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Raynard Gillipsie


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Intro for Civics 101

Published in: Career
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Raynard Gillipsie

  1. 1. BECOME A SAVER By Raynard Gillispie
  2. 2. GETTING A CREDIT CARD I. Researching different credit cards II. Find the credit card that fits your needs III. Open a saving and checking account IV. Put a hold on your saving
  4. 4. SAVING GOALS Work on saving $2,ooo saving this money will help you to see that your making a lot of progress. Basically budgeting your money better.
  5. 5. OPEN ANOTHER ACCOUNT To open up an saving account in a different bank. I say this because if you don’t see this bank account. If you have a bank account that you have money going into that you cant see you will not touch. Then at this time you will be working in your career field Meaning that you will have more money to put into your saving and checking. This will let you take out more money into your bank account. Also I say this because even though you have a lock on your back account you can access it. So the other bank you open will only have an savings account