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TDAP - Trade Development Authority of Pakistan


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Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

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TDAP - Trade Development Authority of Pakistan

  1. 1. “One Stop Sourcing Solution” Presented By Asad Raja Hammad Raja Jawad Hasan Nayab Ali Raza Syed Mohammad Raza Syed Sunain Haider
  2. 2. The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)• Set up in 1963 as an attached department of the Ministry of Commerce, the Export Promotion Bureau facilitated exporters across the country.• More than 20,000 exporters were facilitated and part- funded to exhibit their goods abroad, and thus grow their exports.• Over 2,000 trade delegations were sent abroad or hosted in Pakistan in the 43 years of EPB.• It provided a forum for dispute resolution between exporters and importers through the mechanism of commercial courts in collaboration with the judiciary.
  3. 3. Formation Of TDAP• EPB thus contributed in a significant manner, as Pakistan’s exports - reported at just under quarter of a billion dollars in 1963 - increased by over 70 times to touch nearly US $ 16.5 billion in 2005/06.• However, professional human resources were lacking at the times of EPB, and so in order to improve this deficiency, and to change the image of EPB as a “Bureaucratic Organization”, need was felt for EPB’s metamorphosis into a more dynamic, professionally well-equipped organization, which was to be the TDAP.
  4. 4. TDAP• The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP),was established on November 8, 2006.• TDAP is the successor organization to the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB).• TDAP was Made under a Presidential Ordinance.
  5. 5. TDAP’s Profile• TDAP’s administration is under the Ministry of Commerce.• TDAP is mandated to have a holistic view of global trade development rather than only the ‘export promotion’ perspective of its predecessor.• Designated as the premier trade organization of the country, TDAP is a dedicated, effective, and an empowered organization, which shall is professionally managed
  6. 6. TDAPNow we would like to show you a video on TDAP’s Background
  7. 7. TDAP’s Departments• Accounts• Admin• Marketing• HR• Information Advisory Centre
  8. 8. TDAP’s Activities• Participates in 40 to 60 international trade exhibitions annually.• Sends 20 to 40 trade delegations abroad every year.• Organizes the EXPO PAKISTAN annually in Pakistan, which is well-attended by foreign buyers.
  9. 9. TDAP’s Activities• Implements various Trade Policy Initiatives announced by the Commerce Ministry.• Undertakes various sector development projects from the Export Development Fund.• Runs the Expo Centre, Karachi providing a permanent exhibition space for holding trade events.
  10. 10. TDAP’s MissionTDAP’s mission is to achieve a quantum-leapin Pak export. To fulfill such a mission, TDAPshall employ the right skills and competencies,professional management techniques,advanced international marketing strategybacked by competent market research andtrade analysis, supported by use of latesttechnology.
  11. 11. TDAP’s VisionThe Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) will developand promote export holistically, through focus, synergy, and withcollective wisdom and counsel of its stakeholders.In addition to aggressive , innovative, and proactive marketing andpromotional efforts, it will achieve the objective of rapid exportgrowth through interaction and coordination with respective publicand private–sector stakeholders, and enhancing value of productsand services by broadening the export base of our products.Enhancing capability and capacity of the supply base of goods andservices; by fostering supportive export culture and facilitation; andby encouraging export oriented foreign investment and jointventures. TDAP will also help improve market access throughadvising the Government on matters of trade diplomacy andpromoting the “business” image of Pakistan in the key exportmarkets for Pakistani products and services, the world over.
  12. 12. TDAP’s Export Strategy The new TDAP strategy is based on a two- pronged approach, namely:• “Products and Services”• “New Markets”
  13. 13. TDAP’s Upcoming Projects• Establishment of Institute(s) of Marble Technology, Karachi and Peshawar• Establishment of Agro Food Technology Institute of Pakistan, at Lahore• Establishment of Institute of Leather Technology, Lahore• Establishment of Carpet Institute, Quetta• Establishment of Dazzle Park in Karachi• Establishment of College of Fashion and Design, Karachi• Establishment of Carpet and other Crafts Training Institute, at Hala• Establishment of Pakistan Packaging Institute, Karachi• Establishment of Expo Centre, Multan• Establishment of Dates Processing Institute at Khairpur• Establishment of Mango Pack House & Cold Storage at Multan and Shaheed BenazirAbad• Expansion and Up-gradation of Gems and Gemological Institute of Pakistan, Peshawar
