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  1. 1. Atos for Media
  2. 2. 2 11/12/2013 Global Media PortfolioAgenda ▶ Introducing Atos ▶ Atos in Media ▶ Atos’ offerings and references – Broadcast & IT Managed Services – Media Facility Creation – Media Asset Management – New Media Delivery – Interactive TV – Big Data for Media – Subscription & payment
  3. 3. 3 11/12/2013 Global Media PortfolioIntroducing Atos Atos is an international information technology services company, delivering hi- tech transactional services, consulting, systems integration and managed services. Atos is focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their firm of the future. It is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games and is quoted on the Paris Eurolist Market. Atos operates under the brands Atos, Atos Consulting & Technology Services, Atos Worldline and Atos Worldgrid. ▶ The #1 European services and solutions company ▶ Annual revenues of € 8,8 billion (2012) ▶ Deep understanding of the processes of the sectors it serves ▶ 76,400 business technologists across 48 countries worldwide ▶ Atos; Societas Europaea (SE) with Worldwide headquarters in Bezons / Paris, France
  4. 4. 4 11/12/2013 Global Media PortfolioAtos as global partner
  5. 5. 5 11/12/2013 Global Media PortfolioFrom business line to excellence Systems Integration Transactional Services Consulting& TechnologyServices Transforming IT infrastructure and business operations revenues Delivering seamless business systems Transforming business through innovation leveraging Information Technologies Advancing business strategy through innovative processing solutions Managed Services
  6. 6. 6 11/12/2013 Global Media PortfolioAgenda ▶ Introducing Atos ▶ Atos in Media ▶ Atos’ offerings and references – Broadcast & IT Managed Services – Media Facility Creation – Media Asset Management – New Media Delivery – Interactive TV – Big Data for Media – Subscription & payment
  7. 7. 7 11/12/2013 Global Media PortfolioAtos in Media ▶ Atos has a proven track record in successful large-scale new generation Media Facilities creation and Vertical Media & IT integration programs, including the design and delivery of key media turnkey project implementations. ▶ Atos brings: – High profile and strong reputation in media sector – A unique understanding of complex large-scale broadcast business transformation management – Extensive knowledge of the implementation of real-life Media & IT integration – A strong customer base – Understanding user needs, requirements gathering, future platform design – Partner & technology selection and management throughout the program of change – A clear vision of where Media is going in the future – Current Cloud based services for business functions – Future Cloud based services for Broadcast and media enablement – Complete program management skills – The ambition and financial backing to continue to grow
  8. 8. 8 11/12/2013 Global Media Portfolio Atos in Media The services we provide to broadcasters ▶ Technology and Transformational Consulting ▶ Digital tapeless workflow design ▶ Digital Broadcast solutions architecture ▶ IT & Broadcast systems integration ▶ IT & Broadcast infrastructure managed services ▶ Business Process Outsourcing services ▶ Innovative services: Connected TV, 2nd screen, Media in sports Atos is the only company globally which masters both IT & Broadcast technologies and has implemented large complex digital transformation project of large (BBC Pacific Quay and Corus Quay)
  9. 9. 9 11/12/2013 Global Media PortfolioAgenda ▶ Introducing Atos ▶ Atos in Media ▶ Atos’ offerings and references – Broadcast & IT Managed Services – Media Facility Creation – Media Asset Management – New Media Delivery – Interactive TV – Big Data for Media – Subscription & payment
  10. 10. 10 11/12/2013 Global Media Portfolio Aligning Offerings with Market drivers - Media Audience fragmentation Multi-device content consumption Evolution of consumption patterns Increasing consumer created content 1 Interactivity From traditional advertising to new media Digitally enabled direct audience relationship Change of value chain Competition from over-the-top services 2 Infrastructures/Applications standardization Processes optimization Reduce cost of operations Continuous digital transformation 3 New Media delivery Interactive TV Services Big Data/Social Network Analysis OTT TV subscription & payment Digital Contents eCommerce Media Asset Management Media Facility Creation Vertical & IT Managed Services Cloud enabled Media Atos OfferingsMarket Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  11. 11. 