The Giant Experiences Story


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Our story and vision

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The Giant Experiences Story

  1. 1. Somewhere along life’s path each of us has been Ray was confident he was not alone in his desire. impacted by a person of incredible influence. If Were there other leaders who had reached the not for them, where would we be? In today’s pinnacle and were looking back only to ask, “Is fast-paced world it is easy for this impact to fade this all there is?” Yes, they had made it to the top from our memories. Unintentionally, we begin to of the career ladder, bought the dream home, overlook the influence we can have in the lives drove the best cars and enjoyed a comfortable of those we touch. Nonetheless the truth lifestyle. But surely there was more to life than remains; behind every successful person is a this? Were there other influential leaders who person of powerful influence. couldn’t help but wonder how they might use their success to make a significant difference in Our vision is to awaken leaders to the power of the lives of others? personal influence by taking them on life- changing GiANT Experiences. We have He believed true success included significance. discovered that something happens inside Success without significance was really not leaders when they escape the everyday and are success at all. But success need not be forfeited immersed in high-impact causes with other or exchanged in order to find significance. leaders from around the world. We know, Rather, success could be used as a catalyst for because it has happened to us. significance as leaders used their lives to influence individuals, families, companies, In 2002, GiANT Experiences founder, Ray communities, cultures, nations and the world! Sanders experienced a leader vision trip to There was only one-way to find out if it was true, Malawi, Africa that forever challenged his go for it! worldview and purpose in life. Over the next seven years, he would travel the Like others before him, he was at first somewhat world doing what he could to make a lasting apprehensive about journeying halfway around impact. Then in 2009 he was inspired and the world. But felt certain that if he dared to go, encouraged by family, friends and business he might just make a difference. He was not partners to launch GiANT Experiences in an disappointed. But he was surprised. Not only did effort to multiply the number of leaders he make an impact in the lives of those he met, awakened to a life of success and significance – but they too made a profound difference in his leaders who use their influence to make a life as well. It was an awakening. An awakening difference in the lives of people and causes they to the difference one life can make in the world. touch. Not just overseas but in the lives of those encountered everyday, everywhere. He could not help but dream about what might happen if a group of influential leaders During his African experience Ray reflected on encountered a life-changing experience that his 20-year career as a senior corporate awakened them to the power of personal executive. He observed that leaders learned best influence. How might such an experience from shared experiences. Powerful life-changing change the way leaders view themselves and the principles were caught not taught. Seminars, world? What if leaders became catalysts for books and conferences certainly had there place change? It was in his pursuit of exponential but high-impact memorable experiences brought impact and through his awakening to the power about meaningful and lasting change. GiANT of personal influence that GiANT Experiences Experiences impact lives forever. was born!
  2. 2. GiANT Experiences impact lives. GiANT Experiences at home include: Experiences inspire influential leaders to GO, GIVE & GROW! • Interacting with cause-minded companies We challenge leaders to GO beyond their comfort zone. To get outside their box, experience a diverse • Assisting with hunger and housing needs world and gain a new perspective. It is impossible • Teen and child well-being programs to continue doing things the way we always do them and expect different results. During the vision tour leaders are guided through a personal assessment designed to help them We want leaders to GIVE of themselves by giving determine specific ways in which they will use of their most precious assets, their time and talent. their influence to make a significant difference in And then if the experience so moves them, have the lives of people and causes that they touch. them consider giving of their treasure as well. GiANT Experiences are exclusive to influential Our hope is that leaders will GROW in their leaders and last anywhere from two to eight days influence. That they will influence the lives of those depending on the location. A typical overseas they touch, be influenced by others leaders from experience includes: four days of hands-on work the experience and continue to influence others to with local leaders, two days adventure and two GO, GIVE & GROW days travel. Experiences to South America include: two days of hands-on work with local leaders, one How it Works day of recreation and adventure and one day total for travel. When experiences are provided within Contributors provide initial tax deductable funding the continental United States they normally last two to send groups of influential leaders to high-impact to three days total. causes at home and abroad. Throughout the year leaders reunite at GiANT These leaders are immersed in experiences that events and through the GiANT Experiences online awaken them to the difference they can make in community in order to update others on progress causes and in the lives of others as a person of that has been made. How have their strategies for influence. impact developed and as a result, what lives and causes have been touched? It