MCVP International Internships                           2012-2013                                 General QuestionnaireTh...
Develop a    TATA                                            Few GIP EPs Ra                  Lack of         program for  ...
Market                                     HR                                   LC   positioning                          ...
3. What is the role of MC? What should be the role of MC? What actions can you take as an MC      team to fill the gap?   ...
a.Branding programs                                                            b.Align recruitments                       ...
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General questionnaire


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General questionnaire

  1. 1. MCVP International Internships 2012-2013 General QuestionnaireThis part is comprised of 5 questions and your answers should not be longer than 5 pages inminimum font size 10. 1. Why have you decided to stand for AIESEC Romania? What will be your contribution to the MC team and what do you expect to learn from the experience? This is a dream that came up to my mind from my first year of AIESEC. For me it`s a choice to be involved in something great for my country, to be responsible forhundreds of life experiences that AIESEC Romania offers to Romanian youth, to be responsible enough totransmit this feeling to the people I work with. It`s a chance to develop myself professionally and personally. In terms of contribution to the MC team:  personally I`m coming with my values that define my road in life: courage and passion.  professionally, I will present my Belbin team role: “Generally regarded as an individual who is broad in outlook, challenging, competitive, creative,encouraging of others, imaginative, outgoing, and professionally dedicated. Has innovative tendencies and needs to work in a mentally challenging environment. Could begood at solving complex problems or at introducing new ideas. Quick off the mark in seizing new opportunities. Dynamic and entrepreneurial. A developer of new ventures.” 2. Create a proposal for AIESEC Romania 2012-2013 strategy that should cover the next points(a,b and c): a. Make a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threads) of AIESEC in Romania. Thepoints above have to be evident in the plan you create and the correlation between them too. Streng Opportuni Potential Weaknesses Threats Risk hts ties Become the main Qualitat Companie supplier for Losing know- ive EPs s from WENA, LCs don`t have how on GIP (Excell University year, WENA are partnership with focus on GIP Decrease in ent Work and interested Austria,Finland,Bel Lacking in GIP numbers English Travel, in gium,Norway, student market Decrease in , Erasmus Romanian Germany, The approach financial experie EPs Netherlands, sustainability nce) France etc. Raising standards. Realizing visions
  2. 2. Develop a TATA Few GIP EPs Ra Lack of program for A small market Consult Lack of know- work Undergraduate of students with Incapability to ancy how in profile- opportuniti students, profile- second deliver the Partner based es for based recruitment language partnership ship on recruitment students -> growth in GIP excellent OGX Realizations Poor quality on Lack of AIESEC XP X+L Increase number University year, implementation Wrong Strateg Bologna of ELD Programs Low quality on of internal message about y System taken by members GCDP recruitment and AIESEC in the within a year internships reintegration external environment Strenghts Opportunities Potential Weaknesses Threats Risk Increase TN Lack of sales Ra in local IT Increase of IT culture in Decrease in markets, market LCs: few generating 85 % growth Continue with Economical Start-ups members, revenue from in Ra in GIP Alumni Ra crisis Alumni few meetings the corporate Incoming strategy, Competitive Companies Processes market (especially Product market in the that want to are divided in Unable to TT) development NGOs sector expand in the LCs. deliver our for new other CYs Matching promises. emerging bottlenecks markets Timeline on Competitive Develop more Partnerships Autumn NGO Market, Poor delivery of National National with Different projects are Economical national projects Projects in Projects companies not aligned crisis Loosing national cooperation (ICX) and with Different partners with other organizations International recruitment organizations peaks timeline in AI Develop LLC , AIESEC Alumni don`t Scholarship, Lack of agree with Loose Large number TN Corporate, specific organizational connection with Alumni focus of Alumni, know-how, strategies on changes Alumni VP AD in EB Develop new Alumni Too little LCs projects such have a strong as Grow with Alumni market SDVb. The 3 main priorities for your area(s) based on the general SWOT analysis. What strategies wouldyou propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those priorities at theend of your term. Raising standards. Realizing visions
  3. 3. Market HR LC positioning processes Education Strategy: 1.Internal Audit on procesess Strategy: Strategy: 2.GS for every EP 1.Program branding and 1.Education Packages for VPs, positioning 3. National Program -based specialist and members recruitments 2.New markets: TT and ET 2.Education Package to 4.X+L strategy approach each market 3.Market assesments 5.Development program for 3.Knowledge management EPs Results: Result:s: Results: 1.GIP/GCDP have a brand 1. Internal Audit until April Deliver 4 education packages One-year communication plan 2.Increase matching rate up to for MT,TT,ET and DT market 2.100 % growth in TT Re 70 % Implement a custom education 100 % growth in ET Re 3.2 National Recruitments plan based on LC`s needs 4. 20 % of TLP take GIP/GCDP assessment 3.2 Market assessment per year 90 % of GCDP take TMP/TLP VP`s achieve at leat 70 % of their planning Partnership with Catalyst 20 % of GIP take TMP/TLPc. The external opportunities you can capitalize from your position to get the vision you propose inpoint (b). External opportunities:  EVS  Internship accreditation at Universities  Lack of job opportunities for students  Economical crisis  Romania – UE Country  Alumni with HR and Marketing expertise  Focus on GIP from AIESEC International Raising standards. Realizing visions
  4. 4. 3. What is the role of MC? What should be the role of MC? What actions can you take as an MC team to fill the gap? My perspective is that the role of the MC should remain the same. I would change the way itis implemented:Role How it is implemented now New implementation proposal Besides the old ones, internal audit on every month - solutions to efficient the processes. LC Coach – to keep track on the SONA, LC visits, LC management tools,LC development EB`s evolution. coaching Develop and implement a change management plan MCVPs planning togheter with VPs before the term starts. National Planning is done after the LCs Shift mindset to LCs that they are have their objectives planned responsible of it`s sustainability through Strategic implementation development National Project development and Downscalling from AI informations, management – the MC is responsible of directions and initiatives, not only the project`s sustainability “recommend” them but convince LCs to implement them. 1.Define organizational behavior Organizational New structure direction 2. Change management plan management 3.New structure implementation plan 4. What strategies does AIESEC Romania need to follow to increase performance for theELD programs? Please specify at least 3 strategies for Domestic Programs (TMP&TLP) and 3strategies for the International Programs (GIP&GCDP). Programs Strategies Standardization on each program: a.TLP – each TL has a transition plan and leadership preparation program (LEAD) TMP – team experience preparation program b. Global compentecies developed in each Program: Self-Assessment -> takes the program -> GS & Career Planning -> starts the program  Performance Appraisal -> Ends program c. Expand organizational opportunities: TLP & TMP should be delivered through TMP & TLP more external projects a. Market segmentation + Product development on each segment b. TN Ra through Alumni as TN Takers, recommendations etc based on GIP Incoming each LC`s reality c. GIP ET for language teaching to the employees and in private Universities a. CEED Program for trainees GCDP Incoming b. CSR campaign (e.g. Money Sense) c. Change timeline in order to reach exchange peaks Raising standards. Realizing visions
  5. 5. a.Branding programs b.Align recruitments c.Product package ( TT – Change IT – partnership with WENA CYs toGIP & GCDP outgoing increase realizations)5. What are the competitive advantages that AIESEC Romania has in the international network?What can we do to maintain and/or increase them? Advantage Maintain Innovate Qualitative EPs with excellent X+L strategy, Calitative selection Product package and branding English level in recruitments on our internships Market assessment Romanians in MCs MC Culture Develop partnerships between CYs ICX Reception Reception Program CEED Program X+L strategy Mindset + Focus Internal Recruitment, Reintegration, Expand and develop opportunities for GIP EPs TM Processes Mindset + Focus GS, Performance Appraisal, Transition, Career Planning Raising standards. Realizing visions