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  1. 1. Twitter APIBarri RajeshIntern @ IBM-ISL
  2. 2. May 10, 2013Content API types Twitter tweets flow Rest API Search API Stream API Authentication
  3. 3. May 10, 2013API Types There are actually three Twitter APIs.1)2) REST API3) Search API4) Stream API5)
  4. 4. May 10, 2013API features Rest API– Covers the basic Twitter functions– You can read your timeline and direct messages,– Tweet and retweet from the REST API,– Follow and unfollow other users, send direct messages (DMs),– Manipulate your lists, and so on.
  5. 5. May 10, 2013API features Search API:– Duplicates the Twitter search page .– It can do everything that the Twitter Advanced Search can do– Nearly all the Twitter monitoring tools depend on this Twitter search API. Streaming API:– The streaming API is read-only– Unlike the search API, the streaming API is not buffered through the searchdatabase.– There are more tweets available to users of the streaming API than there are tousers of the search API.
  6. 6. May 10, 2013Whats happening?
  7. 7. May 10, 2013Rest API Timelines• collections of Tweets, ordered with the most recent first Tweets• status updates with additional associated metadata direct messages• short, non-public messages sent between two users friends & followers• follow their interests on Twitter through both one-way and mutual followingrelationships Users• Users are at the center of everything Twitter: they follow, they favorite, andtweet & retweet. suggested users• Categorical organization of users that others may be interested to follow.
  8. 8. May 10, 2013 Favoriates• Users favorite tweets to give recognition to awesome tweets Lists• Collections of tweets, culled from a curated list of Twitter users. saved search• Allows users to save references to search criteria for reuse later. places & geo• These methods allow you to attach location data to tweets and discovertweets & locations. Trends• The Trends methods allow you to explore whats trending on Twitter. spam reporting• These methods are used to report user accounts as spam accounts.
  9. 9. May 10, 2013Search and Streaming APISearch API: Returns a collection of relevant Tweets matching a specified query.– Parameters: q,callback, geocode, lang, locale, page, result_type, rpp,show_user, until, since_id, max_id, include_entitiesStreaming API: Public stream– Public data flowing through Twitter User stream– Single-user streams, containing roughly all of the data corresponding with asingle users view of Twitter. Site stream– The multi-user version of user streams.
  10. 10. May 10, 2013Streaming API POST statuses/filter• follow• track• locations• delimited• stall_warnings GET statuses/sample• delimited• stall_warnings GET statuses/firehose• count
  11. 11. May 10, 2013Authentication Base– Username password– Its deprecated in all APIs except streaming API Oauth– Application-user authentication
  12. 12. May 10, 2013References[1][2]
  13. 13. May 10, 2013Thank you