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Auditel provide a free service to health check your business expenditure. The initial investigation is free and you don\'t pay anything up front, just a cut of the savings we are able to make you, once we have made them. Its risk free and all inclusive (we implement the cost savings as well as point them out) so it doesn\'t require any extra time or resource on your part. Contact for a no obligation meeting or chat.

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  1. 1. Auditel Cost and Purchase Management AUDITEL’s TEAMsAuditel’s EXPERTISE buildS greatIT consultant Marketing Manager nT cards Financial Services Business Analyst IT ha HA I R M A N t Ac OIL ntan Man G nt Retail Banking CONSULTANT TAX ADVISoRPharmaceuticals Sales Manager co A C or merc N e un ND K I tm Senior Finance Manager irect Social Housing R ESEARCHER ufac ta G cou N ves nt AS B A In head of learning r SO F TW A R E S A L ES turi c e r it nt A Higher ing D rw ng Education eme Eurobond n d e Prin e TR A DE R n c ag t So nag Man in lutio e a s Ma Chief Engineer n i su r u ns Formula 1 Motorsport orADAPTing and reacting to MEET ALL OF YOUR COSTAND PURCHASE MANAGEMENT REQUIREMENTS lowering the cost of doing business
  2. 2. r ge na r Ma nio R ’s Se CTO rityWorking in teams of specialists, the Auditel network a Auditel cost-management team gets DI Ch M cc RE ng a big tick from Haberdashers’ an oucan deliver the necessary wide ranging expertise and A tor uri ag nt em an IT rec ct Monmouth School for Girls Di nufa en texperience to effectively analyse and manage all areas t Ma When a client first asks Auditel to analyse expenditure in a Cost management projectsof business expenditure for companies large and small particular cost area it often leads to further projects. In undertaken by the Auditel Team Landline and Mobilein any market sector organisations, corporate bodies Haberdasher’s Monmouth School for Girls case, the lead Communications 22% consultants complemented their own strengths by drawing Gasand companies. on the wealth of expertise in the Auditel network and Electricity assembled a team that included a utilities expert, who IT Provision delivered savings of 22%, and an ex-IT Director who is now So far savings on utilities have reached an impressive 22% analysing their IT provision. “I’ve had a lot of direct contact with the Auditel team over the past year and am very pleased with the service they’ve provided. Everybody we deal with is very professional and a delight to work with.” – Chris Jones, School’s Finance and Administration Manager Two Auditel specialists team up to manage IT Project Manager Comm e rcial Dir e c to r Talacre Beach Leisure Group’s energy S e nior M anag e r COM M U N I C AT I O N S HEAD OF LEARNING expenditure... and more Utilities Customer Services Previous experience in managing costs for similar businesses Cost management projects being undertaken by the Auditel Team in the leisure market gave Auditel a head start with Talacre Electricity Beach. They weren’t interested in a simple cost-cutting Water exercise. They needed a highly professional and tailored Merchant Card FeesAuditel’S ADAPTABLE TEAMS service from a team that really understood their business Mobile communicationsAuditel is not only the UK’s premier network of cost and purchase needs. When a thorough analysis of a £57,000 back bill for Savings to date exceed £100,000management specialists, but also the most adaptable. We have the ability to energy resulted in a rebate of 63%, their faith was well expert teams to deliver outstanding services across the full range ofbusiness expenditure and thereby significantly augment our clients’ own “Our relationship with Auditel goes from strength to strength: they understand our business andin-house capability. our business needs and I see the relationship continuing long into the future.” – Dean Styger, Group Finance Director, Talacre BeachThe Auditel network is now nearing 200 cost and purchase managementspecialists each of whom is highly trained in Auditel’s detailed systems andtools, and also facilitates access to a vast range of industrial and commercial Ex-Finance director and engineering works F I NA N C E E N G I N EE R I N Gexpertise. The rigorous Auditel training, our vast knowledge bank and manager team up to assist The Children’s Trust D I R E C TOR WO R K S M A NAGE Rsignificant buying power, coupled with all that expertise makes our The Children’s Trust benefitted from the combined Cost management projects beingspecialists highly effective at building cost and purchase management teams skills and previous experience of the Auditel cost and undertaken by the Auditel Team purchase management netork. The challenge of finding Telecomstailored to specific client projects. and managing sustainable savings areas of expenditure as ElectricityEach of these teams is headed up by a dedicated Auditel project manager diverse as utilities, stationery and merchant card fees was Energy Efficiency Measures met by the lead specialist who drew on Auditel’s resources Stationerywhose role is to work with the client and team members alike to ensure Reviews of cleaning materials and to put the right team together, with excellent reults.that delivery of each individual project follows the agreed process and merchant card fees are next.timescales. “Our Auditel experience has been very positive. We’re very pleased with the savings they have found us as this is money we can put to much better use looking after the children who depend on our services.” – Simon Browning, Director of Finance and Company Secretary, The Children’s Trust
  3. 3. Auditel Cost and Purchase Management AUDITEL TEAMSAuditel’s teams of cost and purchasemanagement specialists are currentlysaving millions of pounds for organisationsthroughout the UK.Contact us now to find out how much theycould be saving you. Auditel (UK) Ltd., St. Paul’s Gate, Cross Street, Winchester SO23 8SZ t: 0800 583 3355 e: