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Auditel provide a free service to health check your business expenditure. The initial investigation is free and you don\'t pay anything up front, just a cut of the savings we are able to make you, once we have made them. Its risk free and all inclusive (we implement the cost savings as well as point them out) so it doesn\'t require any extra time or resource on your part. Contact for a no obligation meeting or chat.

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  1. 1. The Auditel Partnership ProgrammeAuditel Cost and Purchase Management PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME A new dimension in client relationships
  2. 2. If you could help your clients increase their profits, Helping you help your clients lower their cost of doing business There’s no doubt about it: the cost of doing business increases every yearwith no upfront costs, how impressed would they be? putting pressure on profitability for businesses of all sizes. Across the board, from essential overheads such as energy, communications, insurance and premises, to variable office and staff-related expenses, prices are rising year on year. Legislation and changing business practices, such as the growing Auditel already provides this service to thousands emphasis on ‘green’ and ethical business, only add to this financial burden. of organisations throughout the UK and Ireland On the face of it, there would seem to be an easy solution to this problem: Auditel is the most successful and longest established cost and purchase shop around to find suppliers who will offer you the goods and services you management organisation in the UK and Ireland. Our consultants work with need at a lower price. However, this fails to take into account the time and their clients to ensure they fully understand and effectively manage their expertise needed to make effective and informed procurement decisions. Low essential overheads and other business costs. headline prices do not necessarily mean cost savings and there are many other issues that need to be taken into account when effectively managing costs on There are no upfront fees for this service because we are retrospectively paid an ongoing basis. a share of any cost savings actually implemented. The Auditel Partnership Programme, therefore, gives you the chance to offer our unique service to your With over 15 years’ experience as cost and purchase clients at no cost to them or to you. In fact, as well as adding an additional management specialists, Auditel have developed a service to your portfolio by referring us to your clients, you can achieve a unique Total Cost of Purchase® business model that significant sustainable revenue stream for your organisation. takes all these factors into account and goes much further than simple cost or expense reduction. Our Our consultants become trusted outsourced consultants become trusted outsourced members of their clients’ management members of their clients’ management teams. teams, providing valuable expertise and specialist knowledge over many years to help them understand, manage and lower the cost of doing business. “Providing an innovative service to manage our clients essential services complements our existing portfolio of traditional business management services and we have found Auditel to be the perfect partner to deliver such a service.” Jonathan Horrocks, Senior Manager, Chantrey VellacottDFK
  3. 3. Four Simple Steps to More Valuable Client RelationshipWorking with Auditel to maximise the value of your client relationships couldn’t be simpler. 1 2 3 4 Assess the opportunity Identify potential Introduce us to your clients Collect your fee and, introductions more importantly, be We wouldn’t expect any Only at this stage will we be confident in your role as a professional organisation to Once you have had the opportunity looking for an introduction trusted advisor to your clients“We are delighted with the savings Auditel has made for us. introduce us to their clients without to experience the benefits of to your clients. Depending on They have become a sounding board, and a valuable At Auditel we know that having had an opportunity to working with Auditel, we will help how involved you want to be, extension to our management team.” our success depends on the thoroughly investigate and test the you to identify and qualify clients you can simply provide us with – Gary West, CEO Silver Spring relationships we build with our Auditel service themselves. This is who could also take advantage of contact details and a testimonial clients and on always exceeding why our first client should be you. our outsourced expertise. based on your experience of the their expectations, in terms of Auditel service so we can arrange savings, expertise, specialist introductory meetings, or you can knowledge, time and as an set up the meetings for us. Your additional management resource. fee split will reflect your level of As one of our Partners, we take our involvement but, rest assured, responsibility to you very seriously once the introductory meeting has and strive not just to protect your taken place and your client has reputation but to enhance it. signed up to the Auditel service, we will assume full responsibility for developing the relationship and delivering the benefits of our service. This means you can get on with your business, while we get on with ours! “When we saw the excellent results Auditel achieved for us, we quickly realised that Auditel could be a very valuable service for our clients too.” Chris Kelly and Michael Caddock, Partner and Managing Partner, Whiting and Partners
  4. 4. How you can benefit from introducing this The Auditel Partnership Programme is designed to ensure that you and your clients benefit from the long-term relationship we valuable service to your clients build with each of you. A sustainable income stream As an introducer of business to Auditel, we offer you a share of our fee, based on your level of involvement in the relationship we build with your client. Ask your Auditel contact for more details. While an introducer’s fee might be attractive, there must be more to it than that. All professional organisations know that the relationship they have with their client is worth much more than simple fee-income and we believe that this is also true for the Auditel Partnership Programme. The benefits of becoming an Auditel partner are: You enhance your role as a trusted advisor by offering consultancy services that help your clients’ businesses grow and develop. You add new skills and expertise to your service portfolio that will differentiate you when looking to attract new clients. You can deliver excellent service that exceeds your clients’ expectations by anticipating their needs and introducing them to advice that will enhance their profitability. You increase your client visibility by creating new opportunities to meet face-to-face and develop your understanding of their business (which in turn might help you identify new opportunities to offer more of your own in-house services). “We are sure that many of our clients will realise the benefit of a real win-win proposition where, if Auditel are unable to find savings, no fee is charged. We will continue to offer this service to all of our clients and are sure that, given time, it will roll out to many more of them.” – John Bill, Trafalgars
  5. 5. Auditel Cost and Purchase Management PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMMEContact us now to find out how theAuditel Partnership Programme couldbenefit you. Contact Details: