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My proposal to a new commercial for cadbury's...

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Cadburys Presentation - Media

  1. 1. How Much Do you Enjoy Dairy Milk? On a scale of 1 to 10 …
  2. 2. Nikki Soetan 2 Female Lucy Bennett 1 Female 5 Gavin Kirkwood Male 4 Jacq Cox Male According to the survey, it seemed that more female audiences responded well to this question rather then the male audiences… An Example above ^
  3. 3. What Do you Like Best About Dairy Milk?
  4. 4. Tom Dillon McEvoy Age: 19 Gender: Male Mainly its texture, its not bland but at the same time its not too overbearing. I guess, I like the simplicity… Aswathy Mohanlal Age: 18 Gender: Female Amazing taste, when you get bored of the normal one (though a classic), the nuts and fruit gives you an option. also they falsely make you believe you're being healthy by eating it.
  5. 5. Gavin Kirkwood Age: 16 Gender: Male Tastes okay their old adverts were good but Kraft has made their ads rubbish… Lucy Bennett Age: 16 Gender: Female The taste, the color of the packaging and the actual chocolate, the adverts are catchy too!
  6. 6. What would you expect from a Cadbury's Commercial?
  7. 7. Amber Rowe, 19, Female Natalie Mirza, 16, Female For them to have some kind of pattern on their chocolate like their packaging… I think as long as they advertise the product to the extent that the consumer actually knows what they are buying then its fine. Of course humor is good in adverts though.
  8. 8. Tap Dancing Cow – Commercial 1
  9. 9. One Chunk – Commercial 2
  10. 10. Gorilla Commercial – Commercial 3
  11. 11. Cadburys Eyebrows – Commercial 4
  12. 12. Spots Vs. Stripes – Commercial 5
  13. 13. Product History Dairy Milk is a brand of chocolate bar produced by Cadbury (except for the United States where the product is marketed by The Hershey Company) and sold in several countries around the world. It first went on sale in the United Kingdom in 1905. In 1824, John Cadbury began vending tea, coffee and later chocolate in Birmingham… The company was known as "Cadbury Brothers Limited". After John Cadbury's retirement, his sons, Richard and George, opened a major factory in the purpose-built suburb of Bournville After World War I, Cadbury Brothers Limited undertook a financial merger with J.S. Fry & Sons Limited. In 1969, it merged with Schweppes In 2009, Cadbury Trebor Bassett was renamed Cadbury UK and in early 2010 was taken over by American giant Kraft. A new chain of Cadbury Cocoa House…
  14. 14. SWOT Analysis Strengths: Cadbury’s have created an advertisement that interacts with their audiences using the Spots Vs. Stripes scheme… This attracts more audiences to get involved! They have also got a wide range of products under their brand… Weaknesses: Cadbury’s chocolate has been noticed to not being able to melt, if you want to melt it, it will burn, this may make their followers buy another brand… Opportunities: Cadburys are now under a massive American company called Kraft, this may give Cadbury’s more of a wider audience.. Threats: Cadbury’s have a lot of competitors including Masterfoods.. E.g: galaxy, mars etc
  15. 15. IDEA 1 Flashmob in the City! Cadburys are full of humor and happiness, and it would be great if we could organize a dance in the city at a random time on a dull day! The story would be that a member of the Flashmob group would eat a dairy milk and at the point eat bites it everyone will start to dance!!