Business Presentation 2010


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Business Presentation 2010

  1. 1. Business Support / Dining and Meeting Services Overview Raymond R. Davidson
  2. 2. Executive Summary Delivering management expertise to a diverse range of Corporate Services functions: Multimedia; Computer Graphics; Business Information Research; Mail/Print; Executive/ Employee Dining; Meeting/General Services Proven leader in building world class teams across countries and cultures Centralizing processes - maximizing efficiencies and cost saves In-depth knowledge of office build-outs across Asia-Pacific Day-to-day management of in-house, outsource and offshore platforms Strategizing support to businesses and Firm to obtain critical goals Strong focus on cost saves as regional ELO for Mail/Print - US$8mm Consistently bettered yearly save targets of US$0.5mm Experienced in compiling and presenting business plans and budgets to a global audience
  3. 3. Structure - Asia-Pacific Over 100 staff throughout the region Supporting 17 offices in 9 countries Main support hubs - Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai Management of FTE, direct temp and outsource support staff Outsourced services included Mail/Print and Computer Graphics Use of service provider in India and Manila for Computer Graphics and Business Information Research Reporting locally to Corporate Services manager and globally to 6 New York business managers
  4. 4. Services in detail - Multimedia
  5. 5. Multimedia - Functions From design through build-out, commissioning and operation of complex audio/visual rooms. Management expertise in the following: EVENT PRODUCTION AND ENGINEERING Global Video Conference Volumes Telepresence support including bridging 3,000 In-house and offsite event technical support 2,250 Control room operations Conference room operations and maintenance 1,500 Engineering design, installation, commission and testing 750 WEBCAST AND VIDEO PRODUCTION 0 Webcast project management Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Encoding, packaging and media production Asia US Europe Mumbai Equities daily morning meeting production Streaming media content Broadcast studio operation, maintenance and engineering Live video transmission Video shooting and production Post production and editing MANAGING MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS THROUGH THE NETWORK Involved in the forefront of remote video conference support - activating and operating AV rooms globally from local control room computers
  6. 6. Multimedia - Asia Innovations Remote video conference control system breakthrough in 2004 is still being promoted by our AV consultant globally (see below) This has enabled Multimedia staff remote access to all VC rooms globally, activating the meeting rooms control panel remotely from control room PC via the web browser. In-room VC camera can act as a real time video monitor. Connecting a VC, adjusting lights and window blinds can all be done remotely
  7. 7. Services in detail - Computer Graphics / Business Information Research
  8. 8. Computer Graphics A TRULY GLOBAL OPERATION EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT THROUGH CENTRALIZING, OUTSOURCING AND OFFSHORING PROCESSES Building presentation support teams throughout Asia-Pacific and Europe In-house graphics/presentation support centers Outsource and offshore platforms Leveraging off global resources to create efficiencies and cost saves Automation of processes Strategic streamlining of functions Working with Compliance - mitigating risk in center processes FUNCTIONS Pitchbooks Presentation materials for large Events and Roadshow conferences Research materials Design and development of templates (powerpoint/word) Digital logo creation and centralized storage On-site technical support for internal and external conferences COST SAVES - MODELS ADOPTED Leverage offshore platforms reducing on-shore costs 24 hour service leveraging off other centers globally CORPORATE BRANDING AND QUALITY ASSURANCE Standardized reporting and tracking globally including billable hours Conduct training sessions on automated templates – branding styles, automated excel functions
  9. 9. Business Information Research A TRULY GLOBAL OPERATION WIDE RANGE OF DEDICATED RESEARCH RESOURCES AND TOOLS Management of in-house and offshore platforms Researchers throughout Asia-Pacific Offering centralized research capabilities including: Comprehensive Company Research PIBs Company Profile Information Daily news run collation and distribution Leveraging off a host of databases including SDC/Thomson, Dealogic, Factset, Factiva plus local news sources Managing global work queues using customized software Researchers globally can pick-up work from “Tracker” system Major clients include Banking, Strategy and Equities Database and NRTD upkeep Responsible for records management - records retention schedules, offsite storage COST SAVES - MODELS ADOPTED Leverage offshore platforms reducing on-shore costs 24 hour service leveraging off other centers globally CORPORATE BRANDING AND QUALITY ASSURANCE Standardized reporting and tracking globally Conduct training sessions on services to new starters plus new databases to users
  10. 10. Services in detail - Mail / Print
  11. 11. Centralized Print and Distribution CENTRALIZATION OF MAIL DISTRIBUTION AND PRINT PRODUCTION SERVICES In-house and outsource teams throughout Asia-Pacific Strategic deployment of floor print devices maximizing latest technologies, leading to greater efficiencies, cost and energy saves Design layout, build and operation of Mail/Print centers Management of RFP processes for both Mail and Print services Risk management Print production - high volume, quick turnaround materials Wide range of binding formats Fleet management of copiers and printers In-take and distribution of all mail - Post Office, local and international couriers Security scanning of all mail entering the Firm Scanning services Sourcing best solutions for mail delivery to secondary sites Standardized reporting and tracking metrics globally Analysis and reporting of print spend for each business unit Preparation of budgets and financial reporting Owner of US$8mm yearly Mail/Print budget - research printing consolidation and automation of statements Introducing environmental opportunities when making economic and business sense COST SAVES - MODELS ADOPTED Leverage off vendor buying power throughout the region – cost saves on volume in equipment and consumables Print strategy – consolidation of printer devices and copiers Centralized point for external print vendors for the Firm Internal print policies for both B&W and color - duplex printing, stringent control around color usage across the Firm Local sourcing of materials CORPORATE BRANDING AND QUALITY ASSURANCE Standardized services in print/binding – one Firm branded solution Working together with vendor on environmental opportunities globally
  12. 12. Services in detail - Executive Dining and Meeting Services
  13. 13. World Class Operations FIVE STAR EXECUTIVE DINING EXPERIENCE WITH FIRST CLASS EMPLOYEE DINING OPTIONS EXECUTIVE/EMPLOYEE DINING Management of client meeting space across Asia-Pacific Five star hotel dining experience operating from in-house kitchens Catering for breakfasts, lunches, dinner service and cocktail parties External catering vendors sourced and managed Management of vendor for employee dining in cafes and canteens - reviewing menu selections, pricing etc Pantries and beverage supplies throughout office space Vending machine management - selections, pricing, barrier free and energy saving technology Environmental and Fairtrade product use whenever possible Employee health and nutrition awareness PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT OF CLIENT MEETING SPACE. EFFECTIVE BOOKING OF ALL MEETING ROOMS ACROSS THE REGION MEETING SERVICES Reception/Switchboard Room booking systems Liaise with businesses on effective use of rooms Booking of services within meeting rooms - multimedia, dining, facilities Partnering with Corporate Real Estate teams to maximize technology leading to cost and energy saves
  14. 14. Services in detail - General Support
  15. 15. Client Partnerships PARTNERING WITH THE BUSINESSES TO OBTAIN CRITICAL GOALS FOR THE FIRM GENERAL SERVICES Liaise with business heads to strategize existing support and future requirements Partner with Capital Markets and Investment Banking in business facilitation to generate revenue for the Firm Seek cheaper alternatives for all Corporate Services functions through innovative ideas Work closely with Sourcing departments in RFP of services Negotiate T&Cs of existing and future contracts Ensure contracts are up-to-date and cover all aspects of services Creation of business plans and budgets for all services Oversee stationary requirements for the Firm including business cards Asia-Pacific environmental committee chairman - 2008 Member of diversity network and engaged in philanthropic activities