11 11/12/2013 Global Media Portfolio CONTENT (MAM) - NEWS (NRCS) – ADS MANAGEMENT BUSINESS PROCESS SUPPORT (HRM, CRM, Payroll, Finance) including external Freelancing community IT MANAGEMENT (Datacenters, Networking, PC Lifecycle and mobile device management) BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (Forecasting, Reporting) : Direct Costs – Stock Value / Ads or Subscribers Revenues / Audience • Broadcasting • Multiplatform distribution • Interactivity (IP) • Social Media • Pgm Right sourcing • Production sourcing • Resources Mgt • Programs Delivery • Production Mgt • Technical QC • Editorial QC • Indexation • Organizing Continuity • Ads Insertion • Live Production • News • Sport Events MEDIA BUSINESS SUPPORT (Programs, Rights, Marketing, Subscrip. & Payt, Air-time & Advertising Sales Management) • Audiences • Right Management • Owner Rights Mgt • Quota • Archives CORE BROADCAST : Production, Traffic, Encoding, DRM, Transmitting and synchronization second screen CORE NEW MEDIA : Multiplaform CMS, Communities Mgt STRATEGIC PLANNING PROGRAMS BUYINGS & PRODUCTION CONTENT PREPARATION SCHEDULING LINEAR Broadcasted DELIVERY POST DELIVERYNON LINEAR IP based DELIVERY Broadcast processes Mapping of Media Solutions offerings • Editorial strategy • Scheduling strategy • Sourcing strategy • Commissioning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  12. 12. 12 11/12/2013 Global Media Portfolio Print & Publishing processes Mapping of Media Solutions offerings STRATEGIC PLANNING – Product development PREPRESS PRINT POST DELIVERY WEB BASED DELIVERY DISTRIBUTION WHOLESALE • Newspaper planning • Collaborative working • Enterprise Search • Editorial Systems • Media Asset Management • Digital Library • Digital Magazines • ERP & HRM • Security • Ad-Sales • Advertising Management • CRM • Royalties Management • ECM & SCM • Procurement • Pagination • Monetization • Ads Insertion • E-edition Publication • Sales & Distribution • Digital Signage • PLM • Business Intelligence • Returns process for hard-copy • Multi-platform • Enterprise Search • Web-content Management • App Management • Web & App hosting services CONTENT (MAM) - – ADS MANAGEMENT – Third-Part On-line Analytics and Publishing Platforms BUSINESS PROCESS SUPPORT (HRM, CRM, Payroll, Finance) including external Freelancing community IT MANAGEMENT (Datacenters, Networking, PC Lifecycle and mobile device management) BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (Forecasting, Reporting) : Direct Costs – Stock Value / Ads at Subscribers Revenues / On-line access EDITORIAL BUSINESS SUPPORT (Image library, Rights, Marketing, Subscriptions, Paywalling On-line & Advertising Sales Management) CORE PUBLISHING : Pre-press & Production, Column & Graphics Creations, Distribution CORE NEW MEDIA : Multi-plaform CMS, Communities Mgt 1 3 5 6 8
  13. 13. 13 11/12/2013 Global Media Portfolio From Foundation to Business Media GoToMarket and offerings ▶ Atos has an extensive portfolio of media services ▶ We deliver a combination of media-specific and foundation IT services ▶ Our media industry consultants work in close collaboration with our technical and business service specialists to create extraordinary results Entertainment (Sports, Theme Parks & Betting) Broadcast Print/Publishing/Adv Business-Enabling – The Atos ‘enable’ service suite Foundation Technology – The Atos ‘professionalize’ service suite Professionalize Test Improve / Evolve Disrupt/ Change the Game Enable – Payment Professionalize. ERP Consolidation Professionalize. ERP Run Professionalize. Security Professionalize. ERP ManagementProfessionalize. Application Management & Operations Professionalize. Vertical & IT Managed Services New Media Enable. Media Creation-Production Transformation (MAM, Media Facility Creation) Enable. Multichannel Content Delivery (New Media Delivery) Enable. Interactive & Social Customer Experience (Interactive TV, Big Data for Media) Enable. Smart Content Monetization (Digital contents eCommerce, OTT TV subs & payment) Professionalize. Business & Operation Process Management
  14. 14. 14 11/12/2013 Global Media Portfolio From Foundation to Business … Media Solutions offerings NewMediaDelivery •The consultancy, strategic planning, system integration and operation services for enabling and supporting the online and multiplatform delivery of video contents •Third party online video platforms (OVP) for supporting the online delivery of videos anywhere, anytime and on any device. •Atos SMART Player solution for supporting the streaming of live events with embedded real time results and statistics (sport specific), automatic recommendations and interactivity, enriching the viewer’s experience. InteractiveTVServices/2nd Screen •Back office tools including screenwriting interface, web server, real-time notification server, to allow end-users interactivity watching TV shows and using a smart device (tablet, smart phone). •Events occur on a smart device synchronized with the TV show. Increase end-users engagement, content monetization and new revenue streams, enriching the TV contents with contextualized data, advertisement, polls, etc.. •Thanks to Atos’ SaaS approach it requires a limited initial investment and supports an high scalability. InteractiveTVServices–TV Show •Provide a complete, proven and effective multi-channel (IVR, SMS, Social networks, web, mobile applications, tablets and Hbb TV) management solution to TV and Radio stations. •Enable TV channels to drive higher levels of audience participation, improved viewer loyalty steadily growing numbers, monetization of some interactions (gaming or voting) on all the channels. •Deliver an efficient, high-quality central management approach for all user channels, including service and audience monitoring and full administration services.
