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Branding by design

  1. 1. Branding by Can Fight fo by ANDREA NADDAFF s budgets tighfen and nonprofits everywhere feel the pain of declining competition for philanthropic donations from mdividuals and corporations, Andrea Naddaff is a dollars increases, raising design for the sake of design cant be tolerated. partner and vice president awareness and visibiiity are Good design in branding can and should thrive, as of new business development atWatertown, Mass., USA-based more important, and more long as it combines serious business practices Corey McPhefson Nash, challenging, than ever. To with innovation and vision—and, most an integrated branding and meet these demands, importantly, is continually seeking to meet the design firm with a rich history branding has emerged as an essential tool for the needs of the end user. in higher edncalion marketing and branding. nonprofit organization. Savvy nonprofit organizations are combining She can be reached at An equation of both the physical (name, innovation in design with seriousness about their tagline, logo, color) and the mental (attributes, mission. For tbe near term, nonprofits are hoping personality), brandmg must extend across all that the money and time put into branding and customer/audience touch points. When the public design will increase donations and attention, hears about the organization in the news, sees an helping to move their particular cause forward. advertisement, goes to the foundations web site The fear is that if they do nothing, theyre taking or notes that it is a cosponsor of an event, it expects an even bigger risk of losing mindshare in a a message consistent with the overall brand. competitive marketplace. When thinkmg about branding in the nonprofit Good design, whether its manifest in an world, its the "visual," the "feeling" and the intuitive web site or an effective mailer, enhancesII "remembrance" of an organization that are important. For nonprofits, these factors influence the customer experience and serves as an extension of the nonprofifs overall brand. Bad the look of the organization (What do people design, however unintentional, can seriously visualize when they think about breast cancer? undermine a brand promise and in the worst-case The pink ribbon); the appeal of the cause (What scenario result in lost donors. are the organizations core messages? Who does it Organizations both large and small have used support?); and the reputation of the organization design, as an extension of good branding, to help (Does it live the brand?). increase awareness of their groups and fheir cause A solid brand image and brand experience donations. strengthen an organization both internally, from a volunteer and donor perspective, and externally. VISUAL IDENTITY VITAL FOR NONPROFITS Good branding should translate into good design, Logos are often the most visual, most used and because, often, its the organizations logo, brochure most recognized form of branding, followed by a or web site that are noticed and remembered, companys taglme. Creating a design that encompasses the look, feel and reputation of an THE IMPACT OF GOOD DESIGN organization is hard to do, especially since the In todays global marketplace, customers expect logo needs to transcend paper and have an best-of-breed design and services. But as Internet presence. Because everyone everywhere has access to allIllllllllllllllll Illlllllll « Good design in branding can and should thrive, types of charitable organizations, logo design is crucial when trying to break through the clutter of other nonprofits fighting for the same airtime and donations. Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian organization, building houses in more than 92 as long as it comhines serious business practices countries. Playing off the organizations mission to with innovation and vision—and, invite people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership most importantly, is continually seeking with families in need, the organizations logo to meet the needs of the end user. » depicts two people holding hands to form a house. This strong visual directly correlates with Habitat
  2. 2. DesignDollars With a Strong Visual Prese II nil iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  3. 3. NPROFITS: THE FIVE Ps Nonprofit organizations require a much Children International, which gives desperate > PERSONALITY. What is the voice and softer sales touch than their business world children hope for a brighter future? attitude of the organization? If your charity counterparts, and finding that right approach > PROMISE. Communicate the benefits and provides food and shelter for children, your can make branding difficult. When pulling true attributes of an organization. For instance, branding should nurture and reflect together any branding campaign, whether for the Red Cross is the global leader in human warmth. profit or nonprofit purposes, there are five Ps aid, as spelled out in the tagline, "Together, > PERMANENCE. Permanence speaks to the to keep in mind: positron, promise, we can save a life." This is the brand promise. enduring qualities of the brand. In the case permission, personality and permanence. > PERMISSION. Permission refers to the of Habitat for Humanity, after hardship is > POSITION. An organizations position dos and donts of an organization. For relieved and homes are built, what is the refers to what is unique about it. What does instance, a hospitals brand should not have long-standing quality of the organization? your specific charity offer that is different? a harsh or aggressive tone. Instead, it should What driving cause will always be there and Are you focused on a specific cause like display warmth, sympathy and hospitality. remain unchanged? for Humanitys mission and nonprofit goals. The by Paul Revere in his ride to warn colonists of theIllllll logo depicts warmth, courage and togetherness- core values of the organization. coming British invasion. To draw visitors, the museum sought a logo design that would harness its rich American history. Using design to emphasize its brand, the Habitat for museum decided to play off Paul Reveres lantern. Humanity® The museums literature, web site (www.concord and stationery