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Digital Marketing for 2020: Letting Consumer Needs Drive Personalization

Marketers are turning to digital micro-targeting to reach consumers with personalized messages – but are they breaking through the clutter? Marketers may know who their consumers are and what activities they engage in, but do they know what drives their behavior?
We will discuss an approach that leverages segmentation for enhanced digital micro-targeting. How? By enriching the behavioral data marketers typically use for micro-targeting (what people do) with their underlying needs and motivations (why they do it). By linking behavioral data from databases to survey data about needs and motivations, the approach lets marketers develop more needs-based messages, optimize reach, and anticipate responses to new communication.

This presentation forms part of the online Festival of NewMR webinar series. Presented by Ben Joosen from Ipsos.

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Digital Marketing for 2020: Letting Consumer Needs Drive Personalization

  1. 1. Digital Marketing for 2020: Letting Consumer Needs Drive Personalization Ben Joosen Ipsos The Festival of NewMR, March 2020
  2. 2. Sponsors Gold Silver The Festival of NewMR, March 2020
  3. 3. March 17, 2020 LETTING CONSUMER NEEDS DRIVE PERSONALIZATION Ben Joosen Global Solutions Leader, Ipsos © Ipsos 2020
  4. 4. Digital marketing is on the rise…but breaking through the clutter is difficult . 4 ‒ Apart from behavior Start focusing on needs
  5. 5. 5 ‒ Micro-targeting is about personalized ads
  6. 6. 6 ‒ Micro-targeting also covers personalized newsfeeds
  7. 7. Consumer targets & brand platforms based on survey Media planning & personalized activation 4 Tribe formation based on social data 21 7 ‒ The typical digital targeting process consists of several consecutive stages Development of tailored communication 3 …usually managed by different suppliers, each with their own process and budgets.
  8. 8. A typical process involves re-creating the segments Takes a short survey using typing tool Gets allocated into a consumer segment Message Content Offering Design Journey PHASE 1 Survey-based segmentation PHASE 2 Re-run segmentation on database Visit website Receives email Recruitment Segmentation Algorithm PHASE 3 – Adapt content & plan media Data base/DMP 8 ‒
  9. 9. We can help clients efficiently connect brand positioning targets with media planning 9 ‒
  10. 10. We have piloted our approach with clients in different sectors 10 ‒ Lighting Infant Nutrition Personal CareHealthcare Mobile GamesTV & Radio
  11. 11. Our approach requires doing things differently 11 ‒ Different Team Different Process Different Delivery
  12. 12. •  CMI •  Marketing •  Sales •  Coms •  Data specialists •  Media Agency •  Foundational research •  Qualitative research •  Shopper Research •  Social intelligence •  Audience measurement •  Ad research •  Analytics •  Advisory/consulting We create a different team so we can engage differently A network of advisory, research and activation specialists 12 ‒ CLIENT SIDE SUPPLIER SIDE DifferentTeam
  13. 13. Bringing in digital expertise is critical to ensure actionability of the segmentation 13 ‒ DifferentTeam What database to link to? What is the database about? Who will create the link? How will the link be created?
  14. 14. We use a different process that combines three types of information… HOW: Behavioral, passive data describing real life repertoire of people to find the key ways to reach out to the targets (DMP BASED) DMP BASED BEHAVIORAL HOW METAPHORS WHY WHY: People-centric approach using implicit METAPHORS that follow natural conversations to capture consumer needs SOCIO-DEMO BEHAVIORS WHO & WHATWHO & WHAT: SOCIO-DEMO and BEHAVIORS to collect targetable, concrete variables aligned with information available in databases …TO LATER LINK SURVEY BASED SEGMENTS WITH DIGITAL DATA IT STARTS FROM SURVEY… 14 ‒ Different Process
  15. 15. Targeted segmentation to create distinctive segments Multivariate modeling SURVEY DATA …“Soft” but critical category related attitudes, perceptions, needs and preferences, and… …more tangible and targetable characteristics (like demographics, usage behavior, etc.) Segment A Segment DSegment B Segment C Create Segments & Profiles WHY: Needs & motivations WHAT: Category choices WHO: Demographics 15 ‒ Different Process
  16. 16. Next we connect our segments with the database through aggregate ‘Look a-Like’ modeling SURVEY based Segment A Male Age 18-24 Likes Apple Products Likes watersports Synthesio / DMP Targeted audience Male Age 18-24 Likes Apple Products Likes watersports Quick energy Healthy, natural ingredients For on the go Low calorie ….. 16 ‒ Different Process
  17. 17. 17 ‒ Report Workshop Activation Different Delivery
  18. 18. Builds audiences based on known traits / interests / variables Aggregate level linkage: how it works Client’s media agency tells us they can create audiences on: 1 We list the variables that are most likely to define this target: 2 Universe of variables that DMP/ data base is currently using Target specific variables to build the segments within data platform In Adobe/FB/Google 360 these variables can be used for targeting 3 Activation within data platform 18 ‒ Father’s Age Childs Age Dietery Sports Political Concerns Health Travel Nutrition … Fathers aged 18-34 Children under 1yr Vegetarian / Vegan Environment Health Cooking Sports Fathers aged18-34 Children under 1yr Vegetarian / Vegan Environment: recycling, agriculture, up cycling Health; yoga, vitamins, … Cooking, oriental, asian, … Sports: football, UEFA Champion League. Tennis, US open, … Different Delivery
  19. 19. PERSONALISED MESSAGES MEDIA PLANNING ROI TRACK & EVOLVE §  Allocate people in other data files, DMPs or DSPs to be classified into one of the identified segments §  Media / ad agency applies media selectively and personalized §  Track performance §  Over time: further optimize media planning §  Continuously update the targets §  Create specific content and messages per narrowly defined target §  Understand responses to these personalized communications through the lens of the key segments §  Optimize communication and anticipate response Create and test communication Send tailored message via personalized channels Refine segments, messages & channels Activation: key opportunities 19 ‒ Creating business impact Different Delivery
  20. 20. Micro-targeting integrates survey data with databases so marketers can… § Link brand management with media /communications § Operate efficiently and effectively § Improve ROI 20 ‒
  21. 21. THANK YOU 21 ‒ © Ipsos 2020
  22. 22. Q & A Ray Poynter NewMR Ben Joosen Ipsos The Festival of NewMR, March 2020
  23. 23. Sponsors Gold Silver The Festival of NewMR, March 2020