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Event intro presentation

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Robotics event introduction presentation

  1. 1. Rise Of The RMSIntroduction Machines Teams ‘09 Rules &Contest Q/ACriterion Regulation Session s RMS Automizing the Future…
  2. 2. Program 21ST NOVEMBER 09 SATURDAY 0830 Arrival of guests 0900 Recitation of Holy Quran 0905 Address by VP 0920 Event presentation (Pools and rules explanation along) 0945 Preparation Break 1000 Race Heats 1100 Sumo Heats 1200 Race Round 2 1230 Sumo Quarters 1300 Race Round 3 1330 Namaz and lunch Break, Refreshments 1430 Sumo Semis 1445 Race Finals 1500 Sumo Final 1510 Prize Distribution Ceremony 1520 Address by Commandant 1530 Departure of guests
  3. 3. Society Introduction:• Robotics and Mechatronics Society | PNEC • Established June 2009 • Patron: Dr. S.K.N Zaidi • Coordinator: Dean ES • Supervisor: Asst. Prof Imran Ahmed Khan • Senior Technical Advisor: Mr. Atif Ali
  4. 4. Society Introduction:• RMS Student Body Sulaiman Dawood (President RMS) Raza Najam (Vice President RMS) Ammad Raja (Media Co-Ordinator) Faizan Badar (Event Manager) Rehan Azhar (Secretary Communication) Saad Ahmed Khan (Technical Advisor) Mutsaeid Shirazi (Technical Member) Rameez Qasim (Technical Member)
  5. 5. Society Introduction:• Active Volunteers Raheel Ahmed Khan Khubaib Syed Arslan Qasim
  6. 6. Robotics Activities in PNEC NUST• Active student participation• Innovative Final Year Projects • Robotic Arm • Unmanned Flying Vehicle etc• Participation in National and International competitions• Consistent involvement in NERC• Abu Robo Con , Tokyo Japan 2008 (All Pakistan)
  8. 8. Teams• Participation of teams from all over Pakistan• Participating Universities • Air University Islamabad • UET Lahore • PAF KIET Karachi • Usman Institute Karachi •Aga Khan High Secondary School Karachi • PNEC NUST Karachi
  9. 9. Teams• Institute: AIR UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD• Robot Name: Airian King• Members: Muhammad Usama Zahid Adnan Zubair Abdul Wahid Bashir
  10. 10. Teams• Institute: UET LAHORE• Robot Name: Blitz• Members: Noman Mehboob M.Armaghan Akhtar Sufian Tariq
  11. 11. Teams• Institute: PAF KIET KARACHI (02 TEAMS)• Robot Name: Shockwave• Members: Safdar Mahmood Ahmed Fuzil Khan Adil Arshad
  12. 12. Teams• Institute: PAF KIET KARACHI• Robot Name: M-38• Members: Syed Ahsan Badruddin
  13. 13. Teams• Institute: USMAN INTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY KHI• Robot Name: Sumobot• Members: Syed Abu Rehan Faraz Ali Owais Muneer
  14. 14. Teams• Institute: AGA KHAN HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL KHI (02 TEAMS)• Robot Name: Mr. Woody• Members: Hammad-ur-Rehman Mushtaq Ali Mohammad Iqbal
  15. 15. Teams• Institute: AGA KHAN HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL KARACHI• Robot Name: Attax• Members: Mazhar Iqbal Asad Assar Ali Shan
  16. 16. Teams• Institute: PNEC NUST KARACHI (23 TEAMS)
  18. 18. Robo Race Pool Criterion
  19. 19. Robo Sumo Pool Criterion
  21. 21. Rules | Robo Sumo• The maximum supply voltage for sumo robot is 12V DC• The mass of the robot must be 5 kg or less.• At the start of a match the robot must fit into a square box of25cm to a side, with no height limitation.• Parts of the robot may extend outside this region after a matchhas started.• Parts of the robot may extend outside this region after a matchhas started.• Non destructive weapons that can aid the robot in forcing theother robot out of the ring e.g. lifts, arms, levers, etc. are allowed.
  22. 22. Rules | Robo Sumo• Non destructive weapons that can aid the robot in forcing theother robot out of the ring e.g. lifts, arms, levers, etc. are allowed.• The robot qualifies as long as a major portion of the robot isgenerally available to be pushed out by the opponent robot.• The sumo ring has a diameter of 1m, and is raised 5cm (about 2inches) above the floor.•The color of the ring is black, with a 5cm wide white edgeboundary. Two starting lines in the middle are brown. All of theseareas are "in" bounds.
  23. 23. Rules | Robo Race• Conventional modes of locomotion i.e. by wheels or tracks arenot allowed. The robots must utilize unconventional modes suchas walking, crawling, rolling, etc. to move. i.e. the motion must bedeveloped using link mechanisms.• The maximum weight allowed for the robot is 5 kg.• The dimensions of the robot’s projection on the ground shouldnot be more than 30 cm X 30 cm.• The robot should be autonomous.• Maximum battery voltage allowed is 24 volts DC.• Supporting wheels can be used provided they are not powered.
  24. 24. Rules | Robo Race• Any rotary motion cannot be directly used for locomotion, whichincludes off center wheels, tracks, cams, spokes etc. Motion has toconnected via sort of link mechanism• The track will be 2.5 m in length and the width will be 50 cm. Oneach side of the track will be 10 cm high wall separating individualtracks.
  25. 25. Judges• Inhouse Judges Gp. Capt (R) Shoib Ahmed Lecturer Farhan Khan Dr. Johar k. Farooqi• External Judges Asst. Professor Liaqat Ali Khan, Air University Islamabad.
  26. 26. Questions & Answers SessionEmail: Web: