COE2010 Razorleaf Tweaking 3DLive on ENOVIA SmarTeam


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  • NOTE: If the semantic searches return error codes the State attribute will need to be removed for the class returning the error. The file containing the offending attribute is located in C:Program FilesDassault SystemesB208intel_a
    esourcesplmsearchplmtoolbarSMT folder and the file is called PQ_PRODUCT.CATRsc. Look for the classes, like Document and make the following change:// Definition of class DocumentSMT96.Definition = "SMT96.PRODUCT.PLMCoreReference";SMT96.Accessibility = "plmtoolbar";//SMT96.Attributes = "TDMX_ID REVISION TDM_DESCRIPTION STATE ";SMT96.Attributes = "TDMX_ID REVISION TDM_DESCRIPTION";SMT96.CATNls = "PQ_PRODUCT_SMT";
  • 3DLive becomes the Visual Presentation layer of the PLM data“Translates” design data to decision ready information through a visual mediumProvides uncomplicated navigation and collaboration tools for the use of various end users
  • Applications is the software people use, while connectors are the pieces that give the data access to the applications.Client customizations are not necessary, but available.Of course 3DLive needs a server to reside upon.
  • Since this presentation is centered around Tweaking 3DLive on SmarTeam, let’s talk a little bit about the SmarTeam connector.This connector understands your SmarTeam data model and can access your SmarTeam vault data. The connector supports CATIA’s FT&A and Collaboration Review for collaboration.In addition to CATIA data, SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge and Wildfire (Pro/E) are supported.
  • The major components of the setup are: SmarTeam Foundation Server V5R19 or higher for 3DLive V5R2010x Database Server, SQL Server or Oracle 3DLive ServerInstallation of SmarTeam Support for Live Applications is required on the Foundation server and you must use SmarTeam Vault services or 3DLive will NOT be able to reach the vault files. You cannot use virtual vaults (folders) for 3DLive support. Although I do not know of a single production environment using virtual vaults.
  • Semantic Search enables users to quickly search for items in a Google-like fashion.Using the mouse to navigate 3D is pretty simple and intuitive. The middle mouse button will pan the view, while middle mouse + first mouse button will rotate the view and CONTROL + middle mouse button will zoom the display. When viewing a single item, like a single CATProduct or CATPart you can use the Robot to manipulate the view. See the tutorial.Exploring and Examining items allows you to manipulate the view, explore parents, find root components, ghost, explode, all sorts of stuff. See tutorial and presentation by the presenter.Of course the Advanced Search enables you to search in a more traditional way by using drop down menus and and/or selections.
  • 3DLive Semantic Search is essentially a full text search across one or more attribute fields. At the time of this presentation there is a small issue with the STATE attribute of some classes that causes a search failure (too many results) and so at this time it is advised not to include STATE (Checked In/Out, Released, etc.) in semantic searches. Through client customizations semantic searches can be limited to a configured number of fields.By default ALL the attributes of the class (or predefined search) being searched are returned, which is not normally desired so again, through a tweak using the CATOptionsMgt tool, a discreet set of attributes can be returned to make search results more meaningful to the user or group performing the search.PLM Search Types Visibility enables 3DLive to limit what classes are searched. This is really appropriate when you want specific users to perform general searches but only have specific classes of objects returned.The Bar Search Types is what we covered in Semantic Searches.Tree Color and Icon masks can also be customized.Finally, the Compass can be customized to place specific attributes in context to the compass categories.
  • The PLM Compass is the visual representation of five topics, divided into four quadrants, and a center.The Compass enables the user to get PLM information about the objects in a session and is accessible from all document windows.
  • Some customizations can be further enhanced by using scripting to determine things like tree colors and compass ranges.3DLive includes a documented methodology that enables the administrator to create an installation package AFTER the customizations are completed. Essentially an unlimited number of purposed installations could be developed and the MSI simply pushed out through IT. Simply as can be, I think.The Collaboration tools are very cool and if your environment needs real-time collaboration, 3DLive can handle it using standard collaboration tools from Lotus or Microsoft.The power of 3DLive really shines through when the 3D Indexing service is turned on and users can search for shapes rather than through meta-data.There are a number of licenses that can be used with 3DLive, but the main point is that Review, Similarity and Right Manager require the 3DLive (LIV) license as a prerequisite.
  • So, who uses 3DLive? Well, everyone.The diagram above illustrates that, from a PLM perspective, there are data contributors and data browsers or consumers.Browsers only need 3DLive, nothing elseContributors will use 3DLive to explore data, but will use other software tools to “contribute” to the data.Some Browsers may need special functionality related to Search/View/Print (SVP).
  • COE2010 Razorleaf Tweaking 3DLive on ENOVIA SmarTeam

    1. 1. Tweaking 3DLive on ENOVIA SmarTeam<br />Michael Craffey - Razorleaf Corporation<br />
    2. 2. Michael Craffey<br />Principal Consultant with Razorleaf Corporation<br />Over 20 years experience in PLM and CAD<br />
    3. 3. Quick Hands On – See Tutorial<br />Start 3DLive<br />Quick Tour<br />Perform semantic search:<br />document:38du -> RMB Select Open<br />documents:enovia -> RMB Select Open<br />project:catia -> RMB Open in SmarTeam<br />STOP – discuss first tweak, see Tutorial<br />Explore related documents:<br />On CATIA project, RMB Explore Related Documents<br />Expand Mechanical Documents folder<br />
    4. 4. 3DLive Overview<br />System Architecture<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Tweaking (Hands-on)<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Advanced Topics<br />Q&A<br />Agenda<br />
    5. 5. 3DLive Overview<br />System Architecture<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Tweaking (Hands-on)<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Advanced Topics<br />Q&A<br />Agenda<br />
    6. 6. 3DLive Overview<br />An Enterprise tool providing dynamic visual access to 3D Engineering and Design Data<br />Presents easy access to Intellectual Property<br />Provides intuitive user interface with collaboration, navigation, and searching capabilities <br />Which results in…<br />Faster intelligent business decisions<br />Just-in-time innovation<br />Productivity, cost, and performance gains<br />
    7. 7. For Example<br />SalesMarketing<br />Purchasing<br />Support<br /><ul><li>Access latest data when “on the road”
    8. 8. “Live demo” of the product
    9. 9. Navigate on actual product models
    10. 10. Visually explain the marketing needs
    11. 11. Collaborate with supplier on the actual assembly where sourcing is needed
    12. 12. Collaborate with customer on Product Model to better understand customers issues
    13. 13. Easier to explain internally to relevant roles</li></li></ul><li>3DLive in Action<br />Quick Clip<br />FT&A<br />
    14. 14. 3DLive Overview<br />System Architecture<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Tweaking (Hands-on)<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Advanced Topics<br />Q&A<br />Agenda<br />
    15. 15. Architecture Basics<br />Applications<br />Base Product – 3DLive<br />Connectors<br />CATIA<br />FT&A<br />ENOVIA<br />Live Collaboration<br />DELMIA<br />Shop Floor Review<br />3DLive<br />EV6<br />VPM V5<br />VPM V4<br />DELMIA<br />MatrixOne<br />SmarTeam<br />Desktop<br />
    16. 16. Components<br />Applications<br />Connectors<br />Client Customization<br />Bar search types and Compass<br />Icons<br />Tree color and icon masks<br />Server<br />Installing and Deploying 3DLive<br />
    17. 17. SmarTeam Connector<br />Access to all attributes of products and parts which are within indexed data source<br />Search, navigate, and explore in 3D & collaborate across the enterprise<br />Full support for CATIA Live Functional Tolerancing and Annotation Review and ENOVIA Live Collaborative Review Live Applications.<br />ENOVIA Live SmarTeam MultiCAD: CATIA, SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, Wildfire<br />
    18. 18. Requirements<br />3DLive web service is required to communicate with SmarTeam server<br />ENOVIA SmarTeam V5R19 and higher (2010x)<br />Installation of SmarTeam Web Services for 3DLive<br />Installed on top of existing SmarTeam Foundation<br />Requires IIS<br />Use of SmarTeam Vault Services<br />Virtual vaults are NOT supported<br />
    19. 19. 3DLive Overview<br />System Architecture<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Tweaking (Hands-on)<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Advanced Topics<br />Q&A<br />Agenda<br />
    20. 20. Working with 3DLive – See Tutorial<br />Semantic Search<br />Navigation, using the mouse<br />Exploring and Examining<br />Advanced Search<br />
    21. 21. 3DLive Overview<br />System Architecture<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Tweaking (Hands-on)<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Advanced Topics<br />Q&A<br />Agenda<br />
    22. 22. Client Customization – See Tutorial<br />Controlling Semantic Search<br />Controlling Return of Attribute Data<br />Additional Customizations (not hands on)<br />PLM Search Types Visibility<br />Bar Search Types (Semantic Searches)<br />Tree Color and Icon Masks<br />The Compass<br />
    23. 23. Search + Find<br />Using the Find command enables users to search within results.<br />Perform a semantic search Assembly:*<br />Once returned, in the search box use the Find keyword to search within the results.<br />Examples<br />Find:motor<br />Find:panel<br />Do some yourself<br />
    24. 24. The Compass<br />North: People<br />South: Versioning/Status<br />East: Relationships/Links<br />West: Representation/Shape<br />Play: Motion<br />
    25. 25. 3DLive Overview<br />System Architecture<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Tweaking (Hands-on)<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Advanced Topics<br />Q&A<br />Agenda<br />
    26. 26. Advanced Topics<br />Scripting<br />Documented methodology for creating customized installations – MSI.<br />Collaboration using Lotus Sametime, Microsoft Live or Office Communication server.<br />3DLive Similarity<br />Licensing<br />3DLive – LIV<br />Live Collaboration Review - LCV<br />Live Similarity – LSI<br />Live Rights Manager - LRM<br />
    27. 27. 3DLive Population<br />Contributor<br />CATIA<br />Contributor<br />Web<br />Browser<br />Browser<br />SVP<br />
    28. 28. 3DLive Overview<br />System Architecture<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Tweaking (Hands-on)<br />Working with 3DLive (Hands-on)<br />Advanced Topics<br />Q&A<br />Agenda<br />
    29. 29. Michael Craffey<br /><br /><br />@Razorleaf<br />330.676.0022 x7121<br />