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Captivating Customers with Integrated Retail IT Solutions


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Captivating Customers with Integrated Retail IT Solutions

  1. 1. Captivating CustomersCutting-edge customer engagement solutions
  2. 2. Customer engagement “When asked how companies can encourage them to spend more, 61% of customers said accessible information, 66% said improved customer service and 23% said a tailored experience.”**Harris Interactive, Customer experience Impact Report 2010
  3. 3. Presentation focusKey customer engagement strategies… • Ecommerce • CRM & Email Marketing • Clienteling • Mobility
  4. 4. EcommerceAre you connected?
  5. 5. CHALLENGE :How can retailers make the most of the online shopping phenomenon?
  6. 6. Solution 1 : Supply chain integration 1. Integrated system • Full integration to the enterprise • Real-time accurate view of inventory info • Global capabilities, one online storefront • Security functions
  7. 7. Solution 2 : High quality user experience 2. High quality user experience • Customized design •Save customer product look- up, wish lists, history & delivery tracking • Customers can review and rate • Send targeted emails, newsletters & coupons • Accept credit cards in real-time
  8. 8. Ecommerce SummaryKey Benefits• No information silos!• Integrated to back-office• Inventory in one place• Eliminates duplicate processes
  9. 9. CRM & Email MarketingIs your message getting through?
  10. 10. CHALLENGE 1: Multi-channel business models often lead to disparate customerdata, rendering it difficult to truly know and understand your best customers.
  11. 11. Solution 1: 360⁰ view of the customer1. 360⁰ view of the customer• Convergence of multichannel customer data• Better know the customer• Ad hoc queries• Act on these insights to personalize the sales experience• Automated customer segmentation
  12. 12. CHALLENGE 2:Lack of relevancy increases customer defection.
  13. 13. Solution 2: Integrated Email marketing2. Integrated EmailMarketing• Integrated to CRM and Xpert• Using intelligence gathered at all channels• Effectively target the right customers with the right message
  14. 14. CHALLENGE 3:Marketers struggle to prove the profitability of campaigns.
  15. 15. Solution 3: Retail marketing analytics3. Retail Marketing Analytics•Automated ROI measurement•Removing manual processes• Multi-dimensional & Multichannel analysis• Scheduled reports
  16. 16. CRM & Email Marketing SummaryKey Benefits• Valuable customer information• Relevant messaging• Accurate metrics
  17. 17. ClientelingBuilding lasting relationships
  18. 18. CHALLENGE 1:There is a clear value in offering better customer service but how can retailers offer superior customer service to their competitors?
  19. 19. Solution 1: Clienteling, an interactive customer experience1. Clienteling: an interactive customer experience• Engages the customer visually & emotionally• Encourages customer interaction• Highly personalized• Improves cross- selling/up-selling• Offers flexibility
  20. 20. CHALLENGE 2:Captivating customers is one thing, keeping them is another. Loyal customers are key to business success.
  21. 21. Solution 2: Building lasting relationships2. Building lasting relationships• Dive deeper into customer information: purchases, likes, preferences• Pull rather than push• Integrated to create loyalty programs with tailored promotions & services• Schedule appointments• Conduct surveys/ diagnostic analysis
  22. 22. Clienteling SummaryKey Benefits• Deeper customer knowledge• Interactive• Builds loyalty
  23. 23. MobilityRetail is onthe move…
  24. 24. CHALLENGE :How can retailers seize every sales opportunity and stop the customer from going elsewhere?
  25. 25. Solution : Seize the moment with flexible retailing Seize the moment with flexible retailing • Line-busting mobile POS • Customer data capture & VIP • On the spot product & inventory look-up • Real-time integration to the enterprise
  26. 26. Mobility SummaryKey Benefits• Seize every opportunity• Flexible retailing• Customer engagement
  27. 27. Raymark’s Customer Engagement Blueprint
  28. 28. Making customer-centric retailing a reality Raymark @RaymarkRetail