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What Women Want (Hint: It’s Not Hello Kitty)


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Charlotte Wilkinson, Founder of Hello Sister, Singapore, shares why it's important for brands to understand and support women, particularly as more and more female consumers control the household decision making process, and a 1/3 of the global economy. Charlotte also shares the results of her research when it comes to women and their thoughts on branding and advertising.

This presentation forms part of the online Festival of NewMR webinar series. Presented by Charlotte Wilkinson from Hello Sister.

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What Women Want (Hint: It’s Not Hello Kitty)

  1. 1. The Festival of NewMR, March 2020 The Festival of NewMR, March 2020 WHAT WOMEN WANT (Hint: It's Not Hello Kitty) Charlotte Wilkinson Hello Sister
  2. 2. The Festival of NewMR, March 2020 Sponsors Gold Silver
  3. 3. WHAT WOMEN WANT (Hint: It's Not Hello Kitty)
  4. 4. FAST FEMALE FACTS: •  The Female Economy is now worth US$28 Trillion – that’s bigger than the combined wealth of China and India, which means we control 1/3 of the global economy •  In Asia women make 90% of household decisions across most categories •  Over 70% of women in SEA feel that they have more financial independence than even 10 years ago so we are experiencing seismic shifts •  Women are becoming more and more educated, globally, in 2016 72% graduates were female
  5. 5. HOWEVER…… 76% don’t believe or trust most advertising they see or hear 84% feel brands don’t understand them as a woman Source: Hello Sister survey N-5425 Women across SEA 75% would switch brands if they felt that a brand didn’t treat or show women fairly 68% say that a women’s focused brand has made them feel bad about themselves
  7. 7. “ JUST BECAUSE I’M A MOTHER DOESN’T MEAN MOTHERHOOD IS EVERYTHING I THINK OF ALL THE HOURS IN THE DAY” - Mum Manila 70% feel brands talk to them about only one thing and ignore the rest of their life
  8. 8. SO WHERE CAN INSIGHT HELP? WOMEN ARE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SO WE NEED MULTI DIMENSIONAL APPROACHES Don’t talk to her from a one dimensional perspective or viewpoint – she may be a mother, beauty lover or business woman but she plays many roles all of which influence her role as another “I run a $5 Million business but they are talking to me about smart saving as a mother?! “ SME owner and mother - Singapore INFORMAL FGD’s IN HOME DI’s DIARIES SOCIAL MEDIA TRAWLS SHOPALONGS PRE - TASKS COMMUNITIES
  9. 9. “ I’M NOT JUST A CUSTOMER I CONSIDER MYSELF AN INFLUENCER TOO – I BLOG AND PROMOTE BRANDS I LIKE” - 35 Year old Singapore 52% are posting content 2-3 times a week 73% rely on blogs and influencers for trusted information about new products and brands OVER advertising
  10. 10. WHEN INFLUENCERS ARE TRUSTED MORE THAN BRANDS WE SHOULD BE INVOLVING DECISION INFLUENCERS AND COMMUNITY KOL’S AS PART OF THE INSIGHT PROCESS Whether we like it or not women trust influencers more than they trust brands these days, so tapping into info sources is key to understanding journey touchpoints and decision making Women on average in the region have 24 ‘close’ friends they share all opinions with, and an average social media reach of over 400+ people OPINION FORMERS INFLUENCERS INSIGHT ONLINE FORUMS CLOSED NETWORKS CO- CREATION RESPONDENTS AS RESEARCHERS
  12. 12. THERE ARE SOME CONSISTENCIES: Women are twice as likely to complain about service than Men – ( imagine call centre terror and fury) 85% of women would buy products that deliver a purpose which fits their values Women are more sensory and visually led than men when decision making CS SOLUTIONS NEED TO BE MORE FEMALE ORIENTED PURPOSE IS IMPORTANT BUT IT NEEDS TO BE AUTHENTIC STRIKING THE BALANCE OF OMNICHANNEL IS KEY
  13. 13. THERE ARE SOME CONSISTENCIES : Women seek approval of others, so communities and collective thinking is important Storytelling is the most powerful connection for women Un-stereotyping there is a rejection of traditional roles COLLECTIVE POWERS ARE STRONG – MAKING OR BREAKING BRANDS AND CAUSES THIS NEEDS TO APPLY TO INSIGHT STORIES TOO COMMS NEED TO REFLECT NEW REALITIES
  14. 14. WE SHOP DIFFERENTLY: Women are more likely to shop around for a bargain ( good value not necessarily cheap) Despite its advantages women are significantly more likely to be dissatisfied with online shopping than men We demand more dialogue yet don’t want to be sold to DEMONSTRATING VALUE BEYOND PRICE BLEND OF ONLINE AND OFFLINE RETAIL EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED BRAND COMMS NEED TO ADD VALUE AND NOT ALWAYS SELL TO HER
  15. 15. WOMEN AS A COLLECTIVE ARE SHAPING BUSINESS TRANSPARENCY CONCERN FOR KIDS FUTURE DON’T TRUST ADVERTISING 88% want and expect transparency from brands and business 95% are concerned enough to feel they need to change behaviours 76% don’t believe or trust most advertising they see or hear Source: Hello Sister survey N-5425 Women across SEA SUSTAINABILITY 72% want to improve the world around them
  16. 16. BRANDS WHO SUPPORT WOMEN WILL SUCCEED: •  Gender Equality within businesses is proven to drive growth and profit •  The rise of #Femecomony, #financialfeminism #metoo etc has also alerted savvy brands to the need to be more transparent with women •  We as consumers also skew preference to brands who are strong for women or women led •  79% would try your product or service if positive towards women •  80% would solidify their brand loyalty if they felt they were fair to women •  51% would give a company a second chance if a product or service missed the mark the first time. Source: Hello Sister survey N-5425 Women across SEA
  17. 17. The Festival of NewMR, March 2020 Q & A Sue York NewMR Charlotte Wilkinson Hello Sister
  18. 18. The Festival of NewMR, March 2020 Sponsors Gold Silver