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From on-premise to on-demand! North America's only
                                          conference that shows ISV's h...
“By the end of 2009, 76% of U.S. organizations will use
                    at least one SaaS-delivered application for bu...
See who has just joined the amazing speaker line up right now –

                        CLOUD C...
Identify and overcome your challenges with SAAS
    DAY 1 – MONDAY 5TH OCTOBER                      The real cloud players...
Build an effective strategy to take your software into the cloud in 2009!
  DAY 2 – TUESDAY 6TH OCTOBER                   ...
Cloud Computing Exhibition Zone:
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From on-premise to on-demand! North America's only
                                                 conference that shows ...
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Software Vendors SaaS Migration Conference - Brochure 09


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Software as a service (Saas) is growing fast. Today, almost every single Independent Software Vendor (ISV) have developed or are planning to develop their own Saas options. The massive opportunities opened up by cloud computing are simply too great to ignore

We have compiled an extensive list of topics that match exactly what you need to know. Here are a just a few of the benefits you will take away:

Winning cloud strategies: Discover the smart choices you need to make for your software business through in-depth analysis and the very best SaaS market forecasts

Eco-system excellence: Discover who you need to work with and the best ways to build profitable cloud computing partnerships

Business model best practices: Understand how the change into SaaS will affect your software distribution channels and what you can do to make the transition as seamless as possible

Unlock new revenue streams: Discover the profits your software business can start racking up as soon as you shift to a SaaS model

Boardroom brilliance: Learn how to deliver a projected balance sheet that will convince your board to move into the cloud

Cloud computing roadmap: Hear first hand how leading software-as-a-service providers have built their profitable cloud computing businesses from the ground up

Reduce risk and ramp up security: What you need to know about enterprise risk, information & lifecycle management, compliance and audit, incident response and more…

Your complimentary event brochure in PDF format includes:

Full and complete agenda

Information on roundtables and open discussions

And much more...

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Software Vendors SaaS Migration Conference - Brochure 09

