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Finding and crafting compelling data stories (fast)

Presented by Tim Bock, CEO, Displayr.

Being able to tell a good data story isn’t just nice; it’s necessity.
Do you struggle to work out which results are interesting and which to leave out? Are you ever guilty of presenting data-dump-style reports filled with ‘just in case’ insights?

Join us for a 20-minute webinar, where Tim Bock will show you the essential techniques for identifying the most useful results in your survey data. And how to craft them into a compelling story, making it easy for your audience to understand and take action.

Access the recording for this presentation via the NewMR Play Again page here:

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Finding and crafting compelling data stories (fast)

  1. 1. Finding and crafting compelling data stories (fast) Tim Bock, CEO, Displayr Festival of NewMR April 2021 Note, there were no slides for this presentation as it was delivered interactively using Displayr
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  3. 3. Q & A Tim Bock Displayr Sue York The Research Society