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Cloud Infographic


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Cloud is a new buzzword. It is mentioned as one of the top 5 technology trends to watch in the next 4-5 years by a report from Gartner. Cloud computing is a delivery model of computing services over the internet. It enables real time development, deployment and delivery of a broad range of products, services and solutions. The cloud environment offers an entirely new model for enterprise computing because it provides a pricing model of “pay as you go” fee-based services as an alternative to the traditional fixed-cost infrastructure.

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Cloud Infographic

  1. 1. The Fulure of Cloud 94% of organizations eilher alreadg are or want to make cloud computing part of their operations 88% of organizations are using public cloud 63% are using private cloud Help with changeover from current system Work with exit strategy, avoid lock-in Security Practices Provide cloud management tools and capabilities Long-tenn viabilitylfinancial stability lntegratel _ interoperate with other systems Meet compliance requirements V II’ ‘ r’ ‘ " ‘ ; $ l ‘O J ‘_ ®’ I O’ l ‘ I’ I I’ I’ Pay only what you use Easy fast deployment Monthly payment plans (77.9%) for users (77.7%) (75.3%) J / I J l I D I I I ‘ ‘ix I’ ‘ " I’ I I I ’ I I Encourages standard Requires less in-house Reduces waste and systems (68.5%) staff (67%) lowers energy consumption levels (64%) CLOUD PROJECTED GROWTH 2020 $82.3 Billion (est) Tile illsuisil ll! ‘ lmizlt-II‘ ! li?9li-f'» 2‘ e-l9lI’Il! l;lfifl'le ‘; l:°: 'l= YlIlEUlf-‘ §l§l! t:l! l§1? 20]] Iiifl; iiIilvI; ir. :1;i ? l‘. ‘l! l3l“? llL $15.1 Billion (est) Total global pubfic and private cloud spending 78% of businesses expect to put more than half of their workloads in the cloud by 2017. “: ll! lll{| I'll? -.| i(? l-T lIlIl9'l; IlT~! lII ; r;i. ,-Ila zlniél 3;l; f(; lIi lilfliii 'l§'I'l§lI’ I’l; lit; .. Reliability Tech Support Price Reputation Sources: Harvard Bushes: Review — cloudI)riv'ng a Faster, More connected Bushess; Everest Group Survey 2014; Forbes - 60% of U. S. II’ Decision Makers Tmsl The Cloud Wrth Sensfiive Data, Gartnet, PC Connection 2014 Cloud Compufitg Survey Results, US. Census Bureau