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Charities & Nonprofits Case Studies


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Auditel provide a free service to health check your business expenditure. The initial investigation is free and you don\'t pay anything up front, just a cut of the savings we are able to make you, once we have made them. Its risk free and all inclusive (we implement the cost savings as well as point them out) so it doesn\'t require any extra time or resource on your part. Contact for a no obligation meeting or chat.

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Charities & Nonprofits Case Studies

  1. 1. SUCCESS STORIESAuditel lowers the cost of doing businessfor charities in the UK Lowering the cost of doing business
  2. 2. SUCCESS STORY CHARITIES Risk-free savings for Action Housing Profile Auditel has been working with Action Housing since 2005. Originally Action Housing and Support engaged to review fixed line expenditure on which they made ongoing is a charitable organisation annual savings of over £8,000 and a further £8,000+ on electricity. with 10 offices across the UK. Delighted, Action Housing asked Auditel to continue their project with a They work with vulnerable review of energy and mobile phones on which they saved Action Housing a and socially excluded people further £20,000pa. to help establish secure, independent lives and tackle “We’re delighted with the level of service from Auditel, in homelessness and related particular the monthly management reports which give ANNUAL issues. us detailed information about our spend, a really useful tool for our accounts department! When Auditel talk SAVINGS about a self funding service it’s really true; to date Auditel has found us nearly £40,000 of savings which, amongst £36,000+ other things, has paid for our new phone system in full.” Jill Thompson, Head of Finance Lowering the cost of doing business
  3. 3. SUCCESS STORY CHARITIES Auditel makes big savings for BEN Profile Being a charity BEN relies on donations, sponsorship and volunteers to Founded in 1905, BEN is provide their services and they saw Auditel as a cost effective way of a charitable organisation ensuring that the charity wasn’t paying more than they should for their offering financial, emotional business costs. and practical help to more than 15,000 men, women Initially Auditel concentrated on electricity, gas and office consumable and children connected expenditure across their five residential centres and the charity were with the automotive sector. delighted when this work culminated in savings and Their five residential centres rebates worth over £47,000. across the UK provide individual care, tailored to “So far Auditel have found us substantial savings totalling SAVINGS their beneficiaries’ needs. £47,800. These extra funds will make a real difference to TO DATE the people we help. Having worked with them for three years now, I have every confidence in the Auditel service £47,000+ and look forward to even more savings in the future.” – Derek Lowe, Financial Controller at BEN Lowering the cost of doing business
  4. 4. SUCCESS STORY CHARITIES Auditel lowers Brunelcare’s costs Profile Brunelcare’s Finance Director, George Cooke had previous experience of Brunelcare is a registered working with Auditel when he was the Finance Director at St Peter’s Hospice social landlord and in Bristol. So he was keen to see what savings could be made on the gas and registered charity that electricity expenditure at Brunelcare,too. has been providing good, affordable, accessible After careful analysis, investigation and tendering Auditel care and services for older has managed to deliver savings of over £105,000 for people of limited means electricity and gas in just eighteen months. for over 60 years. SAVINGS “ By reducing our expenditure on electricity and gas TO DATE Auditel has saved Brunelcare over £100,000. These savings translate into valuable capital which has, in £105,000+ turn, been re-used within our organisation.” – George Cooke, Finance Director Lowering the cost of doing business
  5. 5. SUCCESS STORY CHARITIES Auditel impresses at Naomi House Profile David Strudley, Chief Executive of Wessex Children’s Hospice Trust, Naomi House is a children’s engaged Auditel to review a range of business overheads to ensure Naomi hospice in central Southern House was receiving best value from its suppliers. England situated at Sutton Auditel’s specialist knowledge of the communications and energy Scotney near Winchester. markets led to significant savings following a thorough audit of historical It provides both respite and expenditure. Rebates of nearly £13,000 have been paid with ongoing palliative care for children savings of over £1,000pa expected. from across the South who are suffering life-limiting “Auditel provide high value support to our Finance Team conditions. and we are now benefiting from a streamlining of the SAVINGS billing process. I would recommend the Auditel service TO DATE to any organisation, as it is a risk-free means of ensuring resources are being deployed effectively.” £12,500+ – David Strudley, Naomi House Lowering the cost of doing business
  6. 6. SUCCESS STORY CHARITIES Auditel cuts costs for YMCA shops Profile Paul Sargison, Head of Retail for YMCA’s 80 charity shops, is very aware of the The YMCA Movement organisation’s duty to spend money wisely so Auditel’s contingency-fee based in England is one of the cost management programme was very appealing. He appointed Auditel to largest youth development carry out a comprehensive review of the shops’ essential services costs and organisations in the world. this resulted in some significant savings, to date in excess of £135,000. Founded in central London in 1844, the YMCA now “Auditel’s management of this project has been excellent. has 148 autonomous Our structure is not exactly straightforward so to associations throughout the SAVINGS successfully transfer over 80 individual sites for landlines, UK, a presence in over 120 TO DATE call charges and electricity is an impressive feat. Not only countries and a worldwide are our shops and nine of our associations now receiving membership of 30 million. £135,000+ a much higher level of service from their suppliers but we have made some really significant savings which will bring real benefits to the people we are working with.” – Paul Sargison, Head of YMCA Shops Lowering the cost of doing business
  7. 7. Auditel is currently making big savings for charitiesthroughout the UK.Our advisory service comes at no cost, and we don’tcharge a penny until you see real, quantifiable savings.Contact us now to find out how much we could besaving you. Lowering the cost of doing business