is also our hope that leaders will pay forward the investment that was made in them by reinvesting in The desired outcome of all GiANT Experiences is additional leaders who then participate in GiANT for leaders to be awakened to the power of Experiences and causes throughout the world. personal influence and for leaders to use their influence to make a difference in the lives of Experiences abroad include: people and causes they touch. • Providing assistance at orphanages GiANT Experiences – impacting lives that impact the world. • Medical distribution programs • Drilling water wells As a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the • Assisting feeding centers purpose of GiANT Experiences is to awaken influential leaders to the difference they can make in • Ventures with aspiring the lives of people and causes as they discover a life entrepreneurs of success and significance. For additional information please contact us at 405-513-5300.
  3. 3. Leadership and Structure Chief Executive Officer: Ray Sanders • 20 years as a senior corporate executive • Served at one of the nation’s most sound financial institutions • Member U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms personnel • Led a large non-profit missions work internationally Background includes business management, public affairs, publishing, marketing, radio, TV, leadership development, world missions and fundraising. Organizational Structure: GiANT Experiences is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on awakening leaders to the power of personal influence through high-impact experiences. As such, contributions may be tax deductable. A for profit entity also exists with a similar name and mission. GiANT Experiences, LLC provides cultural and legacy experiences. GiANT’s Cultural Experiences take groups of leaders on exciting excursions throughout the world as leaders travel off the bet and path on exquisite expeditions and exhilarating cultural adventures. GiANT’s Legacy Experiences are designed for leaders of affluent and influential families who desire to awaken heirs to the family’s vision, purpose and legacy. Wealth and influence are rarely transferred beyond the third generation. If families are not careful heirs soon suffer from afflue-nza. The result is a loss of ambition, creativity and purpose among the next generation. GiANT’s Legacy Experiences are designed to help patriarchs transfer the family legacy and vision to succeeding generations by immersing them in powerful life-changing experiences. GiANT Experiences also provides professional marketing services to organizations on an outsourced basis. GiANT Experiences CEO, Ray Sanders utilizes his 25 years of chief marketing officer expertise to assist clients with their marketing needs. In addition, GiANT Experiences, LLC also markets products developed by causes associated with the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The purpose of the LLC entity is to help offset operating expenses for GiANT Experiences 501(c)(3). Other affiliated GiANT companies include GiANT Partners, GiANT Impact and GiANT Capital.
  4. 4. Scheduled GiANT Experiences 12 Month GOAL: 8 Leader Experiences with 64 leaders Bozeman, Montana Sept. 2009 Dude Ranch Hunger Drive Delhi, India Oct. 2009 Orphanage vision tour & child slum project Sierra Leone, Africa Nov. 2009 Orphanage/Water Puco, Peru Jan. 2010 Water/ Outreach Rwanda, Africa Mar. 2010 Orphanage/Water Atlanta, GA May 2010 Cause Companies Connections Ephesus, Turkey TBA Outreach Canton, China TBA NBA Sports Camps Puco, Peru June 2010 Water/Outreach “We are all haunted with the fear of living lives of insignificance and we all hear the voice telling us we can live the dream. Somehow we all know that to play it safe is to lose the game.” -- Erwin McManus
  5. 5. Exponential Impact An investment in GiANT Experiences is an investment in exponential impact. Contributors provide tax deductable funding to send groups of influential leaders to high-impact causes at home and abroad and to offset recruitment, marketing and leadership costs associated with GiANT Experiences. Pay It Forward Following the GiANT Experiences leaders pay forward the investment that was made in them by reinvesting in additional leaders who then participate in GiANT Experiences and causes throughout the world. The illustration below demonstrates one generation of growth as the orange center group pays forward the investment made in them by helping fund additional leader groups. How to Get Involved: In the early weeks of GiANT Experiences we received an initial gift of $500. In less than one week another $5,000 was received. The following week $50,000 was contributed to the dream. We believe this is not by accident and find it in keeping with the biblical principle of the talents. Inspired by those who have caught the vision, we continue to seek individuals who are passionate about making a difference with their lives by impacting the world. There are two ways to get involved: • We need to identify 64 influential leaders who are willing to GO on a high-impact GiANT Experiences that will change the world. Are you one of the 64? Or, do you know leaders who might be? • While some may not be able to GO physically, they can GO by GIVING. We are seeking investors who desire to use their financial resources to help recruit and send 64 influential leaders on high-impact GiANT Experiences that will change the world. Are you a leader with financial resources that could change the world? Funding of Exponential Impact: • Sustaining Partners: Provide funding to be used as needed to sustain the vision of recruiting and sending leaders to causes throughout the world. Annual Goal: $500,000 • Project Sponsors: Fund special projects. EX: Impure water kills 5,000 children daily. GiANT Experiences’ goal is to save 50,000 children each year. Annual Goal: $500,000 To learn more about GiANT Experiences please contact Ray Sanders at 405-513-5300