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New Paradigms for Finding Insights

Discussion between Ray Poynter & Sue York from NewMR, and Geoff Lowe from Infotools.

Traditional methods of analysing data are beginning to fall short of the mark, as we enter a world where the assumptions of randomly collected, normally distributed, complete data are no longer valid. Join Geoff and Ray as they discuss some of the newer paradigms such as Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning, and Augmented Intelligence.

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New Paradigms for Finding Insights

  1. 1. New Paradigms for Finding Insights Geoff Lowe & Ray Poynter interviewed by Sue York
  2. 2. In Discussion Sue York NewMR ADD GEOFF PHOTO HERE Geoff Lowe Infotools Ray Poynter PotenEate New Paradigms for Finding Insights – November 2019