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Futuring Friday – Atlantic Session - Festival of NewMR 2020

We have modified the focus of our Futuring Friday session, instead of tackling a range of research techniques, we will focus on the impacts of the COVID 19 Pandemic on Insights.

The panel:

- Melanie Courtright, Chief Executive Officer, Insights Association
- Lenny Murphy, GreenBook
- Kristin Luck, Managing Partner, ScaleHouse
- Lucy Davison, Keen as Mustard
- Ray Poynter, NewMR and Potentiate

This presentation forms part of the online Festival of NewMR webinar series.

The recording of this presentation can be found via the NewMR YouTube channel here:

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Futuring Friday – Atlantic Session - Festival of NewMR 2020

  1. 1. Ray Poynter NewMR Melanie Courtright Insights Association Lenny Murphy GreenBook Kristin Luck ScaleHouse Lucy Davison Keen as Mustard
  2. 2. Sponsors Gold Silver The Festival of NewMR, March 2020
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