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A digital media plan for chemical x


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Published in: Technology, Business
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A digital media plan for chemical x

  1. 1. A digital engagement plan For Chemical XAbhishek singhrajpurohit
  2. 2. What do people associate with Chemical X? Don’t have Classy time to see T.v products Male 25-40 or read newspaper Young Net savvy Independent Drink always on the responsibly go Want to be recognized asInternational Royal successful man
  3. 3. How can social media help Chemical X?• Creating awareness about Chemical X• Building engagement and participation with Chemical X• Encouraging trials and sampling for the brand• Achieving advocacy for the brand
  4. 4. Elements of the social media plan• Generating awareness and engagement using Facebook• Creating conversations using Twitter• Building thought leadership by answering queries• Information dissemination using social media releases• Achieving advocacy by reaching out to influencers
  5. 5. Platforms to achieve the objectives OBJECTIVES PLATFORMS Awareness generation Building engagement Showcasing work and achievements Mobile applications
  6. 6. Facebook Fan page• A facebook page can be created to engage people• Fun times with Chemical X section can be created on Fb page where ppl can post there experiences
  7. 7. Contest on Face Book forbest cocktail recipesCustomers can be engaged ina conversation by asking thereinnovative cocktail recipesand can be posted onfacebookAlso a blog can be created forthese Recipes and thus givingCustomers a sense ofbelongingnessBy this customers can relateto the product
  8. 8. Building conversations using Twitter• Replying to queries asked on Twitter about Chemical X• Welcoming people who tweet that they are drinking Chemical X• Engaging in conversation with people who talk about Parties and drinking , etc• #Xfridaynights by using this hashtag we can run offers @ various pubs and restaurants and engage public
  9. 9. My chemical X story• You can share your best moments with the whiskey• It can be on our blog, tweet , facebook fan page• Or you can also upload a video On our customized Chemical X channel
  10. 10. Engagement using videos• Why: Videos can depict the largeness and the various aspects of chemical X better than text• Videos can be used across a variety of platforms – Video sharing sites like YouTube – Facebook videos – The community that we will create – Physically – can be cut onto DVDs and distributed• The videos will be properly tagged, and descriptions and annotations will be added
  11. 11. Features of a customized YouTube channel Users can update themselves by subscribing to the feeds All videos of the brand are available on one page Description of thechannel and the brand with details Users can share andcomment on the channel
  12. 12. Building the community using Ning• We will create this community using Ning – Website that allows you to create your own social networking sites• The proposed name of the community:• We will conceptualize, design and manage the community• All the relevant features will be activated – Blog, chat, Twitter integration, etc – Moderation level can be set – eg, comments on the blogs, etc
  13. 13. Snapshot of communities built using Ning
  14. 14. Mobile application• A mobile application which you can play after getting out of a bar to check how drunk you are too drive• And if you are too drunk you get an option to call a cab to get back home
  15. 15. Drink responsibly