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Published by Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor, BlackBerry Dev Alpha, January 2012, Licensed Vendor for BlackBerry World App and Development, Social Media, Digital Content by BlackBerry Laws, Copyrights, Authorship, Commercial Rights and Compliance , Health & Safety Compliance, IP Laws Pioneer for Data Encryption, Global Entrepreneur, Global Sales and Social Media Networking, Global Vending, Attributed Use for all Global Resellers of BlackBerry Products and Services, Digital Content, Patent, Global Promotion for BlackBerry Apps Development and the Foundation for a Raving Tigers BlackBerry Business Solutions as per stipulations and agreements on policies and rights over use , print and distribution to re-distribution over corporations of Global Merchandising of Communication Devices that pioneers data encryption and Social Hubs as attributions to the hallmarks of BlackBerry Dev Alpha C into the market release version of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 as separate and treated as one unit of manufactured programming,from its concept to approval which must meet Blackberry standard for its release and hacked for its vulnerability on CrackBerry exclusive to both "Gods" and Demons" of this world of the Fruit-wares, called BlackBerry and these could be coded as well. Z10 and Q10. Written by: Althea Elfleda Tolentino McGregor, Blackberry Dev Alpha A to C, 2012 to present and 10% only addicted, for the love of GOD! No mercy until I get my millions and a private jet, a school or an intellectual law institution or many. I am the Pioneer of WORK IN MOTION FOR my Raving Tigers Business Solutions which is for micro/macro economic developments and dependent on consumerism as well as the provision of scholarships to increase revenues for BlackBerry in the deliverance of its goal for mobilisation of these technologies, as an integral part of the backbone of every struggling small business owners who only needs one device, a BlackBerry. © 2013 Research In Motion Limited, 295 Phillip St., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3W8. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of RIM and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world.

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Bb jde kirkup

  1. 1. In the Know: Understanding the BlackBerry Java Development Environment Mike Kirkup Director Developer Relations
  2. 2. Agenda BlackBerry Java Development • Background • APIs and Capabilities BlackBerry Java Developer Tools • BlackBerry JDE Plugin for Eclipse • BlackBerry JDE • BlackBerry Simulators • Other IDEs • BlackBerry Code Signing Resources
  3. 3. BlackBerry Java Development
  4. 4. BlackBerry Java / Java ME The BlackBerry smartphone is a pure Java device with all built-in applications and APIs written in Java BlackBerry supports: • MIDP Standard APIs (MIDP v2.1 supported) for cross platform development • CLDC Standard APIs (CLDC v1.1 supported) for connectivity • BlackBerry specific Java APIs
  5. 5. Java APIs for the BlackBerry solution enables you to develop rich custom client applications that provide • Compelling customizable user interface • Local data storage on the device • Event listening and system interfaces • Secure wireless transport via HTTP Advanced Java API capabilities include • Integration with BlackBerry Email, PIM and Phone applications • Networking and Secure Push Services • Communication with Bluetooth®-enabled peripherals • Rich multimedia features • Location-based services and BlackBerry® Maps • Touch Events and Accelerometer Support BlackBerry Java / Java ME