  14. 14. TDAP’s Branches
  15. 15. TDAP Organizational Structure & Decision Making
  16. 16. TDAP’s Functions and Mandates• To implement directives of the Federal Government and the Board relating to export development and promotion.• To encourage and promote and train new exporters.• To develop a consistent, sustainable and result oriented, holistic export development plan, outlining vision, objectives, strategies and plan as approved by the Board.• To achieve synergy in development of exports at a national level by forging effective liaison with private and public stakeholders and avoiding duplication of efforts.• To encourage and promote research in trade and policy related studies that may facilitate in formulating an effective export policy and plans
  17. 17. TDAP’s Functions and Mandates• To plan and organize foreign trade promotion through advertising in local, and international print electronic and other appropriate media.• To provide advisory support to stakeholders.• To liaise with trade bodies abroad.• To promote exporters and stakeholders’ education.
  18. 18. TDAP’s Functions and Mandates• To encourage the organized development of the export business and the related corporate and commercial sectors in Pakistan.• To plan, organize exhibitions, delegations to and from Pakistan.• To plan and organize local, international and inter- provincial export promotional conferences, workshops, seminars.
  19. 19. TDAP’s Functions and Mandates• To prepare Annual Report of the Authority.• To include a quality assured ethic in exporters while encouraging value addition of exports.• To take, initiatives for maintaining facilities etc. to improve the performance of exporters in the interest of generating economic activity, reducing cost of doing business and enhancing supply chain efficiency.• To maintain the confidence of exporters by appropriate communications.
  20. 20. TDAP’s Yearly ExpoExpo Pakistan, the largest trade show of Pakistan, organizedannually with an objective to display the entire range ofquality products under one roof for the assessment ofinternational buyers. The products include textile apparels,food, leather and leather products, chemicals, sportsgoods, carpets, surgical and engineering goods. More than4000 international buyers from 70 countries haveestablished business contacts through this annualexhibition in the last Five years. The commencement of thisevent has not only contributed immensely to reposition thecountry’s image but has also been instrumental ingenerating economic activity in the country in general, andwithin the export community in particular.
  21. 21. TDAP’s SWOT Analysis Strengths• Making the export Easier and comprehensive.• Focusing and Enhancing the Trade of Emerging Sectors• Young Talented Employees Bringing Innovations.• No Competitors Weaknesses• Inefficiency• Red-Tapism• Failure to achieve goals
  22. 22. TDAP’s SWOT Analysis Opportunities• Explore Foreign Markets Threats• Political De-stability
  23. 23. Recommendations• Government should eradicate the inefficiency in the TDAP’s running.• TDAP’s running should be made compatible with changing governments as every time a new government tries to implement a new policy• There should be an internal audit team instead of sole AGPR ( Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues ).In short Finance and audit should be managed internally as well (partially or fully)
  24. 24. Recommendations• Being a public enterprise, TDAP should keep government representatives who are more responsible and have experience of Trade and Commerce only.• TDAP should encourage the trade of handicrafts and cottage industry and promote local Pakistani heritage Internationally via platforms like Expo held annually.
  25. 25. Recommendations• TDAP’s Regional office should expand even to small cities of Pakistan.• TDAP should keep a larger budget for research and development and should study the international markets more thoroughly, their local demands, what they really want that is which country wants which products and to what extent.
  26. 26. Recommendations• Goals should be achieved with set targets to get good outcomes.• Red-Tapism Should be removed in TDAP• TDAP should provide a complete platform for new entrepreneurs who have less experience in international trade, and who want to export and import with proper assistance.