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Do or Die - Clark Kokich, Razorfish Chairman


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Do or Die - Clark Kokich, Razorfish Chairman

  1. 1. Do or DieClark Kokich
  2. 2. • What I hear CEO’s saying: “We seem to be trying all of these new technologies, and while some of it seems to be working, it doesn’t add up to anything that matters. I don’t need a bunch of $10-million ideas. I need a $1-billion idea.”• What we want CEO’s to be saying: “We’ve used digital technologies to completely transform our relationship with our best customers. It’s given us a sustainable competitive advantage, and as a result, we’re increasing sales and profits.”
  3. 3. Our challenge for the past fifty years:Change perceptions.
  4. 4. Our challenge today: Change reality.
  5. 5. Three key challenges:• Redefine the definition of a “big idea.”• Reverse the process, from “Channel Up” to “Idea Down.”• Master the art of collaboration.
  6. 6. Vail Case goes here
  7. 7. What Robert Katz and Vail got right:Developed a business idea, not just anothermarketing idea.• Reversed the process, from “Channel Up” to “Idea Down.”• Mastered the art of collaboration.
  8. 8. Thank YouClark Kokich