  1. 1. From on-premise to on-demand! North America's only conference that shows ISV's how to migrate to the cloud SAVE UP TO $200 Cloud Computing for Register NOW! Software VendorS‘09 October 5 – 6 2009, Crowne Plaza, San Jose, USA Software vendors: Get your software onto the cloud and on-demand to profit from the explosive SaaS market North America's only Software Vendor focused forum designed C-LEVEL EXPERT SPEAKERS specifically to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the FROM EVERY LAYER OF THE explosive SaaS market CLOUD ECO-SYSTEM • WINNING CLOUD STRATEGIES: Hear in-depth examples from Terry Wise, Amazon Web Services, IBM,, Enomaly and more to Amazon Web help you choose what will work best for your business Services • CLOUD ECO-SYSTEM EXCELLENCE: Identify the partners you need to get your SaaS off the ground and run it the way you want • SAAS BUSINESS MODEL BEST PRACTICES: Find out the Mark Trang, best way to re-architect your applications, re-phrase your marketing and re-structure your pricing and distribution model to make money fast! • REACH NEW REVENUE THROUGH THE CLOUD: Take your Dave Mitchell, business global and access brand new markets IBM • GET BOARD BUY-IN FOR CLOUD: Learn how to overcome your board's concerns on security, data and supply chain management by delivering a projected balance sheet that clearly shows cloud computing's silver lining - big time profits Jeffrey Kaplan, THINK strategies • CLOUD COMPUTING ROADMAP: Discover the best way to take your first steps into the cloud by hearing how top SaaS providers such as Callidus On-Demand built their profitable businesses from the ground up Jeffrey Saling, Callidus On • REDUCE RISK AND RAMP UP CLOUD SECURITY: What Demand you need to know about enterprise risk, information & lifecycle management, compliance and audit, incident response and more... IAAS SAAS ISV SPEED NETWORKING, SOFTWARE INDUSTRY Why you need to be in the S conference room! PLU COCKTAIL PARTY, TOPIC FOCUSED DISCUSSION TABLES AND MUCH MORE! Media Partners 150+ senior level attendees By the end of 2009, 76% of U.S 20+ industry leading experts organizations will use at least one SaaS-delivered application 6 topic focused discussion sessions for business use” 1 blockbusting cloud computing conference! IDC Research, 2009 Look inside to view the packed agenda!
  2. 2. “By the end of 2009, 76% of U.S. organizations will use at least one SaaS-delivered application for business use.” Economic Crisis Response: Worldwide Software as a Service Forecast Update (IDC, 2009) For Software Vendors the game has The problems you need to face to unlock your Industry experts, future partners - changed - get into the cloud or get gone future in the cloud meet them all and become a part of the cloud computing community Software as a service (SaaS) is growing fast. Today, There is a lot of work, time and resources involved in transforming your almost every single Independent Software Vendor (ISV) has business into a SaaS offering. If you are wondering whether The Cloud To ensure your future success with SaaS, you need developed or is planning to develop their own SaaS offerings. Computing for Software Vendors Conference is for you, ask yourself the to build partnerships with experts that will help you The massive opportunities opened up by cloud computing are following questions: assemble a robust, bulletproof and fail-safe business simply too great to ignore. • Do you need to know how best to take your products and services model, the platform experts who will tell you which global and expand rapidly into brand new markets? applications and possibilities are open to your business “Software as a service is forecast to • Is it vital that you know how to re-architect your existing applications and the hardware manufacturers who can show you to enable full leverage of the web? how to massively reduce the costs of deployment. have a compound annual growth rate of You will meet them all at this conference, saving you 22.1% through 2011 for the aggregate • Have you got to get a grip on the confusing array of new software literally thousands of hours in building and prospecting enterprise application software markets, development tools? every contact from ground zero. more than double the growth rate for • Do you need help with the considerable task of re-structuring your total enterprise software” packaging and pricing models and do you need to know the financial Our speakers are the best minds in the business - at implications it will have? this conference you will hear from and meet over 20 Gartner, June 2009 leading players including: • Would it benefit you to be able to deliver a dead-on accurate The traditional licensing based model has exceeded its sell-by- projected balance sheet to your board - outlining all the costs of Director of ISV Relations - Amazon Web Services; date across several software services. Providers of enterprise adopting a cloud model? Director of ISV & Platform Marketing - Salesforce. database systems, government intelligence solutions, • Are you worried about security in the cloud? Would you like to get com; Director of ISV & Developer Relations – IBM; accounting packages, human resource applications and the full picture and best analysis from the industry's leading minds? CEO – Enomaly; Founder - Blue Mountain Labs, complex IT suites are all now competing against compelling Cloud Computing Project Lead - National Institute of cloud solutions. More and more end users are discovering and There is no doubt that these are tough challenges, that's why we have Standards & Technology and more! loving the custom build options, on-demand usage, flexibility designed the Cloud Computing for Software Vendors Conference with and global accessibility of cloud computing. In some cases these problems in mind and have focused our time and resources Brought to you by CloudFutures this conference is SaaS is even halving end user's costs. With benefits like providing you with the very best answers possible to all of these North America’s ONLY annual meeting space focused these it is no surprise that your licensees are voting with their questions and more. entirely on the business of Cloud Computing from the budgets and funding the SaaS revolution. independent software vendor's viewpoint. In just two days get the answers and You already know you need to get into the cloud - but do This is not a big expo – you will not be subjected to contacts you need most countless sales pitches. Every single attendee will be you know the best way to do it? Have you mapped out all the strategies, top-level decisions and expertise you will a key decision maker serious about taking advantage No other event or industry report can provide you with all the contacts, need? The Cloud Computing for Software Vendors business of new and lucrative markets by moving their information and in-depth analysis you need to make your software conference has been created specifically to answer these software into the cloud. With dedicated networking business a part of the cloud revolution. The Cloud Computing for questions and to enable your business to make a smooth and lunches, breaks and an industry party, you will get Software Vendors Conference is a must-attend event if you are jolt free transition from a licensed based model into a cutting hours of face-to-face time with the people you need to planning to migrate your software into the cloud and start racking up edge cloud solution. meet the most. the profits. The stratospheric promise of cloud computing Our cutting edge agenda is based upon hundreds of hours of primary Secure your future in the cloud - research with leading industry analysts and with software company book your ticket today executives like you. We have compiled an extensive list of topics that “The software as a service (SaaS) match exactly what you need to know. Here are just a few of the You owe it to yourself to attend this year's Cloud market is projected to achieve $8 billion benefits you will take away: Computing for Software Vendors Conference. You in 2009, almost a 22% increase from know this industry moves fast, you can't afford to • Get first hand accounts from the early adopters of cloud platforms - wait, you need the knowledge and contacts this 2008 revenue of $6.6 billion” including, Callidus on Demand and Zeus Technology event offers now. “Market Trends: Software as a Service, - and the secret to how they profited by offering their software Worldwide, 2009-2013” Gartner Research on demand Make the smart choice and book your ticket early - • See the future costs you face and what benefits changing your price ensuring you won't be disappointed if we sell out and structure will have on your whole enterprise - PLUS discover the maximize your ROI as you will get the very best price Cloud computing is the most important thing to happen trick to building a multi-tiered pricing model that is essential for your if you book today and an even better price if you book to the software industry since the explosion of personal long-term success a team! computers. Early providers such as Amazon Web Services have seen phenomenal growth in the last few years and • Learn how to increase security and reduce your risk - find out why the adoption rate has been faster than anyone would have control of your sensitive data is imperative and understand what you predicted. Further more, the user base is not just start-ups need to know to deal with: and small businesses, the biggest customers in both number Compliance and audit - incident response - load balancing - and amount of computing resources consumed are banks, secure server hosting - migrating data securely between clouds pharmaceutical companies and other large corporations. and more… This is just the beginning, as more industries and end users • Take away a full understanding of the factors behind the SaaS become aware of the benefits of SaaS, the growth of cloud industry growth so you can plan how your offering will fit into the CALL US nOW On computing will increase further and the market will expand future of cloud computing (1) 800 814 3459 to include new services, new industries and more revenue • An in-depth definition of cloud computing from the National Institute streams for SaaS providers. of Standards & Technology and how this federal agency can help Or BOOk OnLinE AT: But challenges await! you develop and apply your SaaS solution Call now (1) 800 814 3459
  3. 3. See who has just joined the amazing speaker line up right now – CLOUD COMPUTING EXPERT SPEAKERS Terry Wise Sajai Krishnan Director of Business Development, CEO Amazon Web Services Parascale “Cloud computing mark Trang, Alok misra represents a Senior Director Global Partner Principal Marketing & AppExchange Navatar Group fundamental change in the design and delivery Dave mitchell of technology. Peter Laird Director of Strategy and Architect Cloud Futures is a Emerging Business - ISV IBm Tendril Networks timely forum where established ISVs can learn how to Jeffrey Saling Nolan m. Goldberg capitalize on the Senior VP Senior Associate exciting opportunities Callidus on Demand Proskauer rose LLP and avoid the serious pitfalls of the cloud computing market” Dr richard reiner Sam Johnston Jeffrey Kaplan, CEO Founder Managing Director, enomaly oCCI THINK strategies John r. rymer VP Principal Analyst WHO ATTENDS THE CLOUD COMPUTING Forrester research, Inc. FOR SOFTWARE VENDORS CONFERENCE? Do you want a more in depth Jim reavis Co-Founder knowledge of how Cloud Cloud Security Alliance Computing will affect your Software Sales over the next 12 -18 months? Are you looking at ways to increase the commercial Peter m. mell effectiveness of your business Cloud Computing Project Lead National Institute of Standards through Cloud Computing & Technology Capabilities? Are you looking to integrate a cloud platform into your software activities? eric Novikoff We will bring together Heads or Directors of: COO enki • Software Strategy • OEM & Business • Enterprise & Product Development Architecture Development • Systems • Software Vidur Apparao • Operations Integration Development CTO • ISV/ VAR • Finance • Corporate Strategy Liveops & more… Turn this page to see what each of our expert speakers will be discussing
  4. 4. Identify and overcome your challenges with SAAS DAY 1 – MONDAY 5TH OCTOBER The real cloud players How to convince your board to Discover how the cloud eco-system is made up adopt SaaS Chairman’s Overview & Welcome and follow the early adopters to a brand new way Find out how to sell the benefits of cloud Jeffrey Kaplan, Managing Director, of profiting! computing to senior level management and how THINK strategies • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): Take away the to align your goals with theirs most comprehensive notes on how this layer • How to sell the benefits of cloud computing to of the cloud ecosystem can help your software CLOUD COMPUTING – reach the masses senior level management and how to align your goals with theirs WHERE ARE WE GOING? • Platform as a service (PaaS): Discover how to • Speak their language: Discover how to frame avoid ‘cloud lock in’ and ensure you pick the your projects in management terms, not Cloud Computing Defined: The right platform that moulds itself around your technical terms – get right to the bottom line national institute Perspective business requirements and show them how cloud computing will save • Webhosts: Discover where hosting companies money and increase the bottom line Understand the true meaning of the “cloud” fit in and why you need to work with them to • Show your management case studies and and find out how on-demand computing is ensure your data is secure examples: Support your application for cloud by completely disrupting your business model right now • Hardware: Want to do-it-yourself? Bring together pushing cost savings and revenue enhancement a catalogue of hardware and peripherals you will • Discover the NIST Definition of “Cloud To see a fully updated agenda go to need to get your very own cloud in the online sky Computing” and understand what it really right now! means for your traditional software business Peter Laird, Architect, Tendril Networks (Author of Laird model) • Understand the important role cloud Assess the cost of adopting architecture plays in your move to SaaS STOP TALKING – START DOING: GET a cloud model • Find out why a universal definition for "cloud • Make sure your math is correct and deliver computing" will benefit the entire cloud space YOUR SOFTWARE ONTO THE CLOUD! a foolproof projected balance sheet that and propel the SaaS market into new levels considers all possible costs of implementing of growth interoperability and what it means a cloud model Peter mell, Cloud Computing Project Lead, for you • Understand the big pieces in implementing National Institute of Standards the cloud model, in addition to developing & Technology (NIST) Find out why this debate is important to your your own application online plans and how you can avoid vendor lock- in and give yourself the best options for your new • Avoid getting blind-sighted and learn how to kEYnOTE: Market size and growth distribution model calculate the total costs involved in running capabilities for your software your cloud business successfully • Promotion of open technologies that prevent • Take away Amazon Webs Services perspective vendor lock-in Alok misra, Principal, Navatar Group on the growth capabilities of the SaaS market • Allowing data and applications to move freely and understand why there has never been a from one cloud to another CASE STUDIES FROM SAAS better time to supply a software on-demand • The support for open cloud standards and the • Get invaluable insight and industry Zeus Technology journey towards real interoperability predictions from a leading platform provider about the current size of the SaaS market Sam Johnston, Founder, Learn from early adopting Cloud Software and the predicted growth levels over the open Cloud Computing Interface (oCCI) Vendors and find out how they have built their next 12 - 18 months SaaS products and how you can do the same • End of traditional software? Hear what Getting ready for the Cloud • Discover how Zeus have used the GoGrid Amazon Web Services have to say about • Business Strategy - what are the economic, platform to extend their offering through traditional licensed software distribution and cultural and organizational implications of the cloud what the future holds for traditional moving to the cloud? • Find out how this leading on-demand software vendors • Technical Considerations - Make sure you application company have managed to adopt Terry Wise, Director of Business Development, understand the Architecture, Enablement and a fully integrated cloud model for improved Amazon Web Services Delivery options available to your business application delivery and great returns • Distribution - Direct and indirect channels for raja Srinivasan, Director of Business kEYnOTE: 7 Secrets of Cloud cloud services: What is the right route for you? Development, Zeus Technology Startup Success Dave mitchell, Director of Strategy and • Learn how cloud computing and SaaS Emerging Business, ISV & Developer Relations, Callidus On Demand changes the business model for IBm • Understand how a leading sales performance software vendors management software provider has leveraged • Hear best practices on how to take Take your first steps into the cloud the power of the cloud to offer multi- advantage of the new model to effectively • Assemble a toolkit that will allow you to open vertical solutions for Insurance, Banking, build your cloud business new markets and reach out to customers on a Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Life global scale Sciences and Retail • Take home proven tools and actionable ideas from market leaders to apply to your • Ensure your SaaS option stands out from the • Take away top tips to take your software into own company crowd and achieve product differentiation that the cloud and open the door to verticals to mark Trang, Senior Director, Global Partner will have your customers signing up fast create new revenue streams for your solutions Marketing & AppExchange, Speaker tbc Jeffrey Saling, Senior VP, Callidus on Demand Reserve your place today – call (1) 800 814 3459
  5. 5. Build an effective strategy to take your software into the cloud in 2009! DAY 2 – TUESDAY 6TH OCTOBER THE CLOUD SECURITY CLOUD LITIGATION CONUNDRUM IN DEPTH! & THE LAW Chairman’s Welcome Jeffrey Kaplan, Managing Director, Enterprise risk Minimizing legal risks when THINK strategies moving your application Assess the risk to your enterprise: Discover how cloud computing will impact the level of control over your to the Cloud CLOUD CONSIDERATIONS AND sensitive data • Highlight the top e-discovery, data MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY • Compliance and audit: Ensure you are able to offer protection/privacy, and intellectual a secure software solution that won't harm you or property risks inherent in various types of revenue switch (from licensing your customers cloud-based services, including a briefing of the current state of the law to cash-flow) • Incident response: Learn how to deal with server down times and cloud information retrieval systems • Consider the very different legal concerns • Discover how offering your users a to give your customers complete piece of mind of your potential customers “pay-for-what-you-use” revenue model doesn’t mean slashed income for your • Load balancing: Discover why multiple servers • Benefit from contractual and technological business – see how the subscription model and server farms don’t always mean increased measures that can be used to address will actually help you push your profits security problems both the service provider and service through the roof! customer’s legal concerns, including the Jim reavis, Co-Founder, Cloud Security Alliance advantages and disadvantages of • Understand the costs of deploying a SaaS various solutions application and find out how to price up SOFTWARE OR SERVICE? Nolan Goldberg, Senior Associate, your model accordingly Proskauer rose LLP • Just like your clients you need to control Your own private cloud costs – find out how a new revenue model will not just alter your business but add real • Set up your own private cloud: Ensure the decisions WHAT THE ANALYSTS SAY! measurable value you make are based on the long term strategy of eric Novikoff, COO, enki your enterprise and not your software product Analysts Panel: SaaS • The software route: Find out why placing your migration - the pros and cons The Cloud imperative current software on a third party server will give you • Hear from industry leading analysts • Understand how the cloud will not destroy advantages such as cost reduction and outsourced and media partners as they analyze the conventional software solutions overnight platform management but not total control advantages and disadvantages of adopting but will offer a set of market opportunities • Clouds are not cheap! Assess the investment a SaaS model for software vendors needed to get your own cloud off the ground and • Find out why SaaS adoption may not • Discover which business models will win when you can expect to reach a return be the whole answer for the progression and what sort of cloud solutions the end Sajai Krishnan, CEO, ParaScale of your software business and why a user (your customers) are actually buying hybrid approach may suit your business • Realize the threats to incumbent solution CLOUD APPLICATIONS & ENHANCEMENTS processes better in the long run vendors who are unwilling to act now • Take away the 'for and against' arguments • Hear a leading industry analyst firm deliver The next wave of cool apps and put the most profitable route for your their findings and forecasts to directly assist business to play right away • Discover the next wave of cloud platforms your planning available to aid the delivery of your software John r. rymer, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester research, Inc. products on-demand iSV – SaaS • What’s next? Take a look at the latest in a series of cool apps that will radically transform the way you Discussion roundtables Getting SaaS ready for the do business over the next 12 – 18 months 6 ISV Cloud specific topical Mission Critical Part of Dr. richard reiner, CEO, enomaly discussion tables: the Enterprise No time has been better for SaaS adoption in the enterprise market. However, there remain 1 On-Premise to On-Demand: Technical issues a few hurdles for the industry to overcome. Discover how to unlock the power of the cloud for the enterprise market. 2 The Cloud Computing eco-system – identify the right partners • Architect: Learn how to architect from the beginning for massive scalability 3 Cloud litigation and the Law – what you need to know • Availability: What your technical team needs to know to ensure five nines uptime • ALL NEW TOPIC FOCUSED DISCUSSION 4 How to market your new SaaS option! • Security: Discover security processes necessary to build trust with your customers PLUS! ROUNDTABLES • SPEED NETWORKING 5 How to convince your board to invest in a SaaS distribution model 6 • Innovation. Learn how the cloud offers a SESSIONS Cloud Security: Offer your customers new model of continuous innovation AND MORE! a secure service with confidence Vidur Apparao, CTO, Liveops Register now at
  6. 6. Cloud Computing Exhibition Zone: Do you want to meet iSV’s? This October in San Jose, world beating independent software and SaaS EVER FIND YOURSELF ASKING vendors will gather to hear from those leading the charge and delivering THESE KINDS OF qUESTIONS? innovative solutions to assist their operations in the cloud. The Cloud Computing for Software • Where can I find customers for my cloud Vendors Conference offers an excellent platform and hosting services? range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities to suit every need and • Which emerging cloud challenges will offer budget. Top executives from every my business lucrative opportunities facet of the software industry will come going forward? together to focus on their ongoing • Who should I partner with to take my challenges on the most pressing solutions into new markets and add implementation, technological and significantly to my bottom line? strategic issues facing them today. If you need our speakers and delegates Well, ask no more! as partners or clients, this event is your biggest opportunity for you to meet, greet Secure an exhibition space at the Cloud and impress them in person. Computing for Software Vendors Conference and you’ll get the answers you need! So, if you have a solution or service that can help software vendors in their quest to move their traditional software online, on demand and Call (1)800 814 3459 to build a reach new customers, make sure you sign up today to secure your package to suit your direct exclusive position at the conference – with very limited space and business needs and budget! opportunities available, you simply cannot fail to get excellent exposure for your company and secure real business benefits. Get your brand in front of hundreds of senior YOUR EXHIBITION decision makers from independent Software Vendors! AREA GIVES YOU • Exhibition Booth • One to one meetings with ISVs AN UNRIVALLED • Platform demonstrations • Speaking slot on main agenda OPPORTUNITY TO: • Cocktail drinks sponsor • Delegate seat drop • Provide highly targeted exposure • Discussion table moderation • Outstanding branding for your brand and market leading opportunities solutions These are just a few ways to make sure every delegate leaves • Demonstrate your infrastructure software/ hosting capabilities with your business card in hand. Cloud Futures will build you directly to your target market and the perfect package to make sure you get the very best from get their feedback and advice on this unique forum your products CALL CLOUD FUTUrES riGHT nOW On • Network, hold meetings and have greater interaction with existing (1) 917 270 4603 and potential clients • Form relationships with senior level nETWOrkinG DrinkS PArTY decision makers from software vendors from right across the On the evening of October 5, take the opportunity industry! to share a drink with industry leaders and network with your peers. Make the vital new contacts VERY LIMITED SPACES and take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet with the best from the Cloud Computing AVAILABLE… landscape under one roof, for one night only! Contact us to secure your spot! Contact Jim Cohen today on (1) 917 270 4603 or
  7. 7. Make a difference to your bottom line - Register Now! SAVE UP TO $200 Cloud Computing for Software VendorS‘09 Register NOW! 3 EASY STEPS TO REGISTER NOW! 1. Your Choice of Registration Package Date & Venue Please tick the package price box you require below: October 6 - 7, 2009 The Crowne Plaza, San Jose, USA DISCOUNTED STANDARD BOOKINGS BEFORE PRICE Hotel Discounts SEPTEMBER 3RD We have negotiated a special room rate at the PLATinUM PASS The Crowne Plaza. Reservation and price details $1,395 $1,595 Full 2 day pass, Audio & Visual CD, Full will be sent to you when you register. summit documentation + access to all lunches, breaks and networking party Group Discounts GOLD PASS Take advantage of Cloud Futures unique $1,195 $1,395 Full 2 day pass, Full summit group discounts. The more people you bring, documentation + access to all lunches, the more money your company saves! breaks and networking party Contact the Cloud Futures team on TrADiTiOnAL iSV PASS +1 800 814 3459 or +44 (0)20 7375 7575 or Full 2 day pass, Full summit email for more details documentation + access to all lunches, $995 $1,195 breaks and networking party 3. Payment * Available to On Premise ISV's only - ALL registrations will be verified Choose one of the following payment options: AUDiO & ViSUAL CD $300 I enclose a check/draft for: $ ______________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) 2. Delegate Details Please invoice my company: $ ______________________ Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations Customer Priority Code: Purchase Order No.:_______________________________ Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: Please charge my credit card: $ _____________________ Last name: Amex Visa Mastercard Company: Position/Title: Credit card number: Telephone: Fax: Expiry date: Email: Security Code (3 digits on the back of the card): Address: Name on card: Signature: ZIP Code: Country: NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE ACCESS TO THE SUMMIT 5 Easy Ways to Register today! Cancellation Policy Places are transferable without any charge. Cancellations before September 4, 2009 incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you cancel • CALL Cloud Futures on +1 800 814 3459 or +44 (0)20 7375 7575 your registration after September 4, 2009 we will be obliged to charge the full fee. Please note – you must notify Cloud Futures in writing of a • FAx This form to +44 (0)20 7375 7576 or +1 800 814 3460 cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge the full fee. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme without notice. All • EMAiL The Cloud Futures registration team on prices displayed are exclusive of vat (value added tax) unless otherwise stated but, vat will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on • MAiL This form to Cloud Futures 7 - 9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX , UK the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. Please see terms & conditions on • OnLinE Register your details securely at usa/terms.htm for more information Designed by The No Nonsense Group - Fax this form to 1800 814 3460
  8. 8. From on-premise to on-demand! North America's only conference that shows ISV's how to migrate to the cloud SAVE UP TO $200 Cloud Computing for Register NOW! Software VendorS‘09 October 5 – 6 2009, Crowne Plaza, San Jose, USA Software vendors: Get your software onto the cloud and on-demand to profit from the explosive SaaS market Take advantage of new opportunities in the exploding SAAS market and meet the people blazing the trail Who will you meet at the Cloud Computing • Software Strategy & • Systems Integration for Software Vendors Conference Product Development • Finance • Operations • Enterprise Architecture The Cloud Computing for Software Vendors Conference is the annual think tank for C-level decision • ISV/ VAR • Software Development makers, software developers, systems engineers, architects • OEM & Business • Corporate Strategy from the Independent Software Vendor space. Development & more... More great reasons for you to attend! Media Partners 1 Groundbreaking implementation case studies: Receive cutting edge and insightful case studies from market-leading Software-as- a-service (SaaS) companies to benchmark your own processes and take away best practice techniques. No other event can deliver such insights and the answers to key Cloud Computing challenges you face. 2 Interactive discussion tables: Join in a series of thought- provoking discussion forums designed to drill down into the business critical issues that matter to you most. Including defining cloud opportunities, impact on traditional software distribution, Platform-as- a-service, Partnerships and more... 3 In-depth workshops: With a selection of hot topic workshops to choose from. These free learning seminars provide unique expert analysis and delegate participation to ensure you take away blueprints for successful Cloud Computing implementation strategies 5 Easy Ways to Register Today 4 Unrivalled networking: During the 13+ hours of dedicated networking you will rub shoulders with the sharpest minds in Cloud Computing. This will give you unprecedented opportunities to meet, discuss and debate with your Software peers and the industries most innovative thinkers. 5 No sales pitches: Cloud Computing for Software Vendors USA is an +1 800 814 3459 or +44 (0)20 7375 7575 independent event. Every presentation goes through a rigorous review process in advance to ensure consistent high quality presentations for + 1 800 814 3460 or +44 (0)20 7375 7576 all speakers including sponsors. You will hear their capabilities in the expo room, not the conference hall. * Cloud Futures, 7-9 Fashion St, London, E1 6PX, UK Your software needs to evolve - Find out how to take advantage of the SAAS revolution! Open NOW!