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NewMR 2019 - No fake news, how Coca-Cola created one source of truth


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With the introduction of visualization and socialization tools over the last decade and an increased appetite for different reporting options, Coca-Cola and Infotools created a data-sharing framework to feed both internal and external reporting platforms.

NewMR Webinar, 27 June 2019, presented by Horst Feldhaeuser, Infotools.

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NewMR 2019 - No fake news, how Coca-Cola created one source of truth

  1. 1. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH No Fake News: How Coca-Cola created ONE source of truth All time, every time NewMR June 2019 Horst Feldhaeuser, Infotools @nzfeldi June 2019
  2. 2. #NewMR Sponsors June 2019 Communication Gold Silver
  4. 4. THE BIG IDEA: A COMMON INFORMATION PLATFORM FOR THE SYSTEM Our Bottling Partners TCCC 3rd Party Data Public Data The Coca-Cola Ready-To-Drink Data Lake Scalable, Secure, Single Source of Truth
  5. 5. SETTING THE SCENE FOR GLOBAL DECISION SCIENCE & ANALYTICS (GDSA) 300+ brands 100+ countries 75+ agencies 10+ Global MR protocols Any big task if you look at the grand picture…it seems to big to accomplish, so just watch the footstep in front of you… And that’s what I do; try and win little battles every day. Forrest Griffin
  6. 6. FOCUS ON DIFFERENT DATA & INSIGHTS TYPES FIRST Enhanced & Integrated System Digital & social Research Tracking Comms & MMM testing IMC & commercial Execution tracking Big data analysis 1 2 3 4 5
  7. 7. NOT ALL DATA SOURCES ARE EQUAL Survey Data Harmonization from one source is key when looking across different data sets and/or surveys Survey Data Complexity drives Coca-Cola’s decision making Survey Data Access needs to be made easy and intuitive Survey Data Quality & Integrity must be non-negotiable (no matter where the data comes from)
  8. 8. DATA HARMONIZATION Clean data from agencies Coca-Cola Dictionary / Master code- frame Harmonization / constructions / labeling Sampling & weighting rules Quality Control & Quality Assurance Data Transfer
  9. 9. COCA-COLA & INFOTOOLS DATABASE PARTNERS FOR CLOSE TO 20 YEARS Harmonizing local & global databases since 2001 Protocol Custodian since 2006
  10. 10. FEEDING INTERNAL & EXTERNAL REPORTS SINCE 2009 Coca-Cola Europe flat files 2009 Coca-Cola Europe reporting systems 2011 Global tracking reporting & dashboards T32 markets 2015 Tracking expansion to T40 markets T40 CBL 2018 Latin Center API 2019 Holistic People Understanding Engine 2020
  11. 11. DATA TRANSFERS & DATA STAKEHOLDERS CCV & CCV Harmoni databases DATA TRANSFER OPTIONS DATA USERS / STAKEHOLDERS / REPORTS Via API to Azure BLOB storage Server Sav files COMPASS reports (internal) Factbook (internal) Global & local agencies (WNS, Brandscape, Kantar, Ipsos, Infotools Plus) Global dashboards (Infotools, AQ) Analytical libraries (BGS, Market Logic)
  12. 12. CONTINUOUS REVIEW Equity pilots Full brand tracking pilots Incidence/ consumption pilots Mobile only DATA COLLECTION METHODOLOGIES EXISTING PROTOCOLS
  13. 13. ONE-STOP SURVEY DATA INTEGRATION SURVEY DATA OTHER DATA DATA LAKE Kantar, Ipsos, Burke, Nielsen etc. BGS, CBL, IMC, SONAR, MOTOR etc. Survey 2.0 For MR specialists Sales Search Trends Social Telemetry Location Analytical Engine Holistic People Understanding
  14. 14. DRIVING GROWTH OUTCOMES Consumer Centric Brands System Investment Pervasive Distribution Shared Value Analytical Engine Holistic People Understanding
  15. 15. One single source of data truth is crucial Survey / MR data is different Integrate appropriate bite size pieces into your insights engine
  16. 16. THANK YOU ! No Fake News: How Coca-Cola created ONE source of truth All time, every time NewMR June 2019 Horst Feldhaeuser, Infotools @nzfeldi
  17. 17. Q & A Ray Poynter Horst Feldhaeuser June 2019
  18. 18. #NewMR Sponsors June 2019 Communication Gold Silver