incorporate a visual play on the Concord Museums initials and an The city of Concord. Mass., USA, is rich in elegant, yet modern, rendering of the lantern. The historical association and is renowned as the site of the battle that began the American Revolution. The Concord Museum serves as a gateway for all generations to explore the roots of American CONCORD history. The most significant piece in the MUSEUM museums collection is the lantern made famous logo, combined with a classical typeface, speaks to the museums historical and contemporary works. A cheerful sun logo against a bright blue sky greets visitors to the UK-based Help the Aged web site. The organization says it is committed to addressing the issues that matter to older people Cym/ony and posts five main priorities; combating poverty. A cookie cutter measurement solution would work ...if your communications strategy were made out of cookies. reducing isolation, defeating ageism, challenging poor care standards and building understanding through research into aging. Help the Ageds sunny logo provides a sense of warmth and hospitality—values essential to its brand. Custom Media Measurement Solutions THE TEST OF TIME Organizational branding requires tracking closely | 617.630.9114 with changing times and trends. Here are just a few examples of organizations that have created
  4. 4. brands and kept them "in tune" with their mission FULL STRENGTH ON THE WEBand overarching messages. The Internet has allowed nonprofit organizations NONPROFIT The Red Cross is a global organization that has to have global reach. No longer are donors and BRANDINGieveraged the art of branding and design. Committed volunteers limited to the boundaries of their state RESOURCESto saving lives and easing suffering, this diverse or country. The Internet enables those interestedorganization serves humanity by providing relief to in a cause to seek out charitable businesses that READINGvictims of disaster, both locally and globally. are close to their hearts. This "no-borders" > "The Worldwide Fundraisers The international symbol of the red cross—five environment is wonderful for increasing awareness Handbook: The Resourcered, equal-sized squares—is recognized by and donors, but can be challenging when trying to Mobilisation Guide for NGOs andmillions of people worldwide. The symbol is the maintain a brand. Community Organisations" by An organizations online presence needs to Michael Norton in association with complement its offline presence. Web site visitors The Resource Alliance, 2 0 0 3 . .^ American should be able to relate to and feel the strength of (} Red Cross the organization. They need to be able to sense the warmth, the community and the dedication to > "Destining Brand Identity:. A Complete Guide to Creatin the cause. Aligning branding and design in this Building, and Maintaining environment is crucial for long-term brand identity. Strong Brands" by Alinareverse of the Swiss flag, as the movement was One organization that has leveraged the web to R. Wheeler, Wiley, 2003.founded by Swiss businessman Henry Dunant. enhance its communication with donors, > "United We Brand" byAlthough the red cross is not a religious symbol, volunteers and the public is Oxfam America, The Mike Moser, Harvard Busineam some Islamic countries a red crescent is used nonprofit is dedicated to finding long-term c Press, 2003.instead. And the Magen solutions to poverty, hunger and social injustice > The Nonprofit Times, theDavid Adom, or Red Shield around the world. leading business publicationof David, is used in Israel. Oxfam America uses good design on its web for nonprofit management Another symbol that site to promote its brand, increase awareness of ( ;quickly gained recognition the groups mission, assist with fundraising goalsaround the world is the red and build a platform to support the ORGANIZATIONSribbon of The Joint United organizations growing online community, A mix > Paving PathwaysNations Programme on HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS. This of professional and amateur photography from (www. pa vi ngpath ways.oi^)group is the main advocate for global action on field sites is used to illustrate the power of > Abbey Solutions (UK) Ltd.the epidemic, and it has taken steps to establish a Oxfam Americas programs in action. The web ( brand, site also leverages Oxfam Americas traditional > Alliance for Womens Equality Britains Prince of Wales founded The Princes offline brand, including the organizations logo, (www. womenseq ua I in 1976, After completing his duty in the color palette and typeface, providing visitors withRoyal Navy, His Royal Highness became dedicated the same continuity and brand recognition onlineto improving the lives of disadvantaged young as they see in print, BRANDING FOR LIFE Whether regional or global in scope, a nonprofit mill W Joint Uniled Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS organizations calling card depends on good branding. Successful branding marries the mission of an organization with strong design to ensure its noticed and remembered, breaking through the clutter of a competitive marketplace. By reflecting the elements at the core of an organization, branding can help create a sense of community, an urgency « An organizations online presence needs to compliment its offline presence. Web site UNAIDS UNHCR-UNICEF-WFP-UMDPUNFPA to give and a lifeline for continuous giving. For U.S.-based nonprofits, creative branding may be easier to achieve because many are visitors should be able to relate to and feel UNODC-ILO-UNESCO-WHOWORLD BANK independently managed. In other countries, where the strength of governments manage most nonprofits, branding can still play a critical role in viability. The end the organization.»people in the UK, and founded The Princes Trust game is always about bringing in more volunteers,to deliver on that commitment. Over time, it has donors and resources, and thoughtful brandingbecome the UKs leading youth charity, offering a can help nonprofits succeed, BI!)range of opportunities including training, personaldevelopment, business start-up support,mentoring and advice. Playing off its foundersroyalty, this organization embraced a crown imagefor Its branding that is synonymous with qualityand the highest ideals.