Introduction to Giving Days


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This webinar was recorded on June 17, 2014. You can find a link to the presentation slides displayed here on

Learn why Razoo is the industry leader in delivering 24-hour Giving Days around the country.


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Introduction to Giving Days

  1. 1. Introduction to Giving Days
  2. 2. Who is Razoo?
  3. 3. Our Mission Razoo is crowdfunding for causes. Named for an Australian coin of little value on its own, until combined with many, Razoo powers small acts of giving that together change the world.
  4. 4. Who Am I? Jordan Brown Nonprofit Partnerships Coordinator Twitter: @razoo
  5. 5. Giving Days with Razoo
  6. 6. Giving Days with Razoo Industry leader in million- dollar Giving Days Over $120 million dollars raised through More than 60 online giving days!
  7. 7. What is a Giving Day? A powerful 24-hour online fundraising competition that engages your entire community in giving back!
  8. 8. Giving Days: Registration Nonprofits or groups register using a customized form Allows NPOs to become eligible for pre-event training and day-of prizes
  9. 9. Giving Days: Spread the Word Razoo + Client lead training equip NPOs how to reach supporters on social, email and via live events Social Sharing technology platform allows for easy access to a larger network of new donors!
  10. 10. Giving Days: 24 Hours of Excitement For 24 hours, donors can give creating a web of generosity and buzz throughout your community Donations can also be pre- scheduled to count toward prizes for the day! 24 hour Razoo Customer Support for your Giving Day!
  11. 11. Giving Days: Funds Disbursed The Razoo Foundation takes care of all receipting during the giving day and disbursements post event Disbursements are sent via mailed check or Electronic Funds Transfer Site is available for your community 365 days a year!
  12. 12. Why Choose Razoo? Customer Focused Your Giving Day will have a dedicated Project Manager and Year-Round Customer Support Secure, Scalable Platform Proven capable of handling thousands of transactions per minute+ high security standards Year-Round Access Allow NPOs to use the knowledge gained and keep up the fundraising momentum with the 24/7/365 Giving Day portal Back-Office Management Disbursements, tax receipts and customer support is managed by Razoo so you can focus on your Giving Day goals! Innovative Donor Acquisition NPOs acquire new donors through robust fundraising platform: social, mobile, team pages, prizes and reporting tools.
  13. 13. Giving Day Timeline Client Razoo Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7+ Contract Signed Contract Signed Design Assets Provided Web Templates to Client Design Concept Finalized Design Concept Finalized Prizes & Registration Finalized Web Content Finalized Web Content Finalized Pre-Event Site Launched NPO Registration and Training NPO Registration and Training Live and Post Site Finalized Live and Post Site Finalized Live and Post Content Submitted Registration Closes Registration Closes Post-Event Follow-Up Post-Event Follow-Up Giving Day! Disbursements Mailed Year-Round Giving Portal Available
  14. 14. Giving Day Spotlight
  15. 15. Spring2ACTion: $2.2 million!
  16. 16. Milwaukee Match Day: $7.2 million!
  17. 17. Silicon Valley Gives: $8 million!
  18. 18. Year Over Year Growth The average Giving Day growth rate on Razoo is 60% YOY!
  19. 19. Questions?