  15. 15. 15 11/12/2013 Global Media Portfolio From Foundation to Business … Media Solutions offerings BigDataforMedia •Atos services to allow the customers to explore the current value that they could gain from the changing marketplace and consumers’ behaviors, including on- line content and social networks. •Consultancy to understand customers’ current readiness to exploit these opportunities. •Inform and integrate Big Data with customers’ business and IT strategy. •Gain business insight using advanced analytics also real-time and from any source. Internal as well as external. •Utilize a restricted set of the BDaaS platform for pilot or proof of concept implementations OTTTVSubscription& Payment •SaaS services supporting order-to- cash and accounting processes for over-the-top TV and pay-TV services. •Atos offering covers the entire process from the offers packaging to the order management, billing and the final payment. •Three layers: Business Modules (Payment, Billing, Fraud Prevention, Reconciliation, Account Mgmt, Online Safe, Scoring, Collection, CRM, Document Mgmt, Reporting, Authentication). Platform Services (Customer Mgmt, Payment Gateway, Fraud & Risk); Core Services (Securigty, WorkFlow Mgmt, Logging/Alerting, Ticket.Mgmt, Reporting Engine). DigitalContentseCommerce •Full Digital Content Platform providing end-to-end eCommerce functions, Digital Warehouse to store, manage and deliver Digital Contents, and ePayment SIPS solution. •Full service: we Build , Host, and Run the services. •Based on Omni-channel solution : it supports and integrates Mobility, Web, and Social networks. •Transactional Business Model (HTTS)
  16. 16. 16 11/12/2013 Global Media Portfolio From Foundation to Business Media Solutions offerings MediaAssetManagement •Based on our experience of large and complex digital transformation projects, we support Media organisations to optimize the way they capture, manage, store and repurpose media assets, to better capitalize and monetize their content. •Atos provides full integration and automation of a chosen technology starting with content work-flow design into and across the business processes: to produce once, accurately catalogue and then reuse. •The value in a Digital Library is empowering the business to use those assets to their full potential. MediaFacilityCreation •Media Consulting methodology, from visioning through to delivery, to set-up facilities (including MAM) for a major event, modernize existing operations or transform the entire business processes •Business process re-engineering, business transformation and strategic technical consultancy; •Procurement, logistics management, contract and program management; system/ overall solution design and integration; in- house installation •Broadcast Network Control System (BNCS) for broadcast systems management and monitoring. Vertical&ITManaged Services •Enables the media company to focus on its brand and creative value-propositions •Support and maintenance of IT as well as media specific equipment and/or environments. Provision and the operational of horizontal business functions •Manage all the underlying infrastructure and services either hosted traditionally or via cloud- based delivery in Atos Data Centres, or on-premise •Unique references and consolidated expertise
  17. 17. 17 11/12/2013 Global Media PortfolioPartnership eco-system ▶ Strong partners from the USA, Europe and Asia Media Facility Creation Digital Production Production Broadcast Management Play-out and Graphics Digital Delivery Media Asset Management Library Ingest & QC Transcode & Movement Broadcast Management New Media Delivery Interactive TV BNC S Hard/software, process & workflow modelling, Data Mgmt Workflow Tiered Storage Media Glue Media Facility Creation Systems Integrators C O N V I V A Big Data
  18. 18. 18 11/12/2013 Global Media PortfolioSome References in Media Deutschland UK
  19. 19. 19 11/12/2013 Global Media Portfolio Competition landscape Atos differentiators Atos differentiators from the IT global system integrators (HP, IBM, Accenture, CAP, Cognizant, Tata, T-Systems, HCL, Wipro) •Vendor agnostic (vs HP, IBM) •Expertise and capability to understand the core processes of the Media companies •Ability to address both the foundation IT and the vertical media infrastructures •Strong references in broadcast and publishing sectors •European company, no patriot act when addressing Big Data or cloud (vs HP, IBM, Accenture) Atos differentiators from the vertical system integrators (Ericsson/Technicolor, Sony, TDF, etc.) •Ability and expertise to deliver complex integration projects that include both IT and industry specific technologies •HTTS offerings for supporting the needs of the media companies to monetize their contents Atos differentiators from the local system integrators •Scalability •Global coverage •Ability to leverage the experiences done for other customers around the world •Research & Innovation Center focused on New Media for Sports
  20. 20. 12/11/2013 Thank you Atos, the Atos logo, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldline, Atos Sphere, Atos Cloud and Atos WorldGrid are registered trademarks of Atos SE. April 2013. © 2013 Atos. Confidential information owned by Atos, to be used by the recipient only. This document, or any part of it, may not be reproduced, copied, circulated and/or distributed nor quoted without prior written approval from Atos.

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