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  1. 1. + Welcome to our SEO Presentation Deadly Digital SEO Assignment
  2. 2. + Our Presentation covers What is SEO? How does SEO work? An evaluation of the effectiveness of SEO How does blogging contribute to SEO? Showcase of our Blog Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 2
  3. 3. + What is SEO? Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 3
  4. 4. + What is SEO? the process of making changes to a website to improve it’s natural traffic. Search engines like Google, display sites it believes are relevant to what you search for. They do this by analysing page content based on good quality links a website has. Google searches can be either  Organic or Paid searches Search Engine Optimisation is Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 4
  5. 5. +People search online for… News information, Reviews of products & services, Travel & Entertainment. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment
  6. 6. + Why is SEO important? ‘Organic’ search receives 250% more traffic than ‘paid’ search. 1st page of SE0 results get 80% more clicks. Users rarely click past the 3rd page on Google. The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 6
  7. 7. + What is PageRank? PageRank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page. A websites PageRank can increase by having good quality: - Industry related articles - Blogs - Videos - Social media - And most importantly…Having a good website .Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 7
  8. 8. + What are Paid & Organic searches? Organic search results are free – they are the listings that most closely match the user’s search query. Paid search results are where advertisers pay to have their website display certain keywords. An example of these are 'pay-per-click' ads. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 8
  9. 9. +Here are examples of Paid & Organic searches Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 9
  10. 10. + How does SEO work? Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 10
  11. 11. + • Making websites visible to search engines is crucial in getting web pages indexed. Site Indexation • To get indexed accurately, web pages need to be optimised for the right keywords. Content Optimisatio n • Strong links help search engines find web pages and determine their importance. Link Building Deadly Digital SEO Assignment The 3 Pillars of SEO
  12. 12. + What is Content Optimisation? This is the process of making your website's content more attractive to search engines and users. Several parts of a website can be improved such as keywords, links, title tags and descriptions. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 12
  13. 13. + Example of good title tags Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 13
  14. 14. + Content is king Strong content is vital. If your pages contain relevant content, search engines will rank your page higher. Update content regularly - readers like fresh content. It will encourage more sites to link to your pages, resulting in more traffic and increasing your search engine ranking. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 14
  15. 15. + Why use keywords? Keywords tell search engines what your website does and allows people to find you. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 15
  16. 16. + Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 16 Use keywords your customers would use in their search.
  17. 17. + How to use keywords  Know which keywords people use to find your website.  Research keywords using 'Google Keyword Tool' and 'Allintitle Google Search’.  Google Keyword Tool – is used to identify keywords that you can optimise your website for - this represents 'demand’.  Aim for keywords in excess of 1,000 searches per month. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 17
  18. 18. + ‘Allintitle Google Search’ - determines the level of supply, or competition, for the keywords that you want. This example shows how many sites have optimised the keywords that you want in their title own tag (4,750). By achieving a figure of 5,000 or less, your website could come nearer the top of Google search results. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 18
  19. 19. + Create good in-bound ‘back-links’ In-bound ‘back-links’ are links from 3rd party websites, directing traffic back to your website. Each 'back-link’ is like a vote for your site, indicating you have a quality website. Getting quality links to your website, is the best way to get nearer the top of Google searches. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 19
  20. 20. + An evaluation of the effectiveness of SEO Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 20
  21. 21. + Effectiveness of SEO SEO is a long-term plan. When SEO works well, it will cement your website to the top of searches, as shown in the ‘Butlers Chocolates’ example below. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 21
  22. 22. + Where your website ranks on search engine results, is a very important factor in SEO. This comes down to 1. Quality of your content. 2. How quickly your website loads. 3. Quality of links. 4. Tracking of leads conversion rates and ease of transactions. By following the above, it will make it easier to stay at the top of search levels. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 22
  23. 23. + SEO can be evaluated through the more time visitors spend on your site and bounce rate – as this shows how visitors interact with content on specific web pages. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 23
  24. 24. + Campaigns and website traffic can be monitored using 'Google Webmasters' free tool to: Check the amount of traffic coming into websites. Bounce rate of traffic. Where traffic is coming from. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 24
  25. 25. + How does blogging contribute to SEO? Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 25
  26. 26. +  New blog posts are like new web pages – they can appear in Google searches.  Blogging adds value to websites and shows search engines that a website is active.  Quality and quantity are important - they help with visitor retention, traffic generation, link building and search engine visibility.  Using social media platforms can increase SEO rankings and encourage sharing by adding social media sharing buttons to blogs. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 26
  27. 27. + Get blogs to rank high on SEO through  Creating eye-catching titles and unique content that hold the reader’s interest.  Picking relevant keywords that help people find your site.  Linking to quality sites that compliment your website.  Using keywords in the title, headings and links. Keywords can be used througout your blog, but only in natural flow of words. CONCLUSION: While this is by no means a definitive guide to SEO, we hope it provided some information on what SEO is and how it can help websites get nearer to Page 1 on search engines like Google. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 27
  28. 28. + Showcase of our Blog Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 28
  29. 29. + Welcome to Deadly Digital's Wordpress blog Our blog is aimed at people who are new to social media or just want some practical help on setting up social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We set up a Facebook and Twitter account to dish out more humours social media tips and stories. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 29
  30. 30. + Some screen shots of ‘what our blog is about’ and ‘who we are’. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 30
  31. 31. + Rachel’s blogs Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 31
  32. 32. + Steve’s blogs Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 32
  33. 33. + Patrick’s blogs Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 33
  34. 34. + Our Facebook & Twitter pages Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 34
  35. 35. + Connecting with people.. Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 35
  36. 36. + The end, thanks for your time  Deadly Digital SEO Assignment 36