  6. 6. Evolution of BlackBerry Smartphone Software 4.2 4.0 4.1 4.3 4.5 4.7.1 5810 5820 6200 Series 6500 Series 6700 Series 7200 Series 7700 Series 7100 7290 7510 7520 8700 7130 7100i Pearl 8800 Series 8110 8120 8130 Storm Tour 8900 8350i 8520 Bold Pearl Flip Initial Release MIDP 1.0 CLDC 1.0 PIM APIs Mail APIs MIDP 2.0 CLDE 1.1 Invoke APIs Color Smartphone Support Smart Card APIs JSR 179 (LBS) Mulltimedia Focus JSR 75 (File API) JSR 82 (Bluetooth) Application Permissions JSR-172 (Web services) JSR-205 (MMS) JSR-211 (CHAPI) JSR-238 (Internationaliztn) Map Field Spell Check API HTML Email JSR-226 (SVG) Décor APIs Multi-PIM Support SMS & MMS Listeners Touch Screen - Input - Keyboard Orientation APIs Accelerometer Invoke - Video Recorder Improved UI Customization Networking API Hotspot API Push API JSR 234 (AMMS) Media Key Events Reverse Geo-coding Biometric API User Auth API Attachment API
  7. 7. APIs and Capabilities: Compelling UI New in 5.0 • UI Pickers (Date & Time, Spinner, File, Location) • User Interaction APIs (Transitions, Kinetic Scrolling, Picture Zoom, Toolbar, Eyelid Field, Picture Scroll Field) • New Layout Managers and UI Customization APIs
  8. 8. APIs and Capabilities: Networking Multiple network transports are available: • BlackBerry® Mobile Data System for intranet access • Direct TCP Connectivity • Carrier WAP Gateway • BlackBerry® Internet Service Multiple connection types • HTTP & Persistent Socket connections New in 5.0 • Networking APIs • Hotspot APIs
  9. 9. APIs and Capabilities: Secure Push Services Refers to a server-initiated connection where a server-side application sends data to a client application proactively Key benefits over polling for new data: • Reduced network traffic • Reduce cost, increase battery life • Reduced processing requirements • Timeliness of data Can be used in many different ways: • Pushing notifications for business workflow • Push updates of time sensitive data • Just like BlackBerry Email! New in 5.0 • BlackBerry Push APIs for device push listeners
  10. 10. APIs and Capabilities: Multimedia Features • Leverage the Media Player on the BlackBerry smartphone for playback of multimedia content • Embed audio into applications using the Mobile Multi-Media API (JSR 135) • Record audio and store it on the BlackBerry smartphone or send it over the network • Camera integration allows applications to use the image capture abilities for pictures New in 5.0 • Embedded video capturing and streaming • Embed video and access increased camera control (zoom, focus) with JSR 234 • Capture Media Key Events * * On select BlackBerry smartphones
  11. 11. APIs and Capabilities: Location Based Services Features • Enhance applications by adding location awareness using JSR-179 Location Based Services • BlackBerry supports: • Cellsite fixes (CDMA only) • Assisted GPS (certain carriers only) • Ephemeris Extensions (EDGE only) • Autonomous Fixes (EDGE and CDMA) • External GPS receiver connected over Bluetooth • Cell Tower LBS New in 5.0 • JSR-179 extensions • Reverse Geo-coding
  12. 12. APIs and Capabilities: BlackBerry Maps Features • Create sophisticated location aware solutions with very little effort • Invocation or built in support (via MapField) allow for flexible addition of mapping to your application • Supports static routes both text and on- map
  13. 13. APIs and Capabilities: Security and Cryptography Features • Crypto API • Encrypt and decrypt data • Digitally sign and verify data • Authenticate data • Certificates (X.509) • SSL/TLS • KeyStore New in 5.0 – Biometric APIs – User Authentication APIs
  14. 14. APIs and Capabilities: Messaging Email • Integrate with the BlackBerry Email application to send and receive email PIN Messaging • Send PIN messages direct to other BlackBerry smartphones • Extend the BlackBerry Messenger Client for peer-to-peer applications SMS and MMS • Wireless Messaging API 1.0 (JSR 120) allows applications to send and receive SMS messages • Wireless Messaging API 2.0 (JSR 205) allows applications to send and receive MMS messages New in 5.0 • Attachment API, Multiple ContactList Support
  15. 15. New in 5.0 • BrowserField2 allows developers to quickly and easily • Embed web content from various sources within a Java Application. • Provide easy page navigation with respect to the BrowserField’s history (i.e. back, forward, stop, refresh) • Access the DOM of loaded web content • Configure how a page will be displayed and behave • Monitor the state of a loading document • Execute JavaScript in the context of the loaded web content from JavaHandler HTTP connections, SSL, cookies and caching. • Extend JavaScript with functionality written in Java allowing JavaScript to effectively invoke Java code APIs and Capabilities: BrowserField2
  16. 16. APIs and Capabilities: Integration with Built-in Applications Application Menu Item • Ability to add menu items to existing BlackBerry applications (messaging, calendar, etc) Invoke • Invocation of BlackBerry applications including: • Browser • Messages • Calendar • BlackBerry Maps • Camera • Search Content Handler API (JSR 211) • Supported in 4.3.0 • Key mechanism for integration in the future • App World Integration APIs
  17. 17. Agenda BlackBerry Java Development • Background • APIs and Capabilities BlackBerry Developer Tools • BlackBerry JDE Plugin for Eclipse • BlackBerry JDE • BlackBerry Simulators • Other IDEs (e.g. NetBeans) • BlackBerry Code Signing Resources
  18. 18. BlackBerry Java Development Tools
  19. 19. BlackBerry JDE Plugin for Eclipse Eclipse • An open source development environment BlackBerry JDE Plug-in • Provides key BlackBerry features in familiar Eclipse environment • Requirements • Eclipse Classic 3.3.1 • Microsoft Vista or Windows XP • Java SE JDK v5 or v6
  20. 20. BlackBerry JDE Plugin for Eclipse Features • Supports building against multiple JDEs (v4.5.0 shipped with installer by default) • Localization • Resource Editor and Source Control Integration • Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP) used for fully integrated debugging support of devices and simulators • Objects and Profiling Window Support • Memory Statistics and Source Code Profiler • Javadocs and JDE Help • Sample Applications focusing on how to leverage specific APIs
  21. 21. BlackBerry JDE BlackBerry JDE • A fully integrated development environment and simulation for building BlackBerry applications • The primary mobile development platform within RIM • Requirements: • Java SE JDK v5 • Windows Vista or • Windows XP An Integrated Development Environment
  22. 22. BlackBerry Simulators Smartphone Simulator • Network Connectivity • Battery Levels • microSD Card • GPS Location • Camera Image • Incoming Voice Calls • USB Cable Connected • Touch Screen • Accelerometer
  23. 23. BlackBerry Simulators BlackBerry® Mobile Data System Connection Service Simulator • Simulates HTTP and socket connections for BlackBerry Smartphone simulators • Allows simulation of push functionality to BlackBerry Smartphone simulators BlackBerry Email Server Simulator • Simulate email functionality with the BlackBerry Smartphone simulator • Stand-alone or POP3 integration
  24. 24. Leverage Other IDEs The BlackBerry JDE Component Pack is: • A simple and small installer which includes the key pieces necessary for integration with other development environments • Allows integration with alternative development environments including debugging support, compilation, code signing and deployment support. NetBeans
  25. 25. BlackBerry Code Signing What are BlackBerry Code Signing Keys • Sensitive APIs are protected by BlackBerry code signing • Controlled APIs are split into four areas: • Runtime APIs • BlackBerry Application APIs • Cryptography APIs • Certicom APIs • Developers leverage the SignatureTool to sign their applications using unique identity
  26. 26. BlackBerry Code Signing How to register for keys? • Fill out a registration form at: • Administration fee is required to process keys • Code signing keys are distributed by email • Developers only required to register once Keys do not expire and can be re-used for all application signing
  27. 27. Resources
  28. 28. BlackBerry Developer Community Fast Facts • 190,000+ Registered Developers • Hundreds of Knowledge Base Articles, Videos and Beginner Level Tutorials • Bi-Weekly Webinar Series • BlackBerry Developer Newsletter • Recently Launched Developer Blog • More than 70,000 Development- Related Forum Posts • Developer Issue Tracker
  29. 29. Thank You Mike Kirkup Director Developer Relations