Ct UPA April 2009 Newsletter


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Monthly Newsletter for the Connecticut Chapter of the Usability professionals Association

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Ct UPA April 2009 Newsletter

  1. 1. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS! APRIL 19, 2009 www.ctupa.org NEWSLETTER Our April Meeting We wi! be experimenting with a new concepquot; Ride Share Program that promises to be interesting and fu#. Have you reached out to another member to ride share Our next Chapter meeting will 4. Presenters should avoid to our next meeting? It’s a be held Wednesday evening, April 29, condensed or ultraquot;rapid speech %you great way to meet fellow 2009 at the Synapse Group in may want to practice to get the usability professionals quot;quot; and Stamford. timing down.& cut down on the expense of This month we will be 5. After the 10quot;minute traveling to our monthly experimenting with a new concept presentation, there will be 5 minutes chapter meetings. that promises to be interesting and for questions. This will be timed, as fun quot; we are having a series of very well, and kept to exactly 5 minutes. If you are interested in brief 10 minute presentations! The learning more about the 6. Speakers may optionally bring agenda is still being put together, and program quot;quot; please send me a a onequot;page handout to accompany probably will be right up until the presentation. Audience members note, or introduce yourself to Wednesday evening, but it will generally appreciate these. me at the next meeting. certainly be something di#erent. As mentioned above, the Herb Wexler will be moderating, and meeting will be held at The Synapse he has promised to be absolutely Volunteers ! Group, 225 High Ridge Road, East unmerciful in strictly enforcing the We Need Your Help! Building, Stamford, CT. Light 10 minute limit. I'm sure it will be a refreshments will be available at 6:30, huge challenge for most of us to We will need volunteers to with the meeting starting at 7:00. actually complete anything in 10 write monthly newsletter minutes. Here are the rules that we articles, present at upcoming will faithfully abide by: meetings and work on the 1. Presenters should have no Chapters social network for more than 6 slides max. members. Please contact me to signquot;up. 2. Presenters will be allowed 10 minutes exactly for the presentation. Herb will be keeping track with a Herb Wexler, timer and provide a warning at 2 Vice President CT UPA minutes to go, 1 minute to go, 30 herbwexler@optonline.net seconds to go, then at 10 minutes $ you’re done! No going over. 3. Personal introduction limited to no more than 10 seconds! http://www.ctupa.org ! PAGE 1
  2. 2. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS! APRIL 19, 2009 April Meeting location: Synapse Group, 225 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT. As is our custom, light refreshments will be available at 6:30, and informal networking will ensue until the meeting commences at 7:00. http://www.synapsegroupinc.com/ Mad*Pow Rocks in March! Our March meeting was both well attended and extremely informative. Our deepest thanks to Amy Cueva and Michael Hawley for expertly presenting; ! quot; Search & Filter: Interface Roundup ! quot; Turning Your Customer Experience into a Competitive Di#erentiator ! quot; Social Media for Business If you are interested in downloading the slide decks quot; click the link below %Search under Recent Events& http://www.madpow.net/madquot;powquot;ourquot;companyquot;events.html www.madpow.com ! PAGE 2
  3. 3. CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF USABILITY PROFESSIONALS! APRIL 19, 2009 INTERFACE TOOL TIPS Wireframe Tool: iPlotz Oquot;ers more than Wireframes # # # 1 There seems to be a quiet war raging in the software industry quot; among an array of companies attempting to satisfy the needs of the GUI designer. In my opinion, this war is long over due. The days for supplying GUI designers with tools like Visio and Illustrator to create mockups are over. It’s time to have tools that focus on doing a few things very well, versus jammed packed with features. iPlotz is both a desktop and web application that is based on three basic principles; 1. Manage 2. Wireframe 2 3. Preview The Manage landing page allows the designer to setquot;up a project and establish timeframes, tasks and accountabilities. The Wireframe dashboard features a robust array of interface components quot; that can be dragged and dropped onto a canvas. In addition to a browser & application window, there is a iPhone widget. If you are creating several wireframes, they are easily linked together quot; providing simple, clickable wireframes. Finally, you can preview the wireframes in the Preview mode quot; where it s simple to usability test. As seen in exhibit 3, the 3 wireframes are in a ‘sketch’ mode quot; which looks hand drawn. A single license is a#ordable quot; just '75 for the desktop version. There are several other pricing options available. http://iplotz.com/price.php Kudos to the developers of iPlotz quot; they have created a very good wireframing tool. - Michael Rawlins President CT UPA muchael.rawlins@gmail.co$ ! PAGE 3