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Project Management Visualization Tool, presented at OOPSLA's during 1998 and demoed to RUP, Product Management team in 1999.

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Brochure for pmvt

  1. 1. “PMVT: Visual Model for Process based Project Management” Product Inception by Ravindra and Sujata Tadwalkar with Kalpesh “Ray” Patel October 1998 OOPSLA98 Vancouver, Canada PMVT BrochureThe product concept was first presented PMVT: Visual Model PMVT uses Unified Modeling Language, an industry standard language ofby Ravindra Tadwalkar during the 2ndOOPSLA applied object technology for Process Based notations to illustrate the software architectures for the pedagogical caseworkshop (mid-year), 19-21 July 1998,Denver, USA. Project Management studies. It uses Rational Unified Process, as an example of configurable processWhat is Project Matrix? framework for the software development.Project Matrix is a visual model of PMVT is an integrating tool that providesthe software development project. a single framework for organizing,In this model, the work is relating and viewing aspects of therepresented by a matrix of software project, such as:activities. According to classicaldefinition by Shlaer and Mellor, • Process based project plan“Each row of the matrix representsa type of task (for example, • Priority of activities thereindeveloping domain object model)and each column represents a • UML/Non-UML artifacts“subsystem” for which the taskmust be performed. Each box on • Resource (Worker Roles)the matrix represents an activityfor which there is a well-defined • Status on “health” of architectureoutput object: the requirementsdocument, a set of artifacts (such • Earned value & project scorecard,as state charts), etc.” • Refining the (UML-based) processReference:Shlaer S., Mellor S. J., Grand D. “TheProject Matrix: A Model for Software RationaleEngineering Project Management”,Proceedings of the Third Software PMVT- Project Matrix VisualizationEngineering Standards Application As a visual model for process basedWorkshop, IEEE, October 1984. Tool- is presented as a visual model for project management, PMVT aims at process based project management of IT those IT projects that intend to follow anCONTACT: projects. Authors’ focus is on applying industrialized software process – the oneRavindra and Sujata Tadwalkar : PMVT to develop & visualize models of with a deliverable project plan.Http:// such IT issues as: Earned Value Analysis,e-mail: Activity Based Planning, Scheduling, PMVT allows the Manager to tailor the1471 Meridian Avenue Project/Program Management, Business process via the map editor, and integrateSan Jose, CA 95125 USA Intelligence, & Knowledge Management. the project to actuals to the model via the408 723 8733 (Voice/Fax) project matrix information editor.Kalpesh “Ray” Patel : Process based project matrices areTaj Information Systems effective for coordinating the teamwork,e-mail: managing the activities in the project,POB 60596 reducing the complexity of the softwarePalo Alto, CA 94306 USA development process and producing510 792 8223 (Voice/Fax) deliverables. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. 2. Business Model of the problem domain Outstanding Features • First undertaking to depict the visual Problem Domain of Effective Project/Program Management models relevant to the business of Approves & defines IT management, applying the Project Project Management CIO process based project management Manager Selects & Defines Responsible for BI techniques on IT projects. • Facilitate an understanding of the Contributes to current issues facing the IT <<uses>> <<uses>> CEO management at large. • PMVT is the GUI- and Web- Earned Value Analysis Business Intelligence Contributes to <<uses>> Scheduling Enterprise enabled application for Selects & Defines <<uses>> <<uses>> Contributes to visualizing and managing the Activity Based Planning Knowledge Management CFO process based project/program Skills & Resources safegaurds IP management. • PMVT offers integration between Specifies & Prioritizes Rational Rose98 and MS Project. It Program Manager Program Management CKO can integrate with other modeling and scheduling tools. • It is the first tool to apply UML and Rational Unified Process to the domain of management at all levelsProblems faced by today’ project manager/architects s of the organization. Competition • Nothing like this currently in the market domain of IT management. • The tool complements with many other project management books and methodologies in the market. Market / Buyers • Project and Program Managers • Architects and Project Leaders • Top/ Executive Management • Middle Managers PMVT accompanies our forthcoming book: “UML Project Matrix : A Model For Process Based IT Management” The book teaches the management how to apply UML based Rational Unified Process, while focusing on visual LOOKING FOR modeling of various IT management STRATEGIC AND INVESTING PARTNERS issues, as shown in the business model of TO SHARE PRODUCT VISION the problem domain of process based AND project management. This business TOGETHER WE CAN REALIZE THE PRODUCT! model provides the overall context for PMVT, project matrix visualization tool. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  4. 4. July 1998 BULK RATE US POSTAGE PAID CITY, STATE PERMIT NO. 000ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED Subscriber Name Number Street Address City, State Postal Code Country 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .