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IoT Scotland 2016


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The Internet of Things (IoT) redefines the notion of connectivity; a transition to a vast, all-encompassing web of interconnected devices which uses data to measure, calculate, evaluate and learn. This network transcends the traditional comprehension of M2M in both capability and scale, linking together billions of devices and integrating everything from tiny remote beacons to large communications networks and energy infrastructure.

The potential of this vast connected network is staggering, and brings forth real capacity to help address some of our most crucial socio-economic concerns. Devices can utilise the data at their disposal to optimise efficiency and help reduce waste. Sensors can pre-empt mechanical breakdowns and determine the most safe and cost-effective time to schedule maintenance and repair. Energy systems can be transformed into smart grids, achieving improved efficiency by ensuring supply is regulated in accordance with actual real-time demand. It is this capacity to harness vast amounts of data to understand problems and identify solutions which underlines the true potential of IoT.

This conference will bring together technologists from industry, academia and government to explore the evolution of the Internet of Things. The programme will contextualise IoT within the current technology landscape and assess the implications for business and wider society. Delegates will hear from an impressive array of thought leaders and benefit from presentations which demonstrate the value of IoT in a practical context.

IoT Scotland will bring together 200 IT Heads and Business Leaders to learn, share and discuss, creating a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange. The conference is organised by Scot-Tech Engagement and will be free* to attend for business leaders and IT personnel.

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IoT Scotland 2016

  1. 1. Welcome To
  2. 2. Mark Stephen BBC Scotland #iotscot
  3. 3. Ray Bugg Scot-Tech #iotscot @scot_tech
  4. 4. 8th Dec 2016 #scotdata
  5. 5. #iotscot
  6. 6. Caroline Gorski Digital Catapult #iotscot @carolinegorski
  7. 7. Introduction to DIGITAL CATAPULT #DigiCatapult
  8. 8. WHO WE ARE
  9. 9. A national centre to rapidly advance the UK’s best digital ideas Not for profit, private limited company Completely neutral 1 2 3 WHO WE ARE
  11. 11. New jobs New services New products GVA for the UK economy 1 2 3 4 WE’RE HERE TO CREATE…
  12. 12. By 2018 we aim to £365m of additional economic revenue Make a difference to 10,000 organisations UK digital market is valued at more than £100bn Growth on the Internet represents 23% total UK GDP 2004-2009 OUR VISION £
  13. 13. OUR 4 TECHNOLOGY LAYERS • Immersive • Distributed • Connected • Intelligent
  14. 14. CONNECTED
  15. 15. 50bn connected devices by 2020. China investing $800m in test-beds. India, Singapore and Korea doing similar… Only 0.2% of things that can be connected, are connected. $1.9tn of global economic value add (Gartner). $4.6tn global public Sector alone (Cisco). INTERNET OF THINGS Sharing and generating IoT data Connected Products Studios Convening projects around large-scale demonstrators
  16. 16. What do we know (or think we know)? • The UK has a leadership position in IoT research (135 specific projects, £122m in funding, 89% UK-funded) • Focus areas for public funding spend are cyber-security, healthcare, privacy and trust, transport (although most private-sector activity by scale is in smart-home) • VC/private investor spend (£42m+ 2015) is mostly in software apps layer, in smart-home and smart-buildings (healthcare and security are called out as “hot” next markets) • Trickle-down from research spend or VC funding is not at optimum (SMEs, especially outside London, struggle to participate in the global IoT market even with UK leadership in research)
  17. 17. KNOWLEDGE INTEROPERABILITY INFRASTRUCTURE/ PLATFORMS TECHNICAL SKILL/ TECHNOLOGY CAPITAL CUSTOMERS What are the blockers for SMEs in IoT? It’s a complex and confusing market, with very little benchmark data or authoritative market evaluation Standards are unproven, or still being formulated. Working across ecosystems is challenging Costs of entry are too high: regionally, infrastructure provision is inconsistent Demonstrating technical competency at scale is challenging (to commercial prototype) Outside of London, Cambridge and Glasgow, little private sector funding is available High-potential but risk-averse markets like healthcare have lengthy and unhelpful buying practices Lack of commercial risk models hampers the development of cross- sector ecosystems to help leverage scale
  18. 18. @IoTUKNews
  19. 19. @IoTUKNews
  21. 21. 21 MISSION  Create a national innovation support programme around LPWA testbeds in different UK regions to strategically support local IoT sector growth  Empower UK businesses, innovators and communities with the knowledge and skills to become quickly productive on top of LPWANs  Bring together demand and supply side stakeholders to accelerate the path to market for LPWAN based solutions  Establish strong ties to international LPWA initiatives to export success easier to different regions Jumpstart the UK LPWAN eco-system by lowering barriers for technology access, innovation and market access for UK entrepreneurs and SMEs
  22. 22. Open calls Hack days Showcase opportunities and so much more THANK YOU! #DigiCatapult
  23. 23. Prof. Keith Ridgway The AMRC with Boeing #iotscot @TheAMRC
  24. 24. Confidential. © 2015 AMRC with Boeing. Improving the Process: Using IoT and Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing Professor Keith Ridgway
  25. 25. Confidential. © 2015 AMRC with Boeing. The journey Professor Keith Ridgway Factory Information BUS
  26. 26. Our history: Orgreave 1995 26
  27. 27. Advanced Manufacturing Park 2016 27
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. 29 5/Screenshot%202016-09- 28%2022.21.44.png?dl=0
  30. 30. 30 •New ways of working •New Business Models •More analytics • New Processes • New Materials • New methods of manufacturing • Batch size of 1 • Delivered yesterday • Mass Production • Minimize Waste Lean Agile Data Driven Advanced Technologies Greater Expectations Digitaltwin Morefrom Less What is happening? Image after: CSIRO Next Generation Manufacturing • Additive • Composites • Nanomaterials • Bio • Flexible • Remote Collaboration • Virtual Prototyping • Servitization • ‘Next Shoring’
  31. 31. The Factory of the future? 31 • Sustainable and green manufacturing. • Improved and simplified ICT • Advanced robotics and intelligent manufacturing systems. • Next generation materials with novel functionalities • Reconfigurable facilities and fast ramp up as demand grows • New business models such as servitization • Talented, well educated and creative people
  32. 32. Advances at Factory Level: Factory 2050 32
  33. 33. 33
  34. 34. Advances in assembly 34
  35. 35. Assembly Simplification 35
  36. 36. Flexible automation 36
  37. 37. 37
  38. 38. Digitised product 38
  39. 39. Digitised product 39
  40. 40. Digital manufacture 3D printing 40
  41. 41. Complex machine tools 41
  42. 42. Advances at Machine Level: Sensing 42
  43. 43. 43
  44. 44. Disrupters 44 1. Astonishing rise in data volumes, computational power, and connectivity especially new low-power wide-area networks 2. Emergence of analytics and business intelligence Capabilities 3. New forms of human-machine interaction such as touch interfaces and augmented reality systems 4. Improvements in transferring digital instructions to the physical world, such as advanced robotics and 3D printing. High awareness but low adoption of Industrie 4.0 and IoT
  45. 45. How has technology changed things? Manufacturing is changing! The latest drivers • The 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) • Cyber-Physical Systems • The Internet of Things • More things, more connected • Big Data • More data, from more things that are more connected 45 Image : Christoph Roser at
  46. 46. Yes it does! It applies at every level throughout the value chain – the only thing that might differ would be the level of investment To be of value to your world, all you need is data and a level of connectivity. 46 Your Customers Your Company Your Supply Chain Other Customers Other suppliers Does it apply to me?
  48. 48. Challenges Legacy – the majority of equipment in the supply chain is not connected Data handling and storage – Massive amounts of data is being generated Standards – There are no globally accepted standards (yet) Security – More connected devices mean more connected targets Skills / Knowledge – What should we use, how should we use it, how do we train young people entering this world, who needs the training? 48
  49. 49. Manufacturing Informatics 49 Sensors/ Devices Connected Man/Machine/ Process Edge Processing Distributed Control Machine Learning DES/Digital Twin Cloud Analysis Factory Management Visualisation/ Dashboard/Reporting BIG DATA IoT AMRC SCOPE PLM/ CAD/CAM Supply Chain Customer Requirements SECURITY + PRIVACY
  50. 50. Benefits Greater visibility of activities across the value chain which may impact on you – meaning fewer surprises! • Increased competitiveness through agility • Reduced risks • Increased opportunities 50 Your Company Your Customers Your Supply Chain Other Customers Other suppliers
  51. 51. But we still need to make it! 51
  52. 52. Confidential. © 2015 AMRC with Boeing. Email: web: Twitter: @theAMRC Thank you. For further information please contact or visit:
  53. 53. Gavin Neate Neatebox #iotscot @neatebox
  54. 54. #neatebox *If you post about this presentation be sure to add this hashtag
  55. 55. Pedestrian Crossing App Customer Service App
  56. 56. Pedestrian Crossing App
  57. 57. Customer Service App
  58. 58. Improving Customer Service
  59. 59. Gavin Neate
  60. 60. Questions & Discussion #iotscot
  61. 61. Morning Breakouts Please check rear of badge #iotscot
  62. 62. Welcome Back
  63. 63. Panel Discussion Hosted by Simon Montford @WEB3IoT #iotscot
  64. 64. Richard Thorp FirstGroup #iotscot @FirstGroupplc
  65. 65. September 2016 IoT Scotland Paving the Foundations for IoT and smart transport systems CTO, FirstGroup September 2016 CIO, FirstStudent Richard Thorp
  66. 66. September 2016 IoT Scotland 70 FirstGroup Overview
  67. 67. September 2016 IoT Scotland Why Now? 71 Adoption of Mobile Devices Cost of Bandwidth LTE Cost of Sensors Cost of Processing Big Data Frameworks
  68. 68. September 2016 IoT Scotland Cellular Coverage 72
  69. 69. September 2016 IoT Scotland Vehicle Environmental Challenges 73 Environment Antenna Installation and Maintenance Parasitic Draw SIM Concerns
  70. 70. September 2016 IoT Scotland Transform Back Office Systems 74 Safety Charter Systems GLI Branch Operations & Scheduling School Districts Enterprise Applications Point of Sale GLI ISS Websites Financial Systems Chase PaymenTech Time & Labor First Student Branches HR, Benefits & Payroll Risk Management JDE AP10249 AR Interfaces BMD Rochester AP10175 Trans Trak AP10051 RMS AP10284 Inv Inv Inv Inv ALL STARS AP10002 AR AR/AP Inv External Apps AR/AP/INV/GL Concur AP10264 JP Morgan (Lock Box) Fuel Quest AP10429 TEM Pcard AP10167 TD Bank (Canada) Canada (Vancouver, Cardinal) Purchase Order Viewer Purchasing Dept Vehicle PO Orders Kyriba Treasury Workstation FTP First Invoice AP10356 or AP10010 Vendor Mastor eBranch Charter/Invoice AP10350/AP10353 AR/Inv Customer 1099 Annually AP Batch Phone Log AP/AR PI Reports Other Reports PI Financial Budget BICS/BMCH AP10312 AR/Inv ERES Report Vertex US Tax Prep AP10080 UK Reports Cognos PowerPlay & Reporting on B&F) BI Data Mnthly Forecasts Branches in US Forecasting Budget Microsoft Excel Forecasts, AR Inv DocPath AP10256 Print Invoices R2P Connect Direct AP10424 EDI(PO, RA, POCR, ACT) Sterling Commerce Vendors Vendors BSS Punch Out Http Mileage Reporting AP10412 BU, Region, Super Reagion RSG Claim Data Bus Mileage per Day and Area. Used by Shop & Area Mgrs “Glen Black” Accident Freq. Other Sources NCES National Center for Education Statistics Ohio Workers Comp Claims Crawford Sedgwick CMS, Claims & Property Mgt Washington Workers Comp Claims Claims Crawford Employees Claims WCBPro AP10056 Canada Claims Claim Reports Field Management Claims Government Agencies Vehicle Management Driver Driver Defect Report Branch Shop Manager Branch Level Reports Repair Request Third Party Customer Repair Request Recall Notice Warranty Center Recall Notice Warranty Claim Rejected Warranty Claims Vehicle Maintenance System AP10058 Tech Task Hours Work Orders. Assignments & Completion Data Vehicle Data, Location & Mileage Warranty Claims Recall Orders International Bus Sales Vehicle EDI Files EmanioVehicle EDI Files Vehicle Data Vehicle Data via FTP Fleet Coordinator Vehicle Data Buses Reports First Student Bus Operations St Louis Schools BOP AP10032 Vehicle Download ARC GIS AP10030 Geospatial Data ZONAR Systems AP10020 ZONAR On-Board Devices Location Mileage Speed Branch Staff Routes St. Louis School District Routes FOCUS AP10373 Geospatial Data GPS, Idling Vehicle Download School District Live Routes Branch Staff Live Routes Edulog or Versatrans Student Routes Route Corrections Student Routes Route Corrections Student Routes Stops Stops Student Routes Routes Route Assignments Stops BMD(Branch Mgmt Dispatch) Routing Apps (Trapeze, BusStops, etc) Map Point Navitrans Routs First Transit Bus Operations Drive Cam On-Board Devices Drive Cam Systems HTTPS DDS and Branch Managers HTTPS Business Units & Hierararchy LES People Soft HR AP10258 Employees Employees Employees Survey Consultant Employee Data Previous Emp. Verify Applicants Emp Data Non-Staff Emp Compliance iTrak Accidents ADP EV5 AP10149 Employees Paycheck W2 IRS W2 Gov SSN Ver EEO Rpt TALX Tax Credit Watson Wyatt Pension Evaluation ADP Employee Portal Wells Fargo 401K Group Associates VSP Healthwise Choice United Health Choice (UHC) Other Benefit Providers Cerdian CIGNA Dental MetLife HIP QCare COBRA ADP WEB GL AP10152 Payroll Shared Services Payroll Interface HR Data Updates Payroll Data Pay Check Excel Transtrak AP10052 m OPS AP10359 Advantage T&A AP10060 E-Branch Payroll AP10354 Jeff Joll BMP AP10360 Q-Quest (Transit) AP10016 JD Thomfor AP10041 EPIP EPIPEPIP EPIP EPIP EPIP EPIP EPIP EPIP US Branches Ebranch MSD SQL Server Ebranch DDS AP10351 Ebranch Swipe AP10037 Ebranch Dispatch AP10352 Emp Updt Applicants, Employees, Contractors, Compliance, Training Driver Start Time Trip Sheets Applicants, Employees, Contractors, Compliance, Training Drivers Start Times Trip Sheet Time and Attendance Emp Upd Fill Employee Time and Attendance Real Time Previous Employment Verification Exempt Emp Deferred Comp Banks PC Pitney Bowes Check File Pay File Vendors, Suppliers, Employees, etc. Mail Check Deposit Reconciles AP Payment Positive Pay File FGA Customers LES Payments Payments OLATHE Payride CC Payments Olathe, KS Branch Payment Notification Shared Services Payment Notification AR Payment Payment Notification Payments Payment Student Addresses Canada Tax Prep Input Invoices, Receipts, etc. Org Hierarchy Changes Hyperion AP10253 Data Warehouse AP10111 BU, GL Accts & Bal, Inv, Xign Inv Detail GL Accts. Budget Amounts Employees, Job History, Compliance, Earnings, Hours & Pay Head Count, Compliance, Overtime Hours Vehicles Payments Vehicle Updates & Financials Vehicles & Mileage Data Stream AP10407 PI Maintenance Vechicles CoA, Expense Codes, Supplier Master, AR, AP INV Vendor/AR,AP,INV, GL Service NowBigFix P-Sync CA People Soft AP10170 Legacy FGA PCPW CA Only EPIP CSI Emp Updt Thomas International Profile Assessments Avatar Online Training Driver Training Results Personal Profile Page-1 FGA Integration July 2010 V5.1.vsdFile Name Author Keith Talbot 4/21/2014Last Update Created 7/7/2010 1 of 1Page Page-1 Number Confidential & Proprietary ©FirstGroup America, 2010 TRIPS Core TRIPS/CTRIPS module AP10392/AP10557 GPX AP10375 Claims AP10378 CRIS Aloha AP10267 Agent Memo AP10186 Express AP10363 Gateway Customer Service Marketing Student Advatage Sales Accounting TIC Tax Resource Management GPX Bags AP10377 PPF Gen AP10390 Schedules Max AP10366 Kiosk NextJet AP10473 Road Rewards Ticket Scanner E-Tickets HoundBucks AP10482 Warehouse Baggage API AP10549 Discovery Pass Web Host Interface AP10394 Attunity CS STARS AP10277 HR-1 AP10261 Payroll Data Wachovia Service Awwards Aetna Delta Dental MHN CIGNA VSP 401K Time in Service Eligibility Eligibility Eligibility Eligibility Eligibility DirectPay AMS Rewards Employee & Performance Data Employee Data AFLAC Quorum Legacy GLI PCPW Employee Data 401K Union Data Benefit Elections For Union DriversEmployee Changes & 401k Data ADP Gross Pay Pay Data Driver Pay AP10298 Employee Data Changes Hours, Pay Earnings Type Legacy GLI Kronos 3.X Hourly Employee Data VRU AP10531 Pay History Driver Screens AP10332 Load Count Entry AP10333 Driver Uniforms AP10300 Driver Status/Location ORDS Reporting Rair Technologies Safety (US/Sybase) Safety (CA/Sybase)Road ChecksIPP Portal Driver Mgmt Data & Certification ReconNet Winocular Imaging AP10271 Legal Contract Legal Search BOSS AP10293 Driver Planning AP10299 Tool Kit Driver Info Entry Lift Info & Ticket Sales Driver Employment Status Charter Desk CA Charter Desk US Banks Legacy GLI Positive Pay File GLI CC Transactions Deposits Invoices F03B11Z1 Customer Master F0301/F0101 LockBox Data Meal Stop Pelican Food Service AR Only IF 13.29 IF 13.46 Western Union Sales GLI Deposit Information FareFinder AP10565 Ticket CenterPrint@Home ESRI AP10460 Internet GLI Interline Partners Sales & Refund Data ID Server DR Quote IVR AP10270 Batch Extract AP10361 Processing STEPs/C-STEPS AP10310/AP10537 Configuration And Sales Files Field Audit Flagged Activity GPX Activity IF 12.23 & CA 11.23 Agent Commission Info Agency Sales Acct. Tool IF 13.30 & 13.31 Lift Info & Ticket Sales Revenue AP10291 Ticket Sales Carrier & Agent Detail GL/AP/AR Account info And POS activity & Yearly 1099 data POS deposits, credit cards, adjustments and Western Union sales Reporting Systems Legacy GLI Hyperion AP10511 Panorama AP10446 MS Reporting Services AP10450 SPAR AP10309 EIS DSS/DSS-CA AP10316/ AP10506 Extraboard Print Journals Driver Training Needs Tour & Cycle Info Driver Training Needs Food Service GOA TBM/WC Sales GLI Vehicle Maintenance MCMS AP10276 Roadside Fuel AP10307 Invoices AS400 AS400 POS Upload BBM AP10414 Foreign Carrier Billing Carrier Billing System Foreign Carrier Completed Work Orders (via FTP at Month End – user initiated) CA 11.17 IF 13.21 Sales Heat CAC AP10100 Common & C-Common AP10532 Team Track SCPS/ CSCPS Exchange E-Mail AP10136 Financial info from manual agencies Active Employee Data Carrier & Org Schedule & Stop Responsibility Codes IF 13.26 Daily Sales Tool AP10335 GL Journal IF 13.24 IF 13.32 IF 13.22 IF 13.36 CA 11.12 Treasury Tool AP10318 Location Data & TBE Info Terminal Agent Sales Incentives Payout Bus Schedule Cadec AP10280 Automated, Batch Data Flow Manual Data Flow LEGEND Data Entry Automated, Real Time Data Flow Flow is in Development Only (not in production) Canadian system Internal Group of People Third Party System Developed System ASP/SaaS File Report Third Party Group of People Logical Groups AP10*** Application ID DocuSphere AP10402 CapEx Workflow engine DocuSphere Content Mgt DocuSphere Workflow Engine Invoice Images Meta data Invoice Auto Vouchers AnyDoc Invoice Imaging PO, Company, Vendor Data Kronos(WAR) Emp. Data Time & Labor EPIP BMDDS AP10314 JJ Keller AP10282 BIPE AP10461 Crystal Ent. Tomcat July 2010 Draft Driver Data EPIP File Load Microsoft ISA AP10575 Revision History Version Author Notes 5.0 Keith Talbot Consolidated business units 5.1 Keith Talbot Minor Updates and Application Addtions Date 2010/July 2010/July TransLink (Western Union) AP10576
  71. 71. September 2016 IoT Scotland Data Needs to be Stored and Analysed 75
  72. 72. September 2016 IoT Scotland Cost Management 76 COST Equipment Fitout Runaway Processes Update Frequency Aggregation Plan APN MDM Data Storage
  73. 73. September 2016 IoT Scotland 77 Partnerships • Internal and External Collaboration Imagine Future State • Imagine the End State and Plan Backwards Focus • Target 1-2 areas that will move business forward Getting Started Source Data Aggregate Predict
  74. 74. Kate Armitage Route Monkey #iotscot @TheRealKateArmitage
  75. 75. Copyright Route Monkey © 2015
  76. 76. Background to Route Monkey… o An award winning SME, established in 2009 , employing 30 staff. Recently became part of the Trakm8 Group. o Route Monkey owns the IP for tried and tested advanced optimisation algorithms that drive efficiency in the transport and mobility sector. o Working with Heriot Watt University and Professor David Corne a world expert in algorithm development. o Our cloud based software is deployed with over 500 customers across the UK and abroad. o We are highly experienced in utilising telematics data, and integrating our algorithms with customer systems across multiple platforms. o Route Monkey is account managed by Scottish Enterprise and is working closely with Transport Scotland, Innovate UK and The Transport Catapult.
  77. 77. Quantum, EVOS & Charging Optimisation… • Routing & Scheduling software underpinned by our unique algorithms developed and IP owned by Route Monkey • Map routes & duty cycles from GPS long/latitude data • Dynamic scheduling, capable of handling time slots and multiple load types • Calculates costs • Can interface with telematics, in vehicle data loggers, PDAs, customer management systems etc • Able to schedule electric vehicles (taking into account range, charging profile, topography, weather etc)
  78. 78. From Transportation to Systemic Mobility… • Siloed and disconnected modes • Inefficient traffic flows • Limited use of technology • Individual units • Constant Connectivity (roads, cars, cities) • Optimised movement • Flexible based on mode, time preference and cost
  79. 79. The tools for connected road transport…
  80. 80. Connected Road Transport v1.0 Integrated Telematics and Real Time & Scheduling
  81. 81. Case Study – Single Fleet - Iceland
  82. 82. Low Carbon Freight Partnership – multi fleet o Global collaboration in decarbonising freight o Demonstration sites in up to 10 cities in 2016 o Optimisation to save 15%-60% CO2 Single fleet optimisation case studies have proven to provide 5-20% of savings through optimisation, but there is no collaboration involved. 2 types of collaboration believed to have largest impact on efficiency: Sharing of information among logistics providers Sharing of assets to improve utilisation Sharing allows better consolidation and smarter use of EVs
  83. 83. Connected Transport Where mobility meets energy… • Optimisation of low carbon vehicles within fleets to maximise the range and carbon savings • Optimisation of recharging of electric vehicles according to tariff (time of use), supply constraints and local network constraints • Energy storage and potential for vehicle to grid services
  84. 84. Vehicle ownership models are changing … • Increasingly conventional ICE vehicles are being viewed as “stranded assets”. • City car clubs are becoming a preferred option – 135,000 members in London in 2015 with a target of 500,000 by 2020. • Currently 1 car per 58 users – aim to increase this to 1:100 through increased efficiency of vehicles. • Car clubs are cheaper than ownership, no hidden costs (road tax, parking permits, servicing). Pay for the miles you use. • Uber, Karhoo and other apps disrupting the taxi market. 90,000 taxis in London, expected to rise to 128,000 in the next two years. • Location and journey planning apps
  85. 85. Connected & Autonomous Vehicles …
  86. 86. Connected & Autonomous Vehicles … • Able to handle complex decision making based on driver needs, surrounding environment, remote data • Improved road safety eg lane departure, blind spot monitoring, speed limiter • Reduce emissions eg reduced stop/start congestion, improved aerodynamics • Reduces operating costs eg driverless, 24 hour a day • Saves passengers time eg parking assist, car to your door, traffic jam assist • Redefines driving time
  87. 87. Executive Summary o The way we view transport is changing and is becoming increasingly connected to ICT and Energy. o Dynamic scheduling for fleets will become the norm. o Fleets stand to benefit from better utilisation of assets. Increased efficiency, improved customer service and greater transparency. o As the take up of electric and other low carbon vehicles continues to increase there is greater need for optimised planning and in-journey management. o Energy storage through vehicles (battery, hydrogen) is an opportunity to drive additional value. o Traditional ownership models are changing, with conventional ICEs “stranded assets” the majority of the time. Connected transport ensures the right vehicle, in the right place at the right time. o In the (not too distant) future, this will be facilitated by autonomous vehicles.
  88. 88. Point of Contact: Kate Armitage Projects & Strategy Director Route Monkey 2A Houston Interchange Business Park Livingston EH54 5DW M: 07833 496 820 T: 0845 643 5731
  89. 89. Chris Yiu UBER #iotscot @clry2
  90. 90. John Curtis Revolutionall #iotscot @RevolutionallUK
  91. 91. Revolutionall World “the home of the connected journey” – cheaper, cleaner, greener.
  92. 92. Vision – Be the global “go to” place for sustainable, connected living and transport technologies Mission – To enable everyone to reduce the negative environmental / financial impacts of transport and for us to be seen as the "home of the journey”. We are the gateway to customers K.P.I.s • Economic • Environmental • Social • Customer satisfaction • Employee engagement Market highlights • £8.6tn global smart mobility market • Electric and low emission vehicle market set for rapid growth • £51bn annual opportunity for electric cars in UK alone • 30 billion connected devices by 2020 • Business and consumers unprepared for the connected and low emission world
  93. 93. The Proposition “Collabratory” Visitor Experience Test Track Business CentreEducation CentreSMART Tourism Centre Café & Shop Classic and supercar conversion to electric or hydrogen Business and Education Outreach Revolutionall “on tour” Export / Franchise App Development • Connected Home • Connected Office • Connected Transport
  94. 94. What will we achieve at Revolutionall World? • 1000 business reviews • 2000 connected low emission vehicle sales per year • 500k teas, coffees and cakes • 40,000 simulator experiences • 1m online and shop sales per year • 4 world leading conferences a year • 26,000 test drives / track experiences • 20,000 SMART tourism connected vehicle hires • 80,000 pieces of independent product feedback for developers of new innovations
  95. 95. Zone 1 -
  96. 96. Zone 2 -
  97. 97. Zone 3 -
  98. 98. Zone 4 -
  99. 99. Zone 1 - Zone 5 -
  100. 100. Zone 6 -
  101. 101. Zone 7 -
  102. 102. Zone 8 -
  103. 103. The team Strategic supporters Strategic partners John Curtis Founder Board & Investors Heather Curtis Founder Advisory Panel Head of Tech Head of Fun Head of Buildings Head of Money Head of People John Curtis • Ex Head of Sustainable Transport, Scottish Government • Leading independent expert on low carbon economy & transport • Lawyer Heather Curtis • Ex Head of Continuous Improvement, Capita, UK & India • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt • Member of Chartered Institute of Bankers We are a family business becoming a business family
  104. 104. 35.6 38.9 42.7 47.1 51.8 23.5 24.9 26.8 28.9 31.3 12.1 14 15.9 18.2 20.5 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Financial projections (£m) income costs profit The 5 year financial forecast
  105. 105. Join us… John Curtis Founder & CEO Revolutionall World +44 7515 761300 @johnwcurtis @revolutionallUK @revolutionallUK mrjwcurtis
  106. 106. Drinks & Networking in Exhibition Area #iotscot
  107. 107. 8th Dec 2016 #scotdata
  108. 108. 127 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL
  109. 109. 128 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL What is IoT ?
  110. 110. 129 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL IOT A definition  Kevin Ashton (born 1968) is a British technology pioneer who cofounded the Auto-ID Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which created a global standard system for RFID and other sensors.[1] He is known for coining the term "the Internet of Things" to describe a system where the Internet is connected to the physical world via ubiquitous sensors  The internet of things (IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items— embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.[1][2][3] In 2013 the Global Standards Initiative on Internet of Things (IoT-GSI) defined the IoT as "the infrastructure of the information society.“
  111. 111. 130 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL Expanding Connections 1960 1980 1990 2000 2010 1M 10M 100M 1B 10B Mobile Internet Broadband InternetPCMicro Computer Main Frame 50 Billion 2020 Internet Of Things The advance of IoT UBIQUITOUSFRONT the interface between ICT and people developed via enterprise & consumer markets now evolving into the world of IoT
  112. 112. 131 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL Shift from Industries to Arenas? FUJITSU RESTRICTED - UK & IRELAND EYES ONLY Transpor t & logistics Healthcare Energy & utilities Public sector Financial services Smart City Arena Mobility Arena Transport & logistics Energy & utilities Manufacturing Financial services Retail Digital technologies cut across traditional industry boundaries, enable the reconstitution of supply chain-based industries into ecosystem-based business arenas Quality of Life Arena Customer Experience Arena Financial servicesPharma Healthcare Public sector Academic Transport & logistics RetailFinancial services Manufacturing Energy & utilities • Retail • Financial Services • Manufacturing • Transport & logistics • Energy & utilities • Healthcare • Pharmaceutical • Public sector • Academic
  113. 113. 132 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL Smart Cities Vision
  114. 114. 133 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL IoT Components & Digital Transformation
  115. 115. 134 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL Driver Safety Driver Drowsiness Detector Worker Safety Vital Sensing Unit Smart Field Services HMD / AR solution • 20% of accidents are sleep related • 500 deaths p/a are caused by sleep and 40% relate to commercial vehicles • 50% of fatal injuries to workers were falls from height, being struck by a vehicle or object • An estimated 2.1 million working days were lost due to injuries related to handling/slips & trips • 1 in 3 is the average first time fix rate of engineers in the field • A shortfall of 30K engineering in the next 10 years Horizontal Industry Issues…….
  116. 116. 135 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL Driver Safety Driver Drowsiness Detector Worker Safety Vital Sensing Unit Remote Support HMD / AR solution • 20% of accidents are sleep related • 500 deaths p/a are caused by sleep and 40% relate to commercial vehicles. • 50% of fatal injuries to workers were falls from height, being struck by a vehicle or object • An estimated 2.1 million working days were lost due to injuries related to handling/slips & trips • 1 in 3 is the average first time fix rate of engineers in the field • A shortfall of 30K engineering in the next 10 years Solutions…Driver Safety Monitors the driver's biorhythms via detection sensors to gauge levels of driver drowsiness which can be used for driver self management and allows fleet managers to perform route optimization planning  Benefits • Capture driver status and sense early signs of drowsiness/loss of alertness • Operation managers can observe the driver status real time Sensor Fleet Company
  117. 117. 136 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL Driver Safety Driver Drowsiness Detector Worker Safety Vital Sensing Unit Remote Support HMD / AR solution • 20% of accidents are sleep related • 500 deaths p/a are caused by sleep and 40% relate to commercial vehicles. • 50% of fatal injuries to workers were falls from height, being struck by a vehicle or object • An estimated 2.1 million working days were lost due to injuries related to handling/slips & trips • 1 in 3 is the average first time fix rate of engineers in the field • A shortfall of 30K engineering in the next 10 years Solutions…Worker Safety Sensor Company The Vital Sensing Band helps to provide safer working environments by remotely monitoring the health and safety of workers and issuing alerts when accidents occur.  Benefits • Detect falls by monitoring both acceleration & barometer pressure changes • Avoid the chances of getting heat stroke by estimating heat stress from pulse, active mass, temperature & humidity
  118. 118. 137 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL Driver Safety Driver Drowsiness Detector Worker Safety Vital Sensing Unit Smart Field Services HMD / AR solution • 20% of accidents are sleep related • 500 deaths p/a are caused by sleep and 40% relate to commercial vehicles. • 5050% of fatal injuries to workers were falls from height, being struck by a vehicle or object • An estimated 2.1 million working days were lost due to injuries related to handling/slips & trips • 1 in 3 is the average first time fix rate of engineers in the field • A shortfall of 30K engineering in the next 10 years Solutions…Smart Field Services The HMD acts as a communication tool between operators and their supervisor delivering support and sharing remote imagery in real time. Using the Amplify client we can create/support and enable the workforce with the material and support they need  Benefits • Productivity and Ease of Use • Reliability and Robustness • „„Flexibly configurable remote communication tool
  119. 119. 138 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL Who is doing it where today IoT Reference Cases
  120. 120. 139 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Up to 80% inventory write- off reduction by end of 2018 30% reduction in 2016 Average seek time for critical components is down from 2 days to 1 hour
  121. 121. 140 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Smart Manufacturing for Work in Process Real time visibility into the velocity of the manufacturing process Full electronic accountability of raw material life cycle
  122. 122. 141 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance IoT-enabled after-sales support allowed for expansion with minimal staffing Reduced time to fix and improved service quality
  123. 123. 142 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Proactive Maintenance with Augmented Reality Replaced paper and manual processes which were quickly outdated or required extensive training Operators can work more quickly and accurately with real-time onsite access to data and central support
  124. 124. 143 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Enterprise Wearables for Field Worker Safety “Vital Sensing Band” measures temperature, heat, humidity, heart rate, and 3D movement Improves worker safety with real-time monitoring of health vitals and surrounding environmentsNetwork Solutions
  125. 125. 144 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Warehouse Operations Optimization Finished goods handling from manufacture through cold storage & shipping: improved shipping accuracy Truck loading time reduced from 60 minutes to 20 minutes
  126. 126. 145 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Smart Logistics & Asset Tracking IoT-based solution replaced inefficient paper- based tracking solution for nuclear waste disposal $8M cost avoidance due to increased efficiency, automated tracking, and higher security
  127. 127. 146 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Smart Logistics & Warehousing Automates conveyor systems and sorts goods much more efficiently from over 60,000 suppliers Reduces shipment processing time by 30% and annual cost savings of $4m in one warehouse alone
  128. 128. 147 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Inventory Management for Public Safety IoT reduces complexity in inventory management of weapons, uniforms, trauma kits, vehicles Solution saves 15 minutes per officer per shift = one additional officer per day in the field.
  129. 129. 148 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Digitalized Hospital Bed Sheets Digitalized bed sheets with washable laundry tags improve lifecycle, inventory & sanitary management Reduces chances of infectious spread, lowers operational costs, reduces inventory
  130. 130. 149 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Technology Intelligent Care Home Monitoring In home environment understanding and learning of behavioural patterns allows a support worker/carer to identify abnormal situations and deliver intelligent care when needed  Analyze live sounds in the house to detect abnormalities  Estimate heat stress & monitor movement in/out of the house  Detect any abnormal life rhythms from accumulated data in the cloud Mobility Using a vital band we can monitor a users location/ condition and detect a fall issuing alerts and provide support when an accident occurs.  Detect falls by monitoring both acceleration & barometer pressure  Avoid the chances of getting heat stroke by estimating heat stress from pulse, active mass, temperature & humidity
  131. 131. 150 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Monitoring Solution Location Solution Innovation Solution Technology - Industrial Sensors……. Vital Sensing Unit Driver Drowsiness DetectorLocation Unit (L) Head Mounted Display Location Unit (S) LD-6L LD-7L LD-6Lf Remote Monitoring Station
  132. 132. 151 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Sensor data Technology - Optimised Algorithms……. Acceleration Gyro Geomagnetism Atmospheric pressure Sound Pulse wave Temperature Humidity GPS Posture of the body Falling and tumbling Risk of heatstroke Tiredness Location Geo-Fence Breathing Disorder Who’s fallen Where did it occur Is it a Restricted area Has the level of risk increased Do they need assistance Is that unusual behavior Are they alert Is that space available Will they collide Where is the item How do I find it Algorithms analyze sensor data and convert that raw data into meaningful data. Once you have meaningful data then this can be converted in valuable information to deliver benefits Sensor Algorithm Firmware Middleware Meaningful Data Valuable Information
  133. 133. 152 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU  Our Smart TVs record your living room chatter Security – increasing challenges  Fiat Chrysler issued a safety recall affecting 1.4m vehicles  Russian Boris bicycles, Payment hacking  Top 10 Breaches each exposed between 10-80M accounts in 2015
  134. 134. 153 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU  Leaping the Chasm from proving technology to real business value  Identifying stakeholder ecosystem  Future proofing  Commercial models and partnerships Leaping the Chasm POC
  135. 135. 154 Copyright 2015 FUJITSU Summary IOT- ‘the infrastructure of the information society’ Less or no boundaries for Customers Fast Dynamic IT New markets New Commercial Models New Partnerships
  136. 136. 155 © 2016 FujitsuCONFIDENTIAL
  137. 137. Information Classification: Restricted 156 Introductions
  138. 138. Information Classification: Restricted 157 Internet of Stuff = ?
  139. 139. Information Classification: Restricted 158 Internet of Stuff
  140. 140. Information Classification: Restricted 159 Internet of Stuff – Is that all there is?
  141. 141. Information Classification: Restricted 160 Internet of Things
  142. 142. Information Classification: Restricted 161 Internet of Things
  143. 143. Information Classification: Restricted 162 Internet of Things
  144. 144. Information Classification: Restricted 163 Internet of Things – Under the Bonnet
  145. 145. Information Classification: Restricted 164 Internet of Things – The Hardware
  146. 146. Information Classification: Restricted 165 Internet of Things – Machine to Machine
  147. 147. Information Classification: Restricted 166 Internet of Things – Machine to Machine
  148. 148. Information Classification: Restricted 167
  149. 149. Information Classification: Restricted 168 Digitally Charged Products
  150. 150. Information Classification: Restricted 169 Measurable World
  151. 151. Information Classification: Restricted 170 IoT - New Business Models Physical Freemium Object Self Service Digital Add On Product as a Point of Sale
  152. 152. Information Classification: Restricted 171 Real Time Analytics
  153. 153. Information Classification: Restricted 172 Measurable World Google = Online IoT = Everything else
  154. 154. Information Classification: Restricted 173 Customer experience through personalization Hyper-Personal Service High Resolution Service
  155. 155. Information Classification: Restricted 174 High-Resolution Service
  156. 156. Information Classification: Restricted 175 High-Resolution Service
  157. 157. Information Classification: Restricted 176 Privacy? The IoT guys are still balancing that.
  158. 158. Information Classification: Restricted 177 It’s Working! A Measurable World
  159. 159. Information Classification: Restricted 178 It’s Working! A Measurable World
  160. 160. Information Classification: Restricted 179 It’s Working! A Measurable World
  161. 161. Information Classification: Restricted 180 What we’re seeing  Manufacturers move towards being Service Providers  Industry and Internet Cultures are coming together  Business value to eco-systems of manufacturers, developers and cloud providers is enormous.  Tailoring for these opportunities won’t happen in the boardroom. It needs iterative hardware + software development  The first IoT ideas focus on straight forward solutions  Growing sensitivity of product design to the value and dangers around user data
  162. 162. Information Classification: Restricted 181 Any Questions? - Ask the Machine Scott Maxwell Alexa
  163. 163. Architectural considerations in an IoT world. Nigel Ashworth Solution Architect EMEA F5 Networks September 2016
  164. 164. © F5 Networks, Inc 183 • IoT Market and where we are today • IoT End-to-End Challenges • Security • Scale • Visibility • Use case Agenda
  165. 165. © F5 Networks, Inc 184 Internet of Things (IoT) Create values in a “connected society” with enhanced services that are seamless and consistent 1 million vineyard acres 380 million connected cars $10 billion smart home market 300 million smart meters 100 million street lights $117 billion smart healthcare market
  166. 166. © F5 Networks, Inc 185 Global M2M/IoT Connections: 2015-2020 Evolution Global mobile M2M/IoT connections Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index 2015–2020 Global M2M today is 50% of internet traffic
  167. 167. What is Different ?
  168. 168. © F5 Networks, Inc 187 What is Different ? Machine 2 Machine Matrix conversations MQTT and CoAP Message and Subscriber Security with SSL Very High Numbers Long lived conversations Web IoT User 2 Machine Internet / Intranet HTTP and HTTP2 Network and Web Based Security Moderate Numbers Short lived conversations
  169. 169. © F5 Networks, Inc 188 Are IoT Solutions Ready for these Challenges?
  170. 170. Security
  171. 171. © F5 Networks, Inc 190 IoT Outlook 2016 IoT Security Key Findings Source: Intelligence IoT Outlook 2016 Key Finding 1 Nearly two thirds of respondents believe IoT will present new and unique information security challenges. Key Finding 2 An additional two thirds think IoT is more vulnerable to security leaks due to the volume of devices and traffic being generated. Key Finding 3 One in three respondents think they don’t experience any DDoS attacks at all. Key Finding 4 45% of all respondents feel that reputational impact and financial loss are the biggest threats facing their business form a IoT-targeted DDoS attack.
  172. 172. © F5 Networks, Inc 191 Internet of Things Adoption – Importance of Security Enterprises: What are the key inhibitors to IoT adoption? Sources: Gartner and Infonetics Research
  173. 173. © F5 Networks, Inc 192 New Threats and Security Perimeter Challenges Each layer in the Internet of Things is susceptible to a variety of attack vectors DEVICE ATTACKS NETWORK ATTACKS APPLICATION ATTACKS Source: IBM X-Force Research and Development The businesses responsibility to protect customers, partners and the companies data that could well be beyond the Datacenters
  174. 174. What is the biggest cost to your business as a result of an IoT-related DDoS attack? Reputational damage Risk of virus/malware infection Loss of IoT connectivity Financial impact Personal data loss The cost of IoT insecurity • Our thoughts turned to the potential repercussions for managing IoT traffic. In this case, 32% deemed this the biggest risk associated with a network or data breach in IoT. With negative reputation consequences comes distrust from users, and therefore a potential rise in churn and downturn in financial fortune. Source: Intelligence IoT Outlook 2016 Responses Reputational damage 32% Loss of IoT connectivity 24% Personal data loss 19% Risk of virus/malware infection 13% Financial impact 12%
  175. 175. © F5 Networks, Inc 194 The OVH founder said that the attack had used IoT devices to mount the attack including hacked CCTV cameras and personal video recorders. “This botnet with 145607 cameras/dvr (1-30Mbps per IP) is able to send >1.5Tbps DDoS. Attack Type: tcp/ack, tcp/ack+psh, tcp/syn,” he tweeted.
  176. 176. © F5 Networks, Inc 195 Threats to End-to-End IoT Application Security IoT Platform MQTT/TLS MQTT/TLS HTTPS Gatewa y Gatewa y MQTT/TLS HTTPS MQTT/TLS HTTPS Custome rs DDoS Attack HTTPS Eavesdroppe r Things Compromised Resource depletion Protocol abuse Poisoning data Next Generation DDOS – Krebs ! Battery depletion False Data input Cipher aging
  177. 177. Delivery
  178. 178. © F5 Networks, Inc 197 Advancing to End-to-End IoT Application IoT Platform MQTT/TLS MQTT/TLS HTTPS Gateway Gateway MQTT/TLS HTTPS MQTT/TLS HTTPS Customers HTTPS Things Brokers Servers Consumers
  179. 179. © F5 Networks, Inc 198 Advancing to End-to-End IoT Application IoT Platform MQTT/TLS MQTT/TLS HTTPS Gateway Gateway MQTT/TLS HTTPS MQTT/TLS HTTPS Customers HTTPS Things Brokers Servers ConsumersIoT Platform
  180. 180. © F5 Networks, Inc 199 IoT at Scale Connected Devices MQTT Broker MQTT MQTT • Customer scaling numbers in Millions and one in Billions • POC vs Architecture IOT Stage Advanced Intermediate Early Protocol HTTP - MQTT MQTT MQTT / CoAP Key Challenge Scalability / Message Management and Security Security Security
  181. 181. © F5 Networks, Inc 200 Delivering Scale Connected Devices VIPRION Platform Or Virtual Edition SSL offload MQTT Broker MQTT Load Balancing TLS CERTIFICATE SUBJECT ID MQTT traffic Cert-based Authenticatio n MQTT SSL Offload with Full Proxy now allows for Visibility and decision making
  182. 182. © F5 Networks, Inc 201 Delivering Scale and Beyond Connected Devices VIPRION Platform Or Virtual Edition SSL offload MQTT Broker MQTT Load Balancing TLS CERTIFICATE SUBJECT ID MQTT traffic Cert-based Authenticatio n MQTT • MQTT message steering • Programmability L7 • High Availability • Topic filtering / caching • Protocol security / validation SSL Offload with Full Proxy now allows for Visibility and decision making
  183. 183. Visibility
  184. 184. © F5 Networks, Inc 203 Visibility F5 Confidential 203 APM IoT Access Control Architecture (0) Authenticate & Authorize Access Policies (2) (2) Deploy Deploy (4) Request (5) Response A . 2 A. 1 IoT Environment in Field Gateway Device Thing B.1 APM Access Policies (3) Proxy (1) (1) Configure Configure Access Policies Access Policies Gateway A.1 Device A.2 Device B.1 Owner A Owner B • Thing / Identity and Context • History • Statistics • Analytics • Planning
  185. 185. © F5 Networks, Inc 204 • Dashboard • Geolocation by state • Geolocation by country • Geolocation by region • Concurrent Sessions • Session Throughput • Access by Thing • Access Types • Top Things by identity • Top Things by throughput • Thing Type over Platform • Auth Success vs. Failed • Access by IP Reporting for Things
  186. 186. Use Case
  187. 187. © F5 Networks, Inc 206 • Unauthorised packets sent to car • Malware created • Exposes on-board controller (OBC) • Sends bad packets • 3/4/5G access Case Study – Connected Car Security Audio On-board controller Diagnostics Telematics Safety sensors Source (image): Broadcom
  188. 188. © F5 Networks, Inc 207 Firewall / DNS Firewall Embedded client certificate 2K keys 3G/4G card embedded Customer tethering Inputs 2-3 millions concurrent connected cars with 5-7 individual SIM cards Smart phone DNS Firewall Internet Identity validation serverReporting MQTT Broker Connected Car Reference Architecture IOT APP DATA CENTER SSL authentication SSL offload Protocol analysis IPSec backhaul MQTT load balancing DNS load balancing DNS DDoS protection DNS ADC Application firewall SSL offload SAML IDP App Protection Protocol Transformation CGNAT
  189. 189. © F5 Networks, Inc 208 Advancing to End-to-End IoT IoT Platform MQTT/TLS MQTT/TLS HTTPS Gatewa y Gatewa y MQTT/TLS HTTPS MQTT/TLS HTTPS Custome rs DDoS Attack HTTPS Eavesdroppe r • Security is a critical component in an end-to-end IoT architecture - Getting it wrong may have very severe consequences to the business. It is not an afterthought due to time to market concerns • Scalability - There is no small scale IOT deployments, Architect beyond the POC • Visibility - Identify and trend the things to Plan ahead.
  190. 190. IoT