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SUCCESS STORIESAuditel lowers the cost of doing businessin the manufacturing sector                         Lowering the c...
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Auditel is currently saving millions of pounds formanufacturers throughout the UK.Our advisory service comes at no cost, a...
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Manufacturing Case Studies


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Auditel provide a free service to health check your business expenditure. The initial investigation is free and you don\'t pay anything up front, just a cut of the savings we are able to make you, once we have made them. Its risk free and all inclusive (we implement the cost savings as well as point them out) so it doesn\'t require any extra time or resource on your part. Contact for a no obligation meeting or chat.

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Manufacturing Case Studies

  1. 1. SUCCESS STORIESAuditel lowers the cost of doing businessin the manufacturing sector Lowering the cost of doing business
  2. 2. SUCCESS STORY ManufacturinG Auditel’s relationship with Aardman continues to grow Profile Auditel have been working with Aardman to reduce their business Aardman Animations, based overheads for just over two years. They were keen to maintain high levels across three sites in Bristol, of service, while simultaneously cutting costs and the portfolio of clients is the world’s leading model Auditel worked with really impressed them.animation studio. Aardman is Despite Aardman already running a tight ship, Auditel was still able tomost famous for creating the recommend significant cost reductions in a number of areas, notably gas, Wallace and Grommit, and 30%, electricity 20% and call traffic 38%, amounting to £28,000 in savings. Morph characters, as well as Chicken Run – a feature film collaboration with the US “ Auditel has ensured that we are operating asDreamworks Studio featuring effectively as possible.” Mel Gibson. SAVINGS –Tony Prescott, Aardman TO DATE of £34,000+ Lowering the cost of doing business
  3. 3. SUCCESS STORY ManufacturinG Auditel: the right recipe for Bakels Profile Financial Controller at Bakels, Ade Abass engaged Auditel to conduct British Bakels manufactures a thorough review of Bakels’ essential services overheads. The initial and distributes a wide range investigation into fixed wire communications revealed potential savingsof ingredients, some of which of an impressive 29% and a further 25% reduction on mobile phone costs are tailor made. Its customer soon followed by switching to a more cost-effective mobile phone tariff. base includes industrial Auditel also analysed gas expenditure and negotiated a reduction in gas bakeries, in-store bakeries, rates when the contract came up for renewal.craft and food service sectors. “This last year has been vital for the growth and development of our business and knowing that all our SAVINGS utilities and communications costs are under control is a great benefit in terms of our management time and peace TO DATE of mind. ” £15,000+ Ade Abass, Bakels Lowering the cost of doing business
  4. 4. SUCCESS STORY ManufacturinG Auditel surprises Finkl UK Profile When Finkl engaged Auditel, the challenge was to achieve sustainable cost Finkl UK Limited is a West savings, whilst maintaining or improving service levels, thus increasing Midlands-based subsidiary of Finkl’s ongoing profitability. Following a full audit of electricity, gas, waterA Finkl Sons Co, the world’s and communications costs, Len Bridges, Finkl UK’s Company Secretaryleading supplier of forging die was delighted. steels, plastic mould steels, “I couldn’t really see where any savings were to be made when die casting tool steels and engaging Auditel and, in fairness, no savings were promised. custom open-die forgings. However, as they were prepared to take all of the risk, I knew that I had nothing to lose. “ Finkl are now enjoying the benefits of average savings 30% AVERAGE SAVINGS of 30% following the implementation of Auditel’s initial TO DATE ON recommendations, and I look forward to the identification of further improvement opportunities as Auditel continue utilities to monitor these areas for us.” – Len Bridges, Finkl Lowering the cost of doing business
  5. 5. SUCCESS STORY ManufacturinG Auditel sweep up at Mezzanine Profile John Porter and Keith Loveday, Joint Managing Directors of Mezzanine, The Mezzanine Floor engaged Auditel to undertake a review of the company’s essential Company was founded overheads and were delighted when the first stage of the comprehensive in 1980 and designs, review lead to massive savings of 40% on electricity and 46% on manufactures and installs communications. tailor-made one-off In the second stage Auditel are now looking at the mobile communications structures for a wide range overheads and are confident of making further savings. of industrial and commercial environments. “ We are delighted to have Auditel on board. A particular SAVINGS value is that these results have been achieved with very little involvement from our own staff, leaving us to get on TO DATE with the real business of The Mezzanine Floor Company.” over 40% on – Keith Loveday, Managing Director, Mezzanine electricity comms Lowering the cost of doing business
  6. 6. SUCCESS STORY ManufacturinG Auditel tame costs for Silent Gliss Profile Jim Laslett, the company secretary engaged Auditel to analyse their Silent Gliss is a leading communications infrastructure and costs to coincide with moving into international supplier of new premises. The savings were impressive: over £20,000 and a furthermotorised and manual curtain projected saving of £6,380 per annum in their new offices.track and blind systems. Their This led to Auditel being asked to examine their electricity and gas customer support teams expenditure, too and significant success soon followed : over £10,000 plus provide technical advice, projected savings of £7,000 per annum and nearly £4,000 plus projected fitting and maintenance savings of 34% respectively. around the world. “ The cost savings that have been realised have been most welcome, but in addition to that, the on-going reports SAVINGS that I receive give a useful insight into our expenditure TO DATE of and give peace of mind that we are receiving the best value.” £34,000+ – Jim Laslett. Silent Gliss Lowering the cost of doing business
  7. 7. SUCCESS STORY ManufacturinG Auditel cleans up at Standard Soap Profile Auditel was introduced to the Standard Soap Company by theirStandard Soap Company Ltd, accountants in 2006. First they sorted out known issues with Standard based in Ashby de la Zouch, Soap’s gas billing, negotiating over £50k in rebates and identifying a is one of the UK’s largest further £3,600 in ongoing annual savings. Savings against electricitycontract soap manufacturers, (£5,000 p.a.) and waste management expenditure (£2,500 p.a.) soon specialising in the followed. Auditel then carried out an energy consumption audit, which development, manufacture revealed further potential savings of £30,900 p.a. and packaging of bespoke personal care products “Before we were introduced to Auditel, I thought we were for high street stores and running a pretty tight ship. We would never have made SAVINGS designer brands. these savings without their team’s involvement and I would recommend them without hesitation.” TO DATE David Guttridge, Managing Director £100,000+ Lowering the cost of doing business
  8. 8. Auditel is currently saving millions of pounds formanufacturers throughout the UK.Our advisory service comes at no cost, and we don’tcharge a penny until you see real, quantifiable savings.Contact us now to find out how muchwe could be saving you. Lowering the cost of doing business