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Raising the Bar for Online Focus Groups

Presented by Patrice Wooldridge, MBA, President, Wooldridge Associates

NewMR Event: Qualitative Research in 2021

Presentation Description
Online video focus groups have been around for about 20 years. As an early adopter, I have been conducting them for over 15 years. But in the last year almost all focus groups have had to move to online services. So let’s talk about what services are available and best practices of holding discussions online to help make the experience feel and look more alive (like how you can do a product sort or show participants what items look like on a mobile screen while broadcasting on a separate device). It’s time to break out of the square boxes!

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Raising the Bar for Online Focus Groups

  1. 1. Breaking out of the Box of Online Focus Groups Webinar 24 March 2021 Patrice Wooldridge Wooldridge Associates Inc
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  3. 3. 5415 N. Sheridan Rd. #4205 Chicago, IL 60640 Twitter: @PatriceWA Phone: 01-773-769-0993 Breaking out of the Box of Online Focus Groups
  4. 4. Online Video Groups have been around over 20 years 4
  5. 5. Everyone is basically using the same box format 5 Goals of this talk 1 Examine some basics to consider when you are hosting a video conference 2. Look at how you might decide between the video app to use what is best for your purpose 3. Consider ways to break out of this box
  6. 6. Let’s start with the basics you need to consider 6 The Basics 1. Security 2. Consistent quality of audio and video 3. Ease for participants to download and use the app 4. A variety of features like recording, screen share, etc. 5. Ability for clients to participate Keep in Mind: 1. Check your internet speed 2. Turn off as many apps/close windows on your device as possible 3. Always has a back up host/interviewer 4. Consider the time of day and year
  7. 7. What app to use – let’s just consider 2: 7 Differences 1. Zoom is cheaper to rent to use vs. Adobe Connect 2. MANY people have already downloaded and used Zoom so this platform is more familiar 3. But Adobe offers more flexibility in how you as the host/moderator set up what you want to show 4. Yet Zoom offers a variety of features that are easy for anyone to use (you don’t need tech support)
  8. 8. How Are Clients Included? 8 Participants question who is there when the # doesn’t match the pictures on the screen! And there is no easy way for clients to chat - Keeps the list of clients in a separate window - Allows you to set up a “pod” where the clients can chat - You can add a pod to sent notes to the moderator
  9. 9. Consider using a large screen and/or even 2 screens! 9 Zoom is constantly adding more features!
  10. 10. Features to consider 10 For Today: Whiteboard Break out rooms Additional cameras Let’s start with Whiteboards
  11. 11. Consider Breakout rooms during a group discussion 11 Zoom makes it easy to set up breakout sessions.
  12. 12. Break out of the single camera mode!! 12 We can use apps like Overview to show only what your phone’s camera sees.
  13. 13. But the sky is the limit in where and what video cameras you might use! 13 Or, set up another fixed camera to enter the room so that you can do picture or product sorts
  14. 14. Break out of the box and enjoy the adventure! Twitter: @PatriceWA
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  16. 16. Q & A Patrice Wooldridge Wooldridge Associates Inc Ray Poynter NewMR