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AB test to optimize Facebook login and share


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This presentation lets you to test and optimize the conversion happening through facebook login and shares.
- It helps to optimize the facebook login explaining various UI points to choose.
-It helps to increase social traffic and shares by unlocking coupon codes and provide opportunity for repeat for purchase.

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AB test to optimize Facebook login and share

  1. 1. A/B Testing Facebook Sign-up & Share -Divakar (aka) Parkavi Vasan
  2. 2. Facebook 1. Is to increase facebook sign-ups and walk through to test and optimize different UI & UX points for maximum conversion. 2.Is to increase facebook shares and promote brand awarness among scoial platforms. This AB Test:
  3. 3. Hello!I am Divakar (aka) Parkavi Vasan Connect:
  4. 4. 1.Sign up Optimizing Facebook Sign-ups
  5. 5. ‘’ “Aside usual benefits of fb sign-up like- easy registration, one click connect. Below are further low hanging fruits for Ecommerce site” Enrich web site personalization -social graph -Segmenting Users -Product Recommendation Enhanced Profile Data: - Targeted Facebook Ad -Segment audience for Ad
  6. 6. Flow Funnel User Login /Sign-up Page # At an overview level, list outline of all the available method of sign-up /login options Then AB Test the Position of FB login Button and highlight it Login/Sign-up Or Or Login/Sign-up A- Fb button on TOP B- Fb button on Bottom A/B test
  7. 7. “A” - FB button on Top Login / Sign-up Or #Visual Merchandising The Idea of keeping FB login button at top is to visually insist a User to use it. Since the user sees the Fb button as first element on top, when the page loads and it already aligns with the optical area and F-pattern flow of how users interpreting/view the page i.e top to bottom –(top left corner) Optimize 1.Disconnect and standout the FB login button from other options. This indirectly promote and helps to choose the FB option. 2.Append CTAs like “quick” or “express” login with FB.
  8. 8. “B” - FB button On Bottom Or #UX POV This way of showing Facebook button at the bottom of page is to leverage the Terminal Area heat of user i.e Z pattern of interpreting the page. As user is already in the funnel of navigating from one page to other, this evokes to choose “FB button” and move quickly to next page. As holy grail of UX in mobile/ APP platform this simply takes the zero-effort of thumb to touch the button (easily reachable). Login / Sign-up Optimize 1.Disconnect and standout the Fb login button from other options. 2.Use CTA with “quick” or “express” login with FB. Since being at the bottom, to contrast further from other options, use downplay CTA like “ fill the form” etc for Google & formal sign-ups button.
  9. 9. 2.FB Share Optimizing Fb shares & post links
  10. 10. ‘’ “At end of the day, It promotes and expose your website or business to many people as possible” Traffic -Massive Exposure -Boost social traffic to your site -Increase Brand Awareness Audience - Builds Trust -Opportunity for repeat purchase -Builds Social Proof
  11. 11. Flow Funnel Prompt Users: “Share your purchase in Fb to unlock coupon codes” Successfully unlocked your coupon codeUser your Order confirmed- Thank you page A- CTA: Share your purchase in FB and get 5% off on phone accessories. B- CTA: Share to Unlock coupon codes for upcoming electronics sale A/B test
  12. 12. “A” - This method works on category (here phone accessories) level. This option can be shown to users who just bought products (phone) from meta category. - That is to recommend offers that goes well with just purchased items. -Further it can be breakdowned to multi- variant test of trying differnet combinations of products & category or using discount % combinations. -This method can also be optimized for products that are “site” exclusive. Which make users special and induce to share. A&B Optimization “B” -This method works on campiagn or offers level. Like your site may have upcoming exclusive electronic sale or valentine's day offers etc. - This test enables to convey the upcoming sale and increase repeat purchase opportunity. -This test can be further breakdowned into multivaraiant test of trying different combination of discount % and campaign/sale/offers etc. -Show unique coupons code to user (personalization), even when all the coupons are directing to same or similar campaign.
  13. 13. Coupon Unlock System Ways to integrate the coupon unlock system-  Build your in-house unlock system product as an in-line function at thank you page.  Refer: button  A similar functionality exist at as an inline function. or  Through 3rd party service, providing on-site notifications like webengage, viral mint etc. Links:
  14. 14. AB Test Optimize and convert wisely