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Testing the API :)


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this is my little test to see what the api can do :)

Published in: Technology
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Testing the API :)

  1. 1. Social Networking Malaise Background by ~raages
  2. 2. Invitus Friendae Icon by Icon Icon friend invites need to go away. YOU know who your friends ARE.
  3. 3. BACN Icon by Icon Icon ok, email that you want, just not right now. tasty morsels, but you end up sending it to spam or filtering it out. there’s got to be a better way to get your daily nutritional needs met.
  4. 4. Gameoverus Manus Icon by Icon Icon the social network game is a farse. all we know how to do is accrue friends. where’s the value in that? not to mention the invite problem.
  5. 5. Hoo DFMI Icon by Icon Icon identity consolidation. we’re fragmented. our identities are smeared across the web and yet every social network seems to increasingly need to know all of our dierent accounts!
  6. 6. WTF is that? Icon by Icon Icon The grand daddy of them all... RSS is simply not enough. The result: your service looks like crap. And you feel like crap. It’s the common cold of the social web. If RSS is the best thing we’ve got to fight this, we’re doomed.
  7. 7. DiSo Industries Project • Labs • Technologies let me introduce DiSo Industries. We’re working to fix these problems.
  8. 8. Rx We’re working on the open building blocks of the social web. openid. oauth. poco. more acronyms than the government. well, almost. today let’s look at activity streams. the importance of openness.
  9. 9. Anatomy of an activity actor verb object {indirect object} [context] Photo by Todd Lappin
  10. 10. Performative Identity basically we move from a world of declarative identity, which decays, to one where you’re renewing yourself based on what you DO.
  11. 11. Administering so let’s take a look. if you were to actually implement this today, you’d simply tweak your ATOM feeds and advertise them on your user’s profile pages... which hopefully supports openid.
  12. 12. Sign in to follow Dave! Let’s say I met Dave ata conference. I visit, his website. Take a look around... I decide I want to follow his activities
  13. 13. I sign in to Dave’s site with my OpenID Before I’m sent back from my provider, I’m asked whether I want to follow Dave
  14. 14. Add contact Dave Recordon Add subscriptions Worst username evar. Contact details San Francisco, CA Status updates Photos Bookmarks Your message (optional) Blogs Hi there! We met that conference last daveman692 week. I’ve subscribed to your updates on my site. Six Apart Location -Chris Music Movies Slide presentations Events Travel Local reviews Books Access requires permission from Dave Inspired by Jyri Engeström I say yes, and am asked which activity types I’m interested in...
  15. 15. Dave’s contact details, photos and location are protected. Would you like to request access to these items? Please note that Dave may deny your request. No thanks OK Should any of the selected types be protected, I will be asked whether I want to request access
  16. 16. ? ✔ If I say OK, an OAuth request will be sent which Dave will later be able to approve, deny or ignore ...And Dave’s public activities will show up in my activities dashboard. ...And if Dave later approves my request, his protected activities will show up too
  17. 17. Social Inbox my request went to dave’s social inbox where he can learn more about me (from my activities) and check out whatever else is going on. facebook is basically a giant social inbox. but i want this to work on the open web.
  18. 18. What if you could identify these objects without the hassle? friendfeed has to manually support these.
  19. 19. consider where facebook is going with the facebook stream. see how they bucket all these dierent things? this is social discovery and filtering through your social graph. consolidating your identity!
  20. 20.