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Published by Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor, BlackBerry Dev Alpha, January 2012, Licensed Vendor for BlackBerry World App and Development, Social Media, Digital Content by BlackBerry Laws, Copyrights, Authorship, Commercial Rights and Compliance , Health & Safety Compliance, IP Laws Pioneer for Data Encryption, Global Entrepreneur, Global Sales and Social Media Networking, Global Vending, Attributed Use for all Global Resellers of BlackBerry Products and Services, Digital Content, Patent, Global Promotion for BlackBerry Apps Development and the Foundation for a Raving Tigers BlackBerry Business Solutions as per stipulations and agreements on policies and rights over use , print and distribution to re-distribution over corporations of Global Merchandising of Communication Devices that pioneers data encryption and Social Hubs as attributions to the hallmarks of BlackBerry Dev Alpha C into the market release version of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 as separate and treated as one unit of manufactured programming,from its concept to approval which must meet Blackberry standard for its release and hacked for its vulnerability on CrackBerry exclusive to both "Gods" and Demons" of this world of the Fruit-wares, called BlackBerry and these could be coded as well. Z10 and Q10. Written by: Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor, Blackberry Dev Alpha A to C, 2012 to present and 10% only addicted, for the love of GOD! No mercy until I get my millions and a private jet, a school or an intellectual law institution or many. I am the Pioneer of WORK IN MOTION FOR my Raving Tigers Business Solutions which is for micro/macro economic developments and dependent on consumerism as well as the provision of scholarships to increase revenues for BlackBerry in the deliverance of its goal for mobilisation of these technologies, as an integral part of the backbone of every struggling small business owners who only needs one device, a BlackBerry. © 2013 Research In Motion Limited, 295 Phillip St., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3W8. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of RIM and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world.

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Widgets neil

  1. 1. Introduction to BlackBerry Widgets Tim Neil Manager, Development Tools
  2. 2. What are BlackBerry Widgets? • Based off of the W3C widget specification as standalone applications that are entirely created with standard web technology • BlackBerry® widgets leverage BlackBerry API’s in a secure manageable container • Same distribution/management model as native applications and can be distributed through BlackBerry App World™ • Will be available in an upcoming version of the BlackBerry Operating System
  3. 3. What are BlackBerry Widgets? • User interface is entirely authored in HTML/CSS • Application logic is written in JavaScript with access to BlackBerry Widget API extensions • Access to Gears API’s for multi-threading, local storage via SQLite and Geolocation • Access to SD Card, PIM, native applications, data push and more • Packaged as a ZIP archive and converted into a BlackBerry Widget via using the BlackBerry Widget SDK
  4. 4. BlackBerry Widget Model
  5. 5. BlackBerry Widget API’s Application and System Events • onBackground, onCoverageChange, etc. Push Services • Both Corporate and Consumer push using existing techniques Identity information • Phone numbers, PIN, email addresses Personal Information Management • Search and edit Email, Calendar, Tasks, Notepad, Contacts, etc.
  6. 6. BlackBerry Widget API’s Application Launcher – Invoke native apps with data, Invoke 3rd party Java® apps with data File IO – Read, write, traverse local files on eMMC and SDCard System Properties – Change home screen icon, background etc. User Interface – System Dialogs, Dynamic Menu items Utilities – Parsing URL’s, BlobToString, Generate unique ID, etc.
  7. 7. Some Example JavaScript <script type="text/javascript"> // Create our Appointment var newAppt = new blackberry.pim.Appointment(); newAppt.location = "Your office"; newAppt.summary = "Talk about new project"; newAppt.freeBusy = blackberry.pim.Appointment.FREE; // Create our hour time slot var start = new Date(); newAppt.start = start; var end = start.setHours(start.getHours() + 1); newAppt.end = end; // Create Attendee var attendees = new Array(); var onlyAttendee = new blackberry.pim.Attendee(); onlyAttendee.address = "john@foo.com"; onlyAttendee.type = blackberry.pim.Attendee.INVITED; attendees.push(onlyAttendee); // Save Appointment newAppt.attendees = attendees; newAppt.save(); </script>
  8. 8. BlackBerry Widget Packager Standalone command line utility which is part of the BlackBerry Widget SDK for packaging your Widget • Input: Widget archive • Output: Packaged BlackBerry Widget Integrated into BlackBerry Web Plug-in Tools • Widget plug-ins available in both Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008 and in Eclipse® • No Debugging support available in first Beta Signs your application with a BlackBerry Code Signing key
  9. 9. BlackBerry Widget Security Model How to secure your BlackBerry Widget
  10. 10. BlackBerry Widget Security Overview • BlackBerry Widgets must be signed with a Research In Motion (RIM) code signing key • The same access control policies can be applied to Widgets as can be applied to native applications • Web resources outside of the widget can be pulled in from external sources as long as those sources match the white list provided with your widget • Widget JavaScript API’s are only provided in a BlackBerry Widget, and not in the BlackBerry® Browser
  11. 11. White Listing Domains • The core to a BlackBerry widget is the config.xml file based on the W3C specification for widgets • This configuration document specifies many things like the name, author, description, version, icon etc for the widget • It also contains an area where you list domains that will be white listed so that content from those domains can be pulled into the widget • Comparing a URL for compliance is based on the Same Origin policy rules
  12. 12. Allowing Access To API’s • Allowing access to Widget JavaScript API’s must also be declared in the config.xml file • This is done with the <feature> element • For each API you wish to use, there is an associated feature id that must be specified in your configuration • Outside domains can access widget API’s if they have been properly assigned in the white list
  13. 13. Last Mile Security • Always follow proper security practices when bringing in outside content into your widget • i.e. Content from only trusted sources, and it is valuable to SSL secure the connection for any man in the middle attacks • A user or Corporate Administrator can set security policies for each widget to specify which functionality they will allow that application to access
  14. 14. Time For a Demo Let’s Take a look at BlackBerry Widgets
  15. 15. Custom BlackBerry Widget API Extensions • RIM will continue to add new BlackBerry Widget API’s. Most will not require new OS versions to be used • As a Java developer you can create your own custom JavaScript extension to package with your widget • Wrap any of the BlackBerry API’s by implementing the provided JavaScript interfaces • Package your BlackBerry Widget API extension in the widget archive to be distributed with your application
  16. 16. Digging Deeper with BlackBerry Widgets Some under the hood details
  17. 17. Getting into the Nuts and Bolts • Packaged as a Java application utilizing the new Browser Field to render the content and run JavaScript • Could be considered a “Hybrid” Application • Web assets of the widget are left untouched and are encapsulated as embedded resources • BlackBerry Widget API’s are added to the nested Browser Field NOTE: Widget JavaScript API’s are not accessible in the BlackBerry Browser. Only in a widget
  18. 18. Summary • BlackBerry Widgets are completely authored with web technologies • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc • Widgets run on BlackBerry® Device Software v5.0 and can be distributed through BlackBerry App World • Are generated using the BlackBerry Widget SDK • Tooling integration with Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio is now available • JavaScript debugging support coming soon • Custom JavaScript extensions will be supported soon, but they are not available in the current available release
  19. 19. Another way to give us your feedback… • There is an online survey for mobile web application developers on Widget APIs: • Which APIs are you most interested in? • Which ones are the most / least important to you? • Which other Widget APIs would you like us to provide? • Why should I complete this survey? • Opportunity to directly give us feedback about your Widget API requirements • Participants receive a gift card ($$) for participation • Survey URL: _________________________
  20. 20. Tim Neil – Manager, Development Tools Thank You