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Published by Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor, BlackBerry Dev Alpha, January 2012, Licensed Vendor for BlackBerry World App and Development, Social Media, Digital Content by BlackBerry Laws, Copyrights, Authorship, Commercial Rights and Compliance , Health & Safety Compliance, IP Laws Pioneer for Data Encryption, Global Entrepreneur, Global Sales and Social Media Networking, Global Vending, Attributed Use for all Global Resellers of BlackBerry Products and Services, Digital Content, Patent, Global Promotion for BlackBerry Apps Development and the Foundation for a Raving Tigers BlackBerry Business Solutions as per stipulations and agreements on policies and rights over use , print and distribution to re-distribution over corporations of Global Merchandising of Communication Devices that pioneers data encryption and Social Hubs as attributions to the hallmarks of BlackBerry Dev Alpha C into the market release version of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 as separate and treated as one unit of manufactured programming,from its concept to approval which must meet Blackberry standard for its release and hacked for its vulnerability on CrackBerry exclusive to both "Gods" and Demons" of this world of the Fruit-wares, called BlackBerry and these could be coded as well. Z10 and Q10. Written by: Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor, Blackberry Dev Alpha A to C, 2012 to present and 10% only addicted, for the love of GOD! No mercy until I get my millions and a private jet, a school or an intellectual law institution or many. I am the Pioneer of WORK IN MOTION FOR my Raving Tigers Business Solutions which is for micro/macro economic developments and dependent on consumerism as well as the provision of scholarships to increase revenues for BlackBerry in the deliverance of its goal for mobilisation of these technologies, as an integral part of the backbone of every struggling small business owners who only needs one device, a BlackBerry. © 2013 Research In Motion Limited, 295 Phillip St., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3W8. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of RIM and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world.

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Mvs mcmanus

  1. 1. Sean McManus Manager, Voice Solutions, Platform Product Management BlackBerry® Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry® MVS) How It Works and How It Can Benefit your Organization
  2. 2. Desktop (email/PIM) Novell® GroupWise® Real Time Collaboration Intranet/Web Services Voice Systems IBM® Lotus® Sametime® Microsoft®ExchangeIBM ®Lotus Notes® QuickrConnections BlackBerry Enterprise Solution Platform Mobilize Email, Applications, Voice
  3. 3. BlackBerry MVS v4.6 What’s new? BlackBerry MVS: • Tighter integration with BlackBerry Enterprise Solution • Improved Serviceability • Installation wizard • BlackBerry MVS works for users across multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Servers • Components run as a service to improve administration • Improved on-device user self- administration • Improved Call Reports • Localized Clients (EFIGS + D) Additional changes for BlackBerry MVS for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1 or later: • Architected and optimized for use with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1 or later • Utilizes a direct SIP interface for greater scalability
  4. 4. • One Single Number reachability • One single place to check voicemails • Easy access to corporate directory • Ability to handle mobile calls efficiently • Improve collaboration with colleagues Employee • Improve business processes • Increase productivity • Improve customer satisfaction • Control & manage mobile costs • Leverage existing investments • Invest in long term needs IT Executive IT Admin • Gain control & management of mobile devices, users and voice service • Maximise company security through secure call setup & authentication • Extend & leverage existing platform & system capabilities Business Drivers
  5. 5. BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (BlackBerry MVS) components include the following: BlackBerry MVS Client • adds desk phone features to BlackBerry smartphones • integrates directly with the native phone application • can be installed wirelessly on BlackBerry smartphones BlackBerry MVS Services • enables communication between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the BlackBerry MVS Server • allows control over voice management and security functionality through IT policies • secures authentication between BlackBerry smartphones and the corporate telecom environment. BlackBerry MVS Server • interfaces between the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and the corporate Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system • designed to mobilize a variety of PBX telecom environments • includes configuration options for specific PBX systems, as well as for mixed TDM and IP PBX environments BlackBerry MVS Components
  6. 6. Connect your corporate and mobile infrastructures with BlackBerry Mobile Voice System. Mobilize your Enterprise. BlackBerry MVS Architecture BlackBerry MVS
  7. 7. • Seamless user experience • One business number, one voicemail • Functions integrated into native phone client • Intuitive visual menus • Outbound mobile calls display desk phone number • Secure • Telecom authentication via secure BlackBerry data channel • Manageable • Mobile telecom administration • Enterprise voice IT policies • Infrastructure and network agnostic • Existing telecom infrastructure • Extend BlackBerry investment “One Email, One Phone Number” Research In Motion (RIM) enterprise voice mobility leverages the BlackBerry solutions strengths BlackBerry MVS Key Selling Points
  8. 8. BlackBerry MVS provides office desk phone functionality to mobile users: • SINGLE, INTEGRATED, User-friendly interface • One phone number, one voicemail • Consistent caller identity • Transfer a call • Fixed-Mobile call switching • Call filtering • Join a party to a call (Ad-hoc Conferencing) • On device self administration BlackBerry MVS Client Overview
  9. 9. Administrators get security, manageability and cost control, including: • Converge telecom infrastructure – Multi-Vendor, TDM, IP, IP-SIP – Consistent features for all users • Mobile calls anchored in PBX – Standard dialing permissions – Central call detail and recording • Secure call authentication through BlackBerry Enterprise Server – Eliminate Call-ID ‘spoofing’ and PINs • Enterprise Voice IT Policies – Add/remove/limit services • Administrative Console – Easy to manage profiles and settings – Web GUI BlackBerry MVS Administration Overview
  10. 10. BlackBerry MVS offers organizations the ability to… • Simplify and enhance collaboration • Improve user productivity • Enhance responsiveness • Provide a seamless user experience • Turn phone numbers into corporate assets • Control costs of mobile phones and telecom systems • Leverage and add value to existing telecom systems Key Differentiators: • Intuitive Visual Menus Integrated Into Client • Heterogeneous PBX Support • Secure Call Authentication • Manageability Seamless Desk Phone Mobility BlackBerry MVS Value Proposition – Customers
  11. 11. Single number identity, not just single number reach Mobile calls anchored in PBX BlackBerry MVS Value Proposition “One Email, One Phone Number, One Voicemail, One Phone” Integrated Client Platform and Network Agnostic Integrated into BlackBerry® Enterprise Server management framework Authentication Tried, Trusted and True Security Model
  12. 12. Cost Savings Potential – Use PBX least-cost routing for internal and site to site traffic – Reduce international roaming costs where — mobile terminated calls are more economical than mobile outbound calls — landline long distance calls are more economical than wireless long distance calls – Set policy controls – permit/deny: long distance, international dialing, 411, time controls – Desk phone replacement/device consolidation – Phone number as corporate asset: reduces customer shrinkage Productivity Benefits – Increased responsiveness – Ability to take calls to your office phone when you are away from your desk – Increased efficiency – Less time spent checking voicemail and returning calls, less “phone tag” – Increased customer satisfaction – Faster response to customers/clients/vendors; cost of a missed call BlackBerry MVS Cost Savings and Productivity Benefits
  13. 13. BlackBerry MVS Call Flow BlackBerry MVS BlackBerry is Calling Party PBX-Initiated Outbound BlackBerry® Enterprise Server with BlackBerry® MVS Services Corporate Firewall Internet Wireless Networks BlackBerry® MVS Server BlackBerry® Smartphones with BlackBerry® MVS Client Voice Network Existing Corporate PBX Environment Called Party Desk phone Data Path Voice Path 1. BlackBerry MVS user dials internal extension or external phone number 2. Secured data packet is created containing the BlackBerry MVS signaling for call setup. 3. BlackBerry Enterprise Server decrypts secure packet and passes call setup info to BlackBerry MVS Server. 4. BlackBerry MVS Server responds back with data message informing the BlackBerry smartphone a call will be delivered to it. 5. BlackBerry MVS Server instructs the PBX to initiate a call to the BlackBerry smartphone. 6. BlackBerry smartphone matches incoming call with the expected calling line ID and automatically answers the call. 7. BlackBerry MVS Server instructs PBX to initiate a call to the dialed number. 8. BlackBerry MVS Server connects the two call legs.
  14. 14. BlackBerry MVS Call Flow BlackBerry MVS BlackBerry is Called Party BlackBerry-Initiated Inbound Corporate Firewall Internet Wireless Networks BlackBerry® MVS Server Voice Network Existing Corporate PBX Environment Data Path Voice Path 1. Calling party calls BlackBerry MVS user’s extension. 2. BlackBerry MVS Server receives incoming call for BlackBerry MVS user. 3. The incoming call rings all devices in the user’s profile including BlackBerry smartphone 4. BlackBerry MVS Server sends a data message, including calling party name and number, instructing the BlackBerry smartphone to initiate a call into the BlackBerry MVS Server. 5. BlackBerry Enterprise Server encrypts data message and passes onto BlackBerry smartphone. 6. BlackBerry smartphone calls BlackBerry MVS Server using DNIS pool number then rings displaying calling party number and name. 7. BlackBerry MVS Server matches expected incoming call with BlackBerry smartphone and automatically answers call. 8. BlackBerry MVS Server connects the two call legs, dropping extra call legs Outside Caller Called Party Desk phone BlackBerry® Smartphones with BlackBerry® MVS Client BlackBerry® Enterprise Server with BlackBerry® MVS Services
  15. 15. BlackBerry MVS Call Flow International Calling Example Data Path Voice Path Corporate Firewall Internet Wireless Network BlackBerry® MVS Server Voice Network New York Office PBX Called Party Desk phone BlackBerry® Smartphones with BlackBerry® MVS Client BlackBerry® Enterprise Server with BlackBerry® MVS Services New York Wireless Network BlackBerry® Smartphones with BlackBerry® MVS Client Voice Network Corporate WAN London Office PBX London