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The Auditel Formula


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Auditel provide a free service to health check your business expenditure. The initial investigation is free and you don\'t pay anything up front, just a cut of the savings we are able to make you, once we have made them. Its risk free and all inclusive (we implement the cost savings as well as point them out) so it doesn\'t require any extra time or resource on your part. Contact for a no obligation meeting or chat.

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The Auditel Formula

  1. 1. Auditel Cost and Purchase Management THE AUDITEL FORMULA Lowering the cost of doing business
  2. 2. The Auditel formula Even if you think you have all your costs under control, it wouldn’t hurt to have an Auditel Business Health Check. Just to be sure. A FREE BUSINESS HEALTH CHECK + – Chris Jones, School’s Finance and Administration Manager OUR EXPERTISE ACROSS The UK and Ireland’s leading specialist in cost and purchase management, is currently saving millions of pounds for over 3,000 organisations THE FULL SPECTRUM OF BUSINESS COSTS Auditel: An unbeatable formula for lowering the cost of doing business + Originally Auditel was set up in 1994 to help businesses find their way through the seemingly An Auditel Business Health Check Expertise across the full spectrum of business costs Our unique Total Cost of Purchase® approach impenetrable jungle of tariffs following deregulation Booking a Auditel Business Health Check We have over 170 highly-skilled cost and Auditel can quickly become an outsourced of the utilities markets. with one of our cost and purchase purchase management specialists, with member of a client’s management management specialists is very easy. wide ranging industry knowledge and team and we take great pride in finding Since then we have extended our services to cover Either call us or go on line (details experience. the best possible cost and purchase the full spectrum of business expenditure, supported overleaf) and we’ll contact you to management solutions for them: solutions by a vast knowledge bank and the wide-ranging, This knowledge coupled with an unrivalled arrange a convenient date. that are not simply quick, short-term level of cost management training and OUR UNIQUE TOTAL top-level experience of over 170 cost and purchase wins, but are both ethical and sustainable. It is a two stage process which starts support from our dedicated support team COST OF PURCHASE® management specialists. with an assessment and analysis of is further reinforced by a vast knowledge To achieve this we apply our unique cost APPROACH = your current business costs followed by bank and strong, but independent, and purchase management approach, Our clients span every sector of the economy and a comprehensive report that identifies supplier relationships. Total Cost of Purchase®. In a nutshell, it range in size from multi-nationals to museums and savings opportunities. enables us to look at all the costs, both All of which means we are perfectly from national charities to local manufacturers. direct and indirect, of a product or service, We will then implement the changes and placed to provide cost and purchase when analysing your expenditure. Many of them started with an Auditel Business manage the entire process, usually on a management services across the full contingency fee basis, and help you lower spectrum of business expenditure, to To find out more please visit our website Health Check. the cost of doing business. organisations of all types and sizes. or Carried out by our specialists utilising our own unique approach to cost and purchase management, Total Cost of Purchase®, an Auditel Business Health Savings of 22% on Landline and Mobile Communications in the Schools’ sector Check provides an invaluable in-depth analysis of all ETHICAL AND Haberdashers’ “I’ve had a lot of direct contact with the Auditel team over the past year SUSTAINABLE SAVINGS your business expenditure. Monmouth and am very pleased with the service they’ve provided. Everybody we School deal with is very professional and a delight to work with.” for Girls – Chris Jones, School’s Finance and Administration Manager
  3. 3. Auditel Cost and Purchase Management THE AUDITEL FORMULATo find out more about our range of costand purchase management services andhow they can add profit to your bottom line,please contact: Contact Details: