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Making Experience Text Analytics Actionable: The Human/A.I. Balance


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If you’re not analyzing your customer speech and text, you’re getting an incomplete picture which could be misleading your decisions.
Furthermore, discovering the top topics from unstructured data is certainly important, but has anyone noticed that top topics alone are not actionable?
It takes strong human intervention to align text topic categories to your business decision areas. Additionally, a great text analysis should be living/breathing–ensuring it stays relevant as your business and markets change.
In this presentation, we’ll help you understand what steps you need to take to make your text analytics truly actionable according to your own stakeholders.

This presentation forms part of the online Festival of NewMR webinar series. Presented by Alison Bushell and Jason Bryce from Confirmit.

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Making Experience Text Analytics Actionable: The Human/A.I. Balance

  1. 1. Making Experience Text Analytics Actionable: The Human/A.I. Balance Alison Bushell & Jason Bryce Confirmit The Festival of NewMR, March 2020
  2. 2. Sponsors Gold Silver The Festival of NewMR, March 2020
  3. 3. Alison R. Bushell | Director, Analytics Jason Bryce | Sr. Analytics Consultant March 17, 2020 Making Experience Text Analytics Actionable: The Human/AI Balance
  4. 4. §  Structured v unstructured data §  Where is this free-form text data held? §  Organizations are holding over 100 terabytes of unstructured data! Data Overload
  5. 5. Key Ingredients Categorization Sentiment +
  6. 6. Text Analytics “Tried ordering on your website it wouldn’t accept the offer code which was frustrating enough, then I called and spoke to your agent Julie who was very pleasant and professional but could not fix the problem either. Not impressed.” Order Web Site Staff Sentiment Not impressed frustrating very pleasant professional ordering offer your website your agent code
  7. 7. §  Categorizing your data can be a daunting task §  Organizations are turning to AI powered technologies to speed up the process §  AI isn’t a solution on its own Getting to Grips with Your Data
  8. 8. AI or Human? Approaches Advantages Disadvantages A.I. (automated) §  Saves time §  May identify previously unknown topics §  Low Precision §  Not actionable/not business-aligned §  Not easy to explain nor troubleshoot Rule-based (human) §  High Precision §  Actionable/business-aligned §  Easy to explain and troubleshoot §  Requires human expertise §  Not as quick §  Risk of Overfitting Hybrid Maximizes advantages and minimizes disadvantages
  9. 9. A.I. + Human Categorization Modelling
  10. 10. Getting Emotional – Categorization Model Awareness Purchase Service Claim Renew
  11. 11. 7 steps for you to take away and think about for your text analytics programs Your Checklist for Success
  12. 12. Key Points: §  Hard lessons are expensive §  Competencies are available to help you succeed 1. Don't Reinvent the Wheel ¨  Read up on it (thoroughly) ¨  Talk to experts ¨  Get help
  13. 13. 2. Do Your Due Diligence ¨  Meet with stakeholders and understand their needs ¨  Get buy-in ¨  Plan forward. Manage backward. ¨  Understand your data and where it's coming from ¨  Understand what A.I. can and cannot do What to Understand: §  Journey maps §  Org charts §  Strategic and operational plans §  KPIs and company metrics §  Pain points §  Initiatives §  Corporate goals/mission/vision §  What executives are on the hook for §  More…
  14. 14. Newsletter Blog Inserts Social Media Text Alerts E-mails 3. Draft a Framework Examples Operational Strategic Customer Journey Product Dining Staff Payment Communications Retention Niche Targets Marketing Pricing Innovation J1 Awareness J2 Onboarding J3 Servicing J4 Claims J5 Renewals Interactions Products Services Processes Documentation Etc. Loyalty Brand Love Recommending Suggestions Year 2+ benefits Etc.
  15. 15. 4. Make the Most of AI Topic Extraction Guide Refine Solo (Unguided) Tell it what specific topics or concepts to build around Use Boolean to add, remove or combine topics
  16. 16. 5. Audit & Test ¨  Scrutinize uncategorized bucket ¨  Audit ¨  Meet with stakeholders again after results are available ¨  Are the categories working? ¨  Are results too detailed, not detailed enough? Test Audit
  17. 17. 6. Reporting & Action Reporting: ¨  Metadata background ¨  Impact Analysis ¨  Emerging Trends ¨  Root Cause ¨  Segmentation ¨  Data Source Differences Action: ¨  Real-Time Alerting ¨  Tactical Action ¨  Strategic Action
  18. 18. 7. Maintain & Update Maintain and Update
  19. 19. Thank You | Director, Analytics | Sr. Analytics Consultant
  20. 20. Q & A The Festival of NewMR, March 2020 Ray Poynter NewMR Alison Bushell Confirmit Jason Bryce Confirmit
  21. 21. Sponsors Gold Silver The Festival of NewMR, March 2020