Online Fundraising for PTAs


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Why is Razoo the best online fundraising platform for PTAs? How do you manage a successful fundraiser? Our Online Fundraising for PTAs presentation has the answers.

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Online Fundraising for PTAs

  1. 1. OnlineFundraisingfor PTAs
  2. 2. Razoo at a GlanceRazoo is the fastest-growing crowdfunding platform for causes.We’ve already helped raised over $153 millionfor nonprofit organizations across the country.Over 1.2 million US nonprofit organizationsare listed on Razoo.Our nonprofit Giving Days have been wildly successful. Last year,we helped GiveMN raise $16 million in just 24 hours.
  3. 3. Razoo’s Impact
  4. 4. WhyShould PTAsFundraiseon Razoo?
  5. 5. Fundraising Made EasyYour PTA is already on Razoo!Our system is updated directly from the IRS database of 501(c)3nonprofits. Just claim your page and start fundraising.Anyone can start a fundraiser on Razoofor his or her favorite causes in minutes. That means teachers,students, parents, family, friends—you name it. Razoo provides charitable gift receipts,electronic payments, no monthly fees or setup costs,and a low 4.9% transaction fee on a fully PCI-compliant platform.
  6. 6. It’s About ConnectionsRazoo connects directly to your social networkslike Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Activate your supporters andtheir social networks instantly to spread the word. We also provide social tools and features—leaderboards, teams, timers, and thermometers—to foster community, friendly competition, and engagement.Perfect for walk-a-thons, read-a-thons, etc…Collect donations anywhere, anytimewith Razoo’s mobile-friendly site. Razoo also offers donationwidgets for your Facebook page, website, and blog.
  7. 7. We’re Eager to HelpWe want to do everything we can to help youraise the money you need. We’ve even createda dedicated section of our site just for the PTA.Visit and receive up to $50 in donations directlyfrom Razoo, just for getting started.
  8. 8. PTASuccess StoriesWell over one thousand PTA groups are alreadyfundraising on Razoo. Here’s just a small samplingof their success stories.
  9. 9. +$55,000 +$30,000 +$25,000336 Donations659 Donations132 Fundraisers1681 Donations361 FundraisersPTA Success StoriesSligo Creek ElementarySchool PTABurroughs CommunitySchool PTAParkview CenterSchool PTA
  10. 10. So, You’veSet Up aFundraiserWhat next? We’ve got a few tips for making yourfundraiser a success.
  11. 11. Tell Your StoryRazoo gives you the tools to tell your PTA’sunique story through words, images, and videos.Make your page your own and tell your donors about your goals,and the personal stories behind your efforts.Images are Awesome.Brookside Elementary PTA Sligo Creek Elementary PTAOrganizationswith at leastone image raisealmost 2x as muchmoney thanthose without.Organizationswith at leastone video raise4.1x more moneythan thosewithout.Videos are Awesomer.
  12. 12. Introduce Some FriendlyCompetitionCreate fundraising teams and use Razoo’sleaderboards to promote friendly competition.You’ll find yourdonors moreenthusiasticand engaged.
  13. 13. Stay ConnectedShare your fundraiser.One Facebook share is worth nearly $18 in donations.Use comments to keep people engaged.Fundraisers with at least one comment raise 8.3x more moneythan those without.Send “thank you” notes to donors by email.On Razoo, you can even include custom thank-you videos.Show supporters the impact of their donations.Follow up to show the outcomes of your fundraising efforts.
  14. 14. thank youClaim your PTA at Contact us directly at getstarted@razoo.comor through live customer support at 866.437.1952.