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An in-depth analysis of major I.T. vendor Dell. The profile includes company history, revenue stream, competitors and customers, products and services, SWAT-analysis, current status and predicted continued strategy.

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Vendor profile

  2. 2. Headquarter Round Rock, Texas Development, support, services and sales from HQ Chapter 380 agreement Employees – 16,000 Alternative power source Global
  3. 3. CEO – Michael Dell Chairman and CEO of Dell 49th richest in the world, $15,3 billion MSD Capital Bought Apple computer, age 15 1984 – Founded PCs Limited, now known as Dell
  4. 4. Company History 1984-1999 1984-1987: The Birth of a Company 1988-1991: Going Public and Going Global 1992-1995: A Season of Unprecedented Growth 1996-1999: Winning Worldwide and on the Web
  5. 5. Company History 2000-2012 2000-2004: Beyond the PC 2005-2008: Setting the Bar for Social and SustainableBusiness 2009-2012: A new Dell Emerges
  6. 6. Source:
  7. 7. Stock Symbol and Exchange
  8. 8. DELL vs. HP
  9. 9. Products and Services Traditional PC Server Consultancy Services
  10. 10. Revenue
  11. 11. Major Competitors Traditional PC Server Technology Storage Software Consultancy Services
  12. 12. Major Customers 80% of Fortune 1000 companies uses Dell 9 of the top 10 Cloud Computing providers Dell Norway DNB Norges Bank Microsoft Government School system
  13. 13. Strengths and WeaknessesStrengths Broad Portfolio Well Recognized Brand Global Company Adapts Quickly to theMarket CEO, Michael Dell Removes ComplexityWeaknesses Declining PC sales Risky restructure PC imageCore Competency IT Infrastructure
  14. 14. Current StatusSource: Bloomberg;
  15. 15. New Product/Service Strategy Remodeling the Company Buying new companies Provide services
  16. 16. Discussion Making the company private is a costly procedure andrequires a lot of company resources, but it gives morefreedom to the company. Do you think it is positive or negative that Dell goesprivate, and why? How will this affect Dell´s future?
  17. 17. Quiz Dell was originally founded under what company name? Packard Bell PCs Limited Inclusive Computers, Inc. What best describes the strategy moving forward forDell? Going private to reduce the size of the company to minimize cost. Expanding the company by buying other companies, and become a moreservice-oriented company. Shut down the PC division due to declining PC sales, and focus on otherproducts. Name 3 major customers
  18. 18. Questions Raymond Hovland: Henrik Jacobs:
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