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Agile leadership assessment

Agile Leadership Assessment

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Agile leadership assessment

  1. 1. AgileLeadershipAssessment.xlsx Sets clear expectations 0 This Team is about as effective and productive as it could be Sets high goals for self, others and group/team(s) 0 We are as Agile a team as we need to be Total Score 0 0% Assist people with Obstacle escalations as they arise 0 Coaches/counsels employees to ensure compliance with expectations 0 Is actively involved in development of people 0 Has a positive attitude at work 0 Meets the legitimate needs (as oppposed to wants) of people 0 Is a fair & consistent leader and leads by example 0 Total Score 0 0% Is a good listener 0 Gives positive feedback to others when appropriate 0 Treats People with Respect 0 Shows patience & self-control with people 0 Does not embarrass people or punish them in front of others 0 Gives credit to those who deserve it 0 Is sensitive to the implications of decision making on other departments 0 Total Score 0 0% Total Project Team Score 0 0% What leadership skills does the person need to work on and improve? _________ Culture of Focus 0% Radar Chart Data Leadership Agility Assessment Leader Name: Scoring: 0 - Never, 1 - Rarely, 2 - Occasionally, 3 - Often, 4 - Very Often Date: Culture of Focus Summary Questions Respect for People Open-ended Questions Additional Feedback: What are the greatest leadership strengths / skills that the person possesses? :____________ Culture of Commitment 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Culture of Focus Openness and Trust Culture of Commitment Courage Respect for People Development Practices/Infrastructure Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. AgileLeadershipAssessment.xlsx Openness and Trust 0% Culture of Commitment 0% Courage 0% Respect for People 0% Development Practices/Infrastructure 0% Scoring: 0 1 2 3 4 5 Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. AgileLeadershipAssessment.xlsx 0 Gives Encouragement to others 0 0 Gives Appreciation to others 0 Are a leader people feel confident following? Do they want you back? 0 Is someone people can trust 0 Is able to forgive mistakes and not hold grudges 0 Does not engage in backstabbing others (e.g. talking behind, anonymous complaints) 0 Is not over-controlling and over-domineering leader 0 Total Score 0 0% Holds people accountable for meeting the standards set 0 Has the technical skills necessary to lead 0 Total Score 0 0% Ensures that Source control system is used correctly 0 Fosters Continuous Integration practice with test coverage 0 Mentors teams on having 100% successful builds while using continuous integration environment 0 Coaches developers to integrate code multiple times per day 0 Ensures that team data updated at least daily in online tool (burndown, CFD, etc.) 0 Makes sure that scrum team is permitted to refactor anywhere in the code base 0 Coachjes scrum team to apply Definition of Done for product backlog items 0 Fosters culture of adequate and effective code review practices 0 Ensures that coding standards exist and applied 0 Coaches teams on demoing User Stories for acceptance on integrated build 0 Enables Team members to commit to Sprint plans that include slack 0 Total Score 0 0% ssment en, 4 - Very Often, 5 - Always Openness and Trust Courage Development Practices/Infrastructure ess and Trust of Commitment Page 3 of 3