the company and its brands and aremeans by which it can establish a dialogue and build relationships with consumers.The above ad revolves around concept of “Marketing Communications, Brand Equity andSales”. In this new communication environment, although advertising is often a centralelement of a marketing communication program, it is usually not the only one- or even themost important one in terms of building brand equity and driving sales.TV ads were also being used for the same in order to communicate the international imageand emotional benefits (sports car lovers) of the brand. The print medium is used tocommunicate the functional benefits of the car. This clearly mentions about speed, sportylook, safety, comfort, luxury etc.Session 8: PROMOTION DECISION- THE IMC APPROACHTopic Chosen: Consumer BehaviourAd/Article: Asian Paints- Rang Badal DeSource: Times of India
  9. 9. Asian paints, the largest paints company in India, realized that the potential of the ruralpaint market was grossly underutilized and therefore provided an excellent marketopportunity for growth. In order to design an appropriate product, the company, conductedextensive market research among the rural consumer, focusing on their needs, buyingpreferences and behaviour.Thus the above ad revolves around “Consumer Behaviour”. The research indicated that itwas almost a custom in most of the rural areas to get their houses repainted at least once ayear and this normally preceded major festivals in the region.Session 9: Product Decisions and Concept of Product Mix and New Product Development-Topic Chosen: New Product DevelopmentAd/Article: Go Green with DellSource: Dell Website
  10. 10. Everyone uses the term greenwashing now, and we have previously coinedgreenwrapping, for putting solar panels on fossil fuel power plants. Now we have a newone: Greenbaiting, or green bait and switch. That is what Dell is doing in their advertisingright now.Dell Canada is running ads that are covered in Green graphics and a sale that runs to EarthDay, but in the entire ad, there is not a single word or link that explains a single green claimthat they make when they say "go green with Dell". With a huge increase in the chunk ofenvironment protectionist population, Dell has rung the right note & struck the right chordto promote its new product.SESSION 10Promotion ATL- Communicating to masses
  11. 11. Promotion through moviesIndia is one of the largest cimema producing nations in the world and it reaches masses andeffects them in a great way also with 135 digital theatres India has the largest no. of suchtheatres in the world it has been a mass of communication and promotion since a long timethere has been a history of product launches and promotions through this mediumTanishq, a leading jewelry brand, unveiled the exotic jewelry worn by Aishwarya in Jodhaa Akbar. The imperialdressing styles during the Mughal era h recreated by Tanishq. Around four hundred kilograms of gold, emerald,pearls, ruby, tourmaline, jade stones was churned out by two hundred craftsmen.SESSIONPROMOTION BTL – Communication to an individual/target groupTopic Online communitiesBrand converse shoes
  12. 12. converse a well known brand in the world of shoes has created its own niche in marketing it not only promotesitself on various websites but also has a website of its own where customers can write about their experienceswith shoes and can also order for shoes and a unique feature about converse shoes is that you can order for acustomize shoes of your own choice this makes it one of the most sort after brands by youth .sessionconsumer behaviour –socio cultural group, individual driverssubtopic familyfamilies is the most important consumer buying organisation in society,and family members constitute the mostinfluential primary reference group .and the decision of purchase is largely influenced by families because that isthe first peer group which you see when you are born . it includes grand parents ,parents ,husband,wife and kidsbanking on this consumer behaviour mc donalds targets the young and kids of the family it’s a well known factthat these days it’s the kids who are more informed about the market as compared to older generation and thusmc donalds targets the young kids on happy meak because they know that when kids will go to the outlet theyhave to be accompanied by their parents and thus they offer various goodied with the food to lure kids
  13. 13. Understanding Consumers and Consumption
  14. 14. Name of the product: emami fair and handsomeTarget audience: college going boys and men from the age group between 20- 32Advertisement- this advertisement is focused for men. With the lines as “on being a man ustill use women fairness creams?” directly attack the men. This ad shows that now even menhave their own fairness cream.Analysis: emami studied the consumers and acknowledged that men have been using thefairness creams which are made for women. They realized that there is a market for fairnesscream for men, therefore they launched fair and handsome for men. Emami understood thatthere was a need for a fairness cream for men.Emami was the first one to launch a fairness cream for men. The advertisement directlyattacked the men that they use the women fairness cream. The target audience now knew thateven they had their own fairness cream, which was just for men. The men got stimulated tobuy the product. Emami had realized that men wanted